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Role of automation in marketing. Automation in marketing is not about replacing your marketing team with a bunch of software that runs on autopilot, it is about enabling your marketing team to be more efficient and deliver a higher value for each dollar spent.

Role of automation in marketing

Why the sudden focus on marketing automation? With the changing customer purchase journey the way they access and seek information has changed dramatically, this, in turn, has brought a huge change in how the marketers need to connect with prospects and customers. The other thing to consider is: what defines a customer’s stickiness to a brand? Experience, Experience & Experience. If that be the case then all organizations need to focus on elevating the customer experience.

Customers today demand personalized attention and a seamless experience when engaging with the organization’s multiple channels. This is where Marketing Automation with Artificial Intelligence plays a key role. 6 key strategies for successful digital transformation . Change is always a challenge but becomes manifold when the pace and extent is determined by uncontrollable factors and this year it’s been the Pandemic and the New Normal it has thrown at all of us.

6 key strategies for successful digital transformation .

One of the demands of the new normal has been to incorporate digitization in businesses. Whether ready or not everyone has had to undertake some level of Digital Transformation to stay relevant and functional. If we all have to make this journey then why not set out on this journey to make it a success? Here is a quick roadmap to help you. There are 6 milestones to tick off and you are assured of a successful run. Let’s briefly understand what each entails. How to create Create High-Performing Organizations? Are the organization’s values sustainable?

How to create Create High-Performing Organizations?

Defining your company’s value is as intrinsic as defining your mission and vision when it comes to building the organizational foundation. If you are, one of the many leaders who, have either led, created or worked in an organization that has invested years cultivating an effective culture – a Culture that is both strategically relevant, because it prioritizes the behaviours essential to the success of your business is strong, as it helps cultivate employee trust, is real and is valued. Such cultures help attract the right-minded candidates to the organization and help retain talent, which in turn contributes to an “above par” performance.

The question is – Will the culture survive the unprecedented scenario that the Pandemic has thrown us into? Will culture take a hit because people can’t meet in person, making it harder to solidify the shared beliefs? Like anything else that needs to survive change, one needs to adapt. Here are three ideas: Are the organization’s values sustainable? All successful organizations have one common denominator – they are high performing organizations.

Are the organization’s values sustainable?

What does it take to create a high performing organization? Step One: Laying the foundation Defining and articulating who we are, where we want to be, and what matters to us along the way? This information will serve as the roadmap for the strategic planning that is to come in step two. The Common Pitfall: while many companies fail to define it but many of those who do leave them as a Statement on the wall. Step Two: Identify where you want the organization to be – define a clear strategy for getting there. Challenged with Business Growth? How to make your Business Agile. Make your Business Agile.

How to make your Business Agile.

Reduce reaction time If agility was becoming a business requirement in the last few years, it has become imperative in today’s scenario. Never before has the world come to a complete standstill as it has this year, bringing with it unprecedented changes. The rapid adoption of technology changing consumer journey, changing needs… are few that come to mind. Only those businesses that could quickly change and adapt to a change in demand in the market have been able to take advantage of the opportunity that this uncertainty ridden scenario threw up.

Are the organization’s values sustainable? Is Customer Experience impacting your sales? What is drifted retail journey ? The retail journey we traditionally knew of has been changing ever since offline retail met the internet.

what is drifted retail journey ?

What is Customer Journey mapping? Entrepreneurship can be challenging. Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. How to revive the growth strategy for your business? How to make a better business decisions? Is it the time pivot your marketing strategy ? How? Is virtual selling is the new normal? How to use survive and strive strategy for your business? Who are the best business coach in India? How can your business benefit from Business Coaching?

Who are the best business coach in India?

As an entrepreneur, you like to do your own thing. But going at it alone is not always the best idea. Whether you are running the show yourself or in partnership, you see a fair share of highs and lows. There comes a time when you need an impartial expert in your camp to help you realize your business potential. That is where a Business Coach helps. No matter what stage your business is at, a business coach can make you work harder and progress faster than you would on your own. Who are the best business coach in India? Why Virtual selling is another new normal ? Learn the ropes of entrepreneurship ? Is Business Coaching for you? Some Busted Myths and truth about the business coaching each business person must know. We often hear entrepreneurs say, “Business coaching is a waste of money.

Is Business Coaching for you? Some Busted Myths and truth about the business coaching each business person must know.

I already know what’s wrong with my business. I don’t have time for this.” Entrepreneurs have a lot of preconceived notions about business coaching that holds them back. The reality is, this causes them to miss out on the opportunity to find the gaps in their business and significantly improve business performance. Business coaching is management training for entrepreneurs, specifically tailored to their unique situation. Here, are the most common myths about business coaching, and the real story. MYTH: “Coaching is expensive and I need to save money.” The REALITY: If you would turn your business into a healthy well managed concern, it will not only save costs but yield increased profits. Business Coaching helps you, identify inefficiencies in your company, learn how to fix them in a way that, will not only improve your returns but yield increased Profits. MYTH: “I don’t have time for this. Who are business coaches and what value do they add?

Join us on 18 June to hear Business Coach Ratish Pandey , share some insights on how to tackle the challenge. Click to register and block your spot. Is this the time to pivot your Marketing? Challenges for Retail Industry post lockdown. How to plan for business post lockdown. StartUps response to Business Challenge in COVID times. How should Start-Ups respond to Business Challenges in the face of COVID-19 The pandemic, Coronavirus, has created a health crisis across the world, severely impacting economies in its wake.

StartUps response to Business Challenge in COVID times

India is currently reeling under its influence. We have started feeling the impact and is likely to get worse before the recovery begins, the pace of which is yet indeterminate. One important and growing segment of our economy of the last few years has been the Start-ups, who by the very definition are enterprises started by entrepreneurs to seek, effectively develop, and validate a scalable business model. This model of business relies heavily on funding. So, where does this leave the start-ups, is it the end of the road for them? Here are a few pointers, for the Start-ups, to consider during these tough times.

In the face of uncertainty of funding, the first and foremost focus is the Runway – taking stock of one’s funds. Your people are your biggest asset. Free business health check. Complimentary Coaching Session. Best business coach in India.