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Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. ZV Parent Master. Drag-and-drop script to quickly resize any image. My friend (and primary author of the two Unix chapters in the new Woof Book) Kirk McElhearn was looking for a simple way to resize images for his Kirkville website.

Drag-and-drop script to quickly resize any image

Although there are probably 1,500 apps out there that resize images, none seemed to do exactly what he wanted: drag an image onto an app, have it scale it to a predefined size, then save the file with a new name. He didn't want to have to launch Photoshop or Graphic Converter, nor specify the parameters every time; he just wanted a fast and easy resizer to his chosen dimensions (120 pixels wide by the required scale length). Being the AppleScript expert that I am (ha!) , I quickly chose the "phone a real expert" option and sent an email to Sal Soghoian, who was kind enough to respond with some very elegant resizing code.

I then took a shot at adding the requisite file handling bits, but again my abilities with AppleScript turned Sal's work into a muddled mess. Open Script Editor, and create the following new script: Ky_makeBuilding - Maya Script. KoddeFKController. //Maya Script "koddeFKController" //Created by Kostas Gialitakis 2010, //This script is used for creating "Fix Groups" for FK controllers when rigging.


Specifically NURBS circle type controllers. //It can also create the associated orient constraint between your control object and your joint. //To use it first create a NURBS circle, rename it to an appropriate name. //Then first select your new NURBS circle and secondly select your joint you want to control. //Use the command "createFixGroup;". NnJointsOnCurve - Maya Script. Rope Roller, Cable Spool - Free Character Rigs Downloads for Maya. Rope Swing. Rope Swing To install, just unzip the file into your scripts folder ...Leave the subdirectory it creates alone or you will break the script.

Rope Swing

Use the code below to run it. eval("source "" + `internalVar -usd` + "ropeSwing/sh_ropeSwing.mel""); This script was designed to quickly setup an animateable rope rig. Think in terms of Spider-man or Indian Jones and his Whip. After Rope Swing rig is created, select the root node of the group which can be found in the Outliner. Rig Name Whats it called? Seth. Creativecrash. Pypeline » Blog Archive » Custom Locator Python for Maya. Here my CustomLocator customlocshape aecustomlocshapetemplate.mel With my custom locator you can set : the shape type (cross, square, etc..)the line widththe colora scale factor customLocator in action customLocator Attribute Editor I create this custom locator with the help of the fevrierdorian’s blog > Tags: custom, locator, Maya, Mel, plugins, Python Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site.

Pypeline » Blog Archive » Custom Locator Python for Maya

Be nice. You can use these tags:<a href="" title=""><abbr title=""><acronym title=""><b><blockquote cite=""><cite><code><del datetime=""><em><i><q cite=""><strike><strong> You must be logged in to post a comment. Wheel Rigger - Maya Script. Texture Robot. Get updates at Features: * Create a whole shading network of file textures with the click of a button* Mental Ray, Vray, Arnold and Maya Software renderers supported* Store custom config button for convenience* Ptex file support* Linear Workflow support* New features plannedVersion 1.3.0 (July 27, 2013) * Added Ptex support for Vray material* Added insert Gamma Nodes option for Linear Workflows (mia_mat and Vray Mtl)* Bug fix- Some Vray textures failed to assign to file nodes in previous version of TR* Bug fix- The 'create shading network' button lit up green and "textures found" message displayed only if a diffuse file texture was found* Bug fix- misnamed icon filename Current rough edges * Once in a while I've noticed the Object list stops showing objects.

Texture Robot

. * In Maya 2012 (and probably eariler) the layout of the UI is incorrect. Please email me with suggestions or found Installation:The file '' should go in your maya scripts folder. Instructions: Cheers,