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Stop Reading Here!: Set up git on Synology NAS. I just installed a NAS at home.

Stop Reading Here!: Set up git on Synology NAS

It's going to be my primary Data Silo so naturally I need to store my (backup-/published-) git repos there. The Synology thing I bought comes with Linux/Busybox. Hacking around is surprisingly easy, they actually encourage you to do it. Of course I could have gone the easy way of nfs-mounting my shares and then have used local paths to update the repos. But I wanted to be able to do this from the road using ssh. Synchronizing Repositories - Daya Bay. From Daya Bay You can synchronize not just to Daya Bay repositories but between personal and/or 3rd party ones.

Synchronizing Repositories - Daya Bay

One way is to use git to glue CVS and SVN repositories together. This topic describes ways to exploit this strategy. Redmine-projects - Project Hosting on Google Code. Introduction The current project (TurtleMine) provides a plugin for Tortoise SVN/GIT/Hg for Redmine issue tracking.

redmine-projects - Project Hosting on Google Code

Once this plugin is installed and configured you will have a new button in your TortoiseSVN/GIT/Hg commit window that will give you direct access to a list of Redmine issues that you can select to include in your commit message. Introductory Guide to Git Version Control System. Git is a version control system used by development and programming teams, popular open source projects, and other team collaboration projects.

Introductory Guide to Git Version Control System

In this Git guide, we will discuss the value of version control systems, an overview of Git, advantages and disadvantages of using Git, how to install Git, basic commands, tools and essential Git resources. (For designers, also check out The Ultimate Guide to Version Control for Designers.) What Is Version Control? An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows. About Note: This guide was written in early 2009.

An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows

Some parts of it may be out of date. Good luck! This document is designed to show that using git on Windows is not a difficult process. In this guide, I will create a repository, make several commits, create a branch, merge a branch, search the commit history, push to a remote server, and pull from a remote server. Preface. Git is a version control Swiss army knife.


A reliable versatile multipurpose revision control tool whose extraordinary flexibility makes it tricky to learn, let alone master. As Arthur C. Clarke observed, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This is a great way to approach Git: newbies can ignore its inner workings and view Git as a gizmo that can amaze friends and infuriate enemies with its wondrous abilities. Rather than go into details, we provide rough instructions for particular effects.