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6 Ways to Cut Back at Work and Be Instantly Happier | Curious. I’ve always been busy and achievement-oriented; I was the college kid with a high GPA, multiple on-campus jobs, and a full course load. When I graduated, it was only natural that my industriousness would continue into adult life, but I was still struggling to make ends meet, so I started working more and more hours. I relocated to a larger city with more opportunities, took on two part-time jobs—one an overnight shift—and redoubled my efforts. It wasn’t long before this perseverance became a real problem. For two years, I had a near-constant headache and neglected my relationship. When my partner and I went out for a dinner date, I was unable to leave work behind—I was always concerned that a client might email me.

It took me months to start changing course. You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ Finally, nearly a year after I first began to flounder, I’m in the process of making some concrete changes, so I can get more enjoyment out of time I spend doing something other than work. 1. 10 Daily Life Habits Of Happy and Successful People | Curious. What is success? That small question has led to thousands of books being written, countless conversations and much soul searching. Is it measured by a big house, a successful career and a large pay-packet? The Oxford dictionary defines it as “The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status” But can we really fit success into that small box?

Is the meaning of success much bigger than that? Is that definition losing relevance as more of us move beyond just survival and more stuff to creating a life that needs more meaning and purpose. The reality is that success can be seen from two sides. There is a tension between our personal view of success and what society sees as “success”. How society defines success Society, friends and family can shape your view of life, bend your priorities and create success or failure habits. What others think can be an external force for good or an anxiety producing pressure. How we personally define success The conversations Your biggest enemy #1.

Life is busy. 9 Portable Breakfasts You Can Make in a Muffin Tin | Curious. We know we’re supposed to eat breakfast every morning, but on the days when we’re already scrambling (so, every day), we tend to push it off. What we really need is a breakfast that can rush out the door with us, and these bite-size meals prepped in a muffin tin fit the bill.

Simple, healthy, and totally transportable, they’ll make your mornings easier—and tastier. 1. Egg and Hash Brown Cups Frozen hash browns bake into perfect “nests” for eggs, veggies, and cheese in these individual mini meals. 2. These cool and crispy treats could stand as a dessert recipe or a snack recipe, but since they’re full of granola, yogurt, and berries, we think they’ve got breakfast written all over them—especially if you swap store-bought granola for homemade and regular yogurt for Greek. 3. Don’t be fooled by their size: With eggs, veggies, cheese, and ham in each serving, these cups pack a impressive nutritional punch. 4. 5. 6. French toast that you don’t need a fork and knife for? 7. 8. 9. Stratford University - A School of Health Sciences.

Top Programs in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management. Enroll in Online Master’s Degree Program. Stratford University presents a wide spectrum of online master’s degree programs that provide students with the skills required to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive global business environment. Covering all core business functions, ranging from corporate strategy to sustainability, the curricula of our master’s degree programs provide a blend of the technical skills required for objective decision-making; and the interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with people at different levels and with different cultural backgrounds.

Expand your professional abilities under the guidance of our seasoned faculty featuring top executives, entrepreneurs, certified professionals, attorneys, and other mavericks with proven competence in their respective fields. Specializations Thinking Beyond Education At Stratford, we understand that aspiring students may have to overcome a number of roadblocks to pursue higher education, which is why we extend our services beyond academics.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs from Stratford University Offers Flexible Options. When pursuing higher education seems impossible, Stratford University’s online bachelor’s degree programs offer flexible options. We provide a wide spectrum of career-focused online bachelor's programs to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global industries. Our online programs are designed to help students pursue their educational goals, while meeting the commitments and challenges of their personal and professional lives. If you are self-motivated and connected to the Internet, you are already two steps closer to an online bachelor’s degree in a specialization of your choice.

Specialization Options We Aim to Change Lives! Stratford University is driven by the motto "Changing Lives... Financial Services International Student Office International students get support from Stratford University throughout their education. Student Support Service Military Student Office Need More Reasons to Choose Stratford University?

Online Associate’s Degree Programs at Stratford University. Stratford University offers a wide spectrum of online associate’s degree programs in today’s most rapidly-growing fields—tailored to meet the demands of today’s employers. Our programs prepare you for exciting and rewarding career opportunities in business administration, IT network management and security, hotel and restaurant management, and medical insurance billing and coding. You’ll learn from industry experts and develop the skills you need to pursue a thriving career in your selected field. Best of all, our convenient, career-focused online programs are designed to suit your busy lifestyle to help you meet your educational goals without compromising the demands of your personal and professional life.

Specialization Options Why Choose Stratford University? Complete Flexibility We deliver all classes in an asynchronous format, allowing students to access study material at any time, seven days a week. Experienced Faculty Career-focused Programs. Pharmacy Technician: Job Responsibilities and Abilities. In the U.S, healthcare expenditure amounts to approximately $3.12 trillion, out of which pharmaceutical sales accounts for approximately $333 billion, which is 10.7 percent of the total healthcare expenditure. Given the figures, it would be safe to say that the healthcare industry is a booming field for individuals looking for a rewarding career. In addition to doctors and nurses, there is a huge demand for qualified pharmacy technicians.

One of the prerequisites for the role is a degree in health sciences from a reputable school of health sciences. Although the job of a pharmacy technician may seem easy, it’s as challenging as any other medical assistant job. So what does it take to be a pharmacy technician? Let’s find out. Who is a Pharmacy Technician? Essentially, a pharmacy technician is the part of a team working under a pharmacist, that is entrusted with the task of filling prescriptions, reviewing them, and dispensing medicinal drugs to patients and healthcare professionals.

4 Essential Qualities Required to Succeed as a Healthcare Manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for healthcare managers between 2012 to 2022 will increase by 23 percent, which is a clear indicator of the big career opportunities for qualified professionals. To qualify for the role prospective candidates can either pursue an online or traditional health science degree program from a reputable university. However healthcare management, just like any other profile, has its challenges. To help you decide whether the career option is right for you, this post discusses some essential qualities a healthcare manager must possess. Take a look. 1. As a healthcare manager, you will be required to communicate with different stakeholders including employee and patients. 2.

Healthcare managers need to interact with different departments on a regular basis and must be able to address people with different aspirations and goals. 3. 4. Conclusion... Type of Events You Learn to Organize through Event Management Courses. 4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Hospitality Management. If you love to interact with people, a career in hospitality management might be your calling. Every year, the hospitality industry adds trillions of dollars to the U.S economy, which makes it one of the most rewarding avenues for job seekers looking for thriving careers. To help them get started, many colleges offer hospitality management degree programs that equip them with the skills and knowledge required to ensure a successful career in hospitality. Pursuing a career in hospitality management also means numerous on-job perks that pave that make the option all the more rewarding.

This post lists four other benefits that make hospitality management a promising career avenue for qualified aspirants. 1. Ample Opportunities for New Graduates Finding an entry-level job can be a problem for banking, finance, technology, and other graduates, as their sensitive nature requires candidates to possess specific skills and knowledge that they usually gain over the years while working a job. 2. Go for an MS in International Hospitality Management. Study a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Stratford University. Pursue Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. Become an Innovative Professional of Computer Technology. Earn your Degree in Digital Forensics. 5 Tips to Excel at Grad School. Life at a grad school is quite different from you would experience at an undergraduate level. Unlike undergraduate level where it’s all about cramming to get good grades, grad schools train you to become a professional capable of addressing real-world problems.

The transition is all about sharpening your current skills and garnering new ones. If you’ve been thinking on the line of enrolling in a graduate school, this blog post will help as it shares 5 important tips to excel at grad school, no matter whether you join a college in Maryland or Myanmar! Read on. 1. Focus on Knowledge Grades no doubt matter, but they certainly lose some part of their relevance in grad schools, as the courses are more focused on “learning” than on getting good “grades”. 2. Choose a specialization that you are really interested in, instead of choosing one just because it has a high demand or a high potential income. 3. 4. 5. If you think life is going to get easier after grad school, think again. A Beginner’s Guide to a Thriving Career in Computer Forensics. 5 Little Ways to Stop Being Stressed and Start Being on Time | Curious.

I once had a boss—let’s call her Natalie—who was perpetually late. She would race into the office every morning, stressed and disheveled, and she’d always have to reschedule meetings. I almost had a panic attack once when she arrived just 17 seconds before our flight closed for boarding on an important business trip. I’ve known a few people like Natalie, and I always think, How do they do it? I mean, isn’t it so anxiety-inducing to always race against the clock? The good news is that punctuality is not a gene. I have four inboxes, a business with several facets, and I live in a non-central part of the city, so I am constantly on the go. 1.

Overscheduled people (guilty!) What can you scratch off the agenda before you even begin today? 2. Look at your day the night before or first thing in the morning. You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ Say you have three tasks to complete, and two meetings that both require a little prep and travel time. 3. 4. 5. Yes, lie! 4 Tips To Protect Your Online Business | Curious.

Building an online business is easier than ever. All a potential online business owner needs to do to get started is build a website from a pre-designed template and purchase a domain name. This is why 543,000 small businesses are started each month. Although the initial steps of opening up an online shop are simple enough to encourage hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to start a business each month, business owners who are serious about building a profitable company must also take steps to protect themselves and their businesses from potential threats.

Here are the four most pressing areas business owners should look to when protecting their online business. If you’re looking to kick off a brand new online business in the New Year, there are several important steps you should take first to secure your new investment against potential threats. 1. 2. An LLC, or a limited liability company, is a flexible business structure that protects business owners. 3. 4. Robots and Artificial Intelligence: The Impact on Jobs | Curious. Finally, robotic beings world rule the world. OK, not really. But, robots and artificial intelligence are certainly having a major impact right now on the global workforce. In her most recent LinkedIn Pulse piece, March Senior Vice President Juliana Allen summarized statistics from a new McKinsey report, which shows that robotics will have its most profound impact in industries with highly structured or predictable environments.

Data collection and processing are also impacted. The upshot is that up to 51 perfect of activities in the US economy could be affected by robotics, representing almost $2.7 billion in wages. Those findings touch on a common public fear: that robots and automation will replace human jobs. The opposite argument is that automation simply frees up humans for more interesting work. That describes a much more symbiotic relationship with robots, since actual journalists theoretically benefit from spending less time on rote stories and more time on interesting reporting. Roadmap to a Successful Nursing Career: 3 Nursing Degree Programs To Consider. Want a Thriving Career in IT? Here are 4 Core Competencies to Acquire. Here are 4 Core Competencies to Acquire IT is one of the fastest growing industries globally. The need for specialized professionals in this industry will increase in the near future, which is bound to create a range of job opportunities. The industry offers an array of high paying jobs.

A recent study published by Glassdoor found IT professionals to be among the most well-paid workers, with the mean salary of some specialized jobs to be as high as $132,000. The post discusses some of the most in-demand IT skills to help you pursue a rewarding career. Cloud Computing A report published by Gartner - an IT technology research and advisory major - estimates almost 50 percent of large corporations to have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017, which will lead to a sharp increase in the demand for qualified professionals who can manage these systems.

Information Security Big Data and Data Science Software Development Conclusion... 5 Rewarding Careers to Pursue after Health Science Courses. While the unemployment rate has dropped dramatically from 9.8% in 2010 to 4.9% in 2016, as reported by the United States Department of Labor, more than 7 million adults are still without work.

Many industries still continue to operate on tight margins, keeping their human resources to the bare basics. The healthcare industry, however, is one of the few exceptions. A recent report by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an increase of 11 percent in the jobs available in healthcare industry. Health Science courses could be the key to a rewarding career, provided you know what lies ahead. Here are five promising career options you may want to consider after obtaining your degree in Health Sciences. 1. If you are good with numbers and consider yourself an organized individual, and someone who appreciates security, then perhaps Health Data and Information manager is the job for you. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The Bottom Line References: Top 5 Emerging Profiles in Information Technology. Top 10 Cuisines to Master for a Thriving Career in Culinary Arts. A renowned university for Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. Enroll in Associate in Advanced Culinary Arts Program. Renowned University for Pursuing Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. School for Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Enroll in Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. 4 Tips for International Students Applying for an MBA in the U.S. 4 Surefire Tips to Secure a Thriving Career in Health Sciences. Planning to Enroll in an Online MBA Program? Here are Your Top 4 Choices. Click for Top School offering Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Enroll in Associate in Medical Insurance, Billing, and Coding Program. Best School for Pursuing Master Degree in Software Engineering. Top School for Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management. Enroll in Doctor of Business Administration Program. 5 Top Paying Information Technology Domains.

Top 5 Career Options in Health Sciences for 2017. 4 Reasons to Enroll in an Online Business Administration Program, Now! 4 Prerequisites for a Successful Career in Event Management. Top School for Degree Programs in Health Sciences. Click for Top School offering Event Management Programs. Browse Top Programs in Computer & Information Science. Find the Best Courses for Hospitality Management.

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