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3D Scripts to get

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The DV Show: 20+ Rogue Plugins and Tools for Final Cut Pro X. Tony asks: With previous versions of Final Cut Pro there were tons of plugins and tools to enhance the software.

The DV Show: 20+ Rogue Plugins and Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Where did they all go? With Final Cut Pro X it seems like you just purchase and download with no plugin support. What gives? Any resources or a tool that can make the transition to what I payed thousands of dollars for? Answer: Amidst the excitement for the dramatic FCPX release, it’s still ‘not ready for professional use’ which keeps Apple tight lipped about any 3rd party plugins or enhancements. Graeme Nattress, one of the best known NLE software developers, has not heard a peep from Apple – complete silence. If you depend on third party plugins, we recommend that you keep a copy of FCP7 on your system for serious work and use the time to get to grips with the new UI of FCPX.

Here are some of the best ones we scoured around the web for and collected thanks to tons of our viewers and listeners, Creative Cow, Youtube, Vimeo and [maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool. I’m releasing today a script that I was working on since a very long time (1 or 2 years).

[maya] froRetopo 3.5 : a fast and easy retopology tool

I got a little boost in the development with the help of Chris Cunningham (aka Passerby). I started this script because I was looking for a good retopolgy tool that I never found. The problem when using an external app for the retopology is that you don’t get all the power of your classic 3D software when you need it, and It can become frustrating sometimes.

With this script you get a powerful tool, and ALL the tools of Maya are also working with it. My goal was to make a unique and comfortable tool. Download Download : froRetopo 3.5 Install : This script works only with Maya 2011, Maya 2012, Maya 2013 and Maya 2014. ZV Parent Master. Animatable Dynamic Parent plugin - Maya Plugin. Speed Facial Rig : Enhance your character. Tutorial for this script: Tutorial for Setup and placement Part: Tutorial for Blend Shape Part: version fix : 1.2.25:- fix a bug on maya 2012 / 2013 for locator creation 1.2.2:- minor bug fixed on the controller group parents 1.2.1 :- bug fix on Refresh system in 'Add to current skin'. - Lot of bug was now fixed- Adding new tutorial on blendshape creation- adding update blendshape method (you just need click on connect in the different section)- the joint system work now correctly- adding some part on creation system - better flexibility- Maya 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 version are now avaible - English subtitle on tutorial coming soon Hi guy, this is my new FREE autorig for facial animation.

Speed Facial Rig : Enhance your character

The system was composed by joint and in the second part you can create automaticly a blend shape system. If you are lost, open the 'How To' menu to find 2 tutorial who explain how the different part works. EP and CV curves is required. An english tutorial and presentation coming this week too. Automator: Examples. The idea behind Automator is to create workflows that process files and information.

Automator: Examples

Often times, references to files and other information are passed from one action to the next action in the workflow. However, sometimes you may wish to use that passed information elsewhere in the workflow other than as input to an action. To store and retrieve information, Automator in Leopard provides a powerful new feature called Workflow Variables. Variable is a term often used by programmers and software creators to describe a device for retaining data, almost like an invisible container that temporarily holds information used by the workflow.

In the Welcome to the Party workflow, the results of the Ask for Text action, a person's name, will be stored and used to name the image file created by the Take Video Snapshot action. With Automator, it's easy to store the results of an action in a variable and then use that stored information elsewhere in the workflow. Dark Arts - Tools for Maya. Ninja Dojo (Grand Master) w/Ninja City. Ninja City. Ninja City For Windows, mac, and linux.

Ninja City

Ninja Dojo (Black Belt) 3D Thumbnail Generator (batch script) RockShader - Free Shaders Downloads for Maya. Ninja Fracture. Creativecrash. (PLUS bonus Procedural stalagmite generation script) is an upgrade to the previous version of the script.


This version includes a major addition of a retopology feature for retopologizing the rock geometry after it is generated. Bonus script included in download! Generate procedural stalagmites in seconds. Simply select faces, modify script paramters, and run. Please view video below for more details. A full 2 page help document has been added to the zip file download as well. The scripts function is overall the same. I've modified the default preset from version 0.1 to look more convincing, however, settings can be tweaked to produce drastically different types of rocks. To view a video demonstration, please check the linked youtube video. If you've already purchased the script, you should be able to redownload as I've edited the original item.Thanks! Current V2.0 wishlist (contact me if you have other suggestions): -Preset save / load ability-Higher poly rock detail options.