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EAACI Congress 2017 - Allied Health Day. EAACI is pleased to include a specific Allied Health Day to its Congress programme in Helsinki, which has been developed in collaboration with the Allied Health Interest Group.

EAACI Congress 2017 - Allied Health Day

Participants will be able to understand the importance of a complementary framework for Allied Health and Primary Care Practitionersidentify the core competency areasidentify possible training needs in their own practice Date and time:Saturday 17 June 2017, 14:00 – 17:30Abstracts submitted within the scope of Allied Health topics will be integrated in the abstracts sessions running during the main Congress days. Fees:A registration fee applies if the Allied Health Day is booked separately. If it is booked in addition to the full Congress Registration, the attendance will be included in the Congress fee. Fees for separate booking*: Click here to register.

Spring Is Here And Heralds Flowers As Well As Allergies. It is that time of the year again - spring is here after the winter which by all accounts has been mild; in a sense, it has not been a severe winter.

Spring Is Here And Heralds Flowers As Well As Allergies

Spring is the season that brings the crowds; many people from across Britain (not withstanding the issues of Brexit) travel to Europe to enjoy the mild weather as cooler temperatures in Mediterranean Europe boost tourism business. There is a downside to spring, as it is popularly known as allergy season. The days are becoming warmer. Flowers begin to bloom and so does the pollen count. Spring is perfect for people who do not like cold weather, but for people with allergies, it is the beginning of suffering. A common sight among office goers, school children and students are bloodshot eyes. EAACI Scientific Programme - Clinical Village. Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='EAACI Scientific Programme - Clinical Village' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_499881'></script><p> From <a href='

EAACI Scientific Programme - Clinical Village

EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Progressive Sinusitis. At this time of the year among the most common observations are “Guess what?


Another bad allergy season is on us”. It is akin to saying “It is getting warmer; it is hotter than last year”. In fact weather channel presenters on television channels have such stock phrases already keyed in their teleprompter. No need for writers to even think. The fact of the matter is it is all true. Pollen counts are through the roof. Here is a simple guide to tell the difference If you are suffering from a common cold with the symptoms of a congested nose then most probably you are treating it with OTC (over the counter) medication such as a decongestant. Now that you are aware of an allergy and if the stuffed nose or sinus condition lasts for several weeks then the following may happen - Hay Fever Allergies Rising In Europe. The study informs that the number of people suffering from hay fever will double in the next 30 years.

Hay Fever Allergies Rising In Europe

The chief reason for the increase in hay fever is climate change. Rising carbon dioxide levels aided by warmer climates is not only increasing it is also benefiting the ragweed which has high mortality to flourish. Ragweed which is native to North America is growing at an alarming rate in almost all of Europe with Germany, France, Hungary and Romania showing massive incidences. The other bit of bad news on the pollen from is because of climate change the delaying of frost is extending the hay fever season. The picture of Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, blowing into her handkerchief best represents the effect of hay fever.

Awareness And Mental Fortitude Helps Pregnant Women Handle Allergies. Women who are pregnant carry an enormous amount of responsibility.

Awareness And Mental Fortitude Helps Pregnant Women Handle Allergies

They not only have to care for their health they have the responsibility of caring for their unborn fetus. On planet Earth, evolution has witnessed billions of babies born and more are in the offing. Allergy as science knows it appeared courtesy of Dr. John Bostock - he described for the first time the allergic symptoms of hay fever in 1819; it took another 50 years for Charles Blakely to perform a skin test when he applied pollen to a break in his skin to determine the cause of allergy. Indeterminate particles in the environment induced reactions - such particles were termed "allergens". SAM 2017, Skin Allergy Meeting - Joint Meeting With ESCD. Embed Code Embeded for hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='SAM 2017, Skin Allergy Meeting - Joint Meeting With ESCD' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_498259'></script><p> From <a href='

SAM 2017, Skin Allergy Meeting - Joint Meeting With ESCD

Conjunctivitis – What Is It And How To Treat? When the nasal passages are inflamed, you are diagnosed with allergic rhinitis condition.

Conjunctivitis – What Is It And How To Treat?

Allergens in the atmosphere cause the inflammation. For reasons, only your body knows it is causing a lot of discomfort with arunny nose and sore throat. The airborne allergens could be dust mites (organisms that feed on debris shed by humans and animals such as pets or you could be allergic to pet dander and their fur. Such rhinitis symptoms from these allergens can cause asthma and may cause redness and watery eyes. In that condition, the medical world bestows the title that you are exhibiting the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. The unknown reason why inflammation occurs is still in the twilight zone; what is known however is the action. Symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes, itchy eyes, nasal congestion trigger other immune cells to activate leading to more histamine production and very uncomfortable conditions.

Allergies are the undisputed king of diseases in 21st Century. Allergic incidences in medieval period The earliest report of allergy belongs to the period around 3500 BC.

Allergies are the undisputed king of diseases in 21st Century

King Menses of Egypt received a fatal sting from a wasp. The Roman Emperor Claudius’s son Britannicus was allergic to horses as his eyes swelled and he developed rashes that prevented him riding. Claudius’s adopted son Nero took over the duties of the prince and later killed Britannicus. Clinical Immunology - EAACI Interactive Session. Interactive Workshops are sessions in which speakers are expected to share their personal experience in a field, either clinical or basic.

Clinical Immunology - EAACI Interactive Session

Due to the highly interactive character of these Workshops, the size of the session is limited and it is advisable to arrive early to secure your place. It is not possible to increase the planned maximum capacity of the session or to stream the session to another area. Why do we do this? The EAACI Congress is what it is thanks to its participants and we want them to enjoy the Congress. In evaluations the attendees told us many times: ‘We want more interaction.’ Viral Rhinitis and their Symptoms. ISMA 2017, International Symposium on Molecular Allergology. EAACI Food Allergy Training Course. EAACI Food Allergy Training Course “Prevention and Treatment of Food Allergy” 14 -16 September 2017Manchester, UK Organisers: EAACI Food Allergy Interest Group in collaboration with the Allied Health Interest Group and the Paediatric Section Educational aims This Allergy Training Course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of current state-of-the-art in preventing and treating food allergy.

It seeks to provide training for health care professionals involved in diagnosing and treating those with food allergies to enable them to deliver improved preventive and treatment strategies to the benefit of food allergic patients. It is set in the context of rapid developments in the field, including numerous studies on the importance of early introduction of allergenic foods for the prevention of allergy later in life and on the new treatments going through clinical trials with the prospect of regulatory approved products in the next few years. EAACI - Master Class on Primary Immunodeficiencies. Organisers: EAACI Primary Immunodeficiencies Interest Group Programme The main aim of Master Class for Primary Immunodeficiencies lies in a complex intensive course covering the many aspects of PID, mainly diagnosis and therapy.

It also serves as an excellent opportunity to promote increasing awareness about primary immunodeficiencies. Furthermore the programme will go deeply into details in description of individual primary immunodeficiencies. The Master Class will be held over two days and will include plenary style lectures, coupled with interactive case discussion sessions and practical parts.

How To Ensure Allergy Medications Are Safe to Use When Pregnant? Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life, but it is also a time of intense worry, especially if she is one of the millions who suffer from seasonal allergiesor immunological symptoms. Discussing the issue with the paediatrician is the best way to get the best possible advice on how to deal with allergy issues during pregnancy in a way that is safe for both the mother and the baby. Allergic Triggers The issue of allergies during pregnancy is especially severe in women who are suffering from asthma and getting the issue sorted out is very important. Common signs of allergic asthma are shortness of breath, coughing, tightness in chest, insomnia, wheezing, etc. These symptoms or flare-ups are usually caused by exposure of the individual to allergens like pollen, pollen, mould, and dust mites etc. EAACI Congress 2017.

Official Accommodation partner IMPORTANT ALERT: We are aware of more than one fraudulent website and individuals that impersonate EAACI and our congress but that are in no way associated with EAACI. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to be aware of companies claiming to be EAACI partners and we strongly advise you to only use our official EAACI Annual Congress 2017 website or the website of our official accommodation partner for hotels and registration; K.I.T. Group GmbH. Your money will be at risk if you use unofficial websites and EAACI regrettably cannot accept any responsibility for bookings made via unofficial websites and agencies. Identifying, Managing and Treatment of Chronic & Allergic Sinusitis. At some point in the life of most people, they would have suffered symptoms like headaches, runny nose, red and itchy eyes. These are symptoms of a problem called sinusitis, but when these symptoms become stronger, it is known as chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis.

The condition of patients suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis can be measured by the inflammation around the nasal passages and any swelling of the nasal cavities; this condition may persist for up to 10-12 weeks. It may cause blocking of the nasal passages leading to mucus build up mainly due to the lack of draining facilities. Another form of allergy is commonly known as “hay fever” and it is a seasonal issue.

Hay fever is caused by vast amounts of pollen released by plants, trees, herbs, and grasses during the pollination period. EAACI - Master Class on Primary Immunodeficiencies. EAACI - SERIN 2017. Dear Colleague and Friends, Tips on Ways to Prevent, Manage & Control Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. Tips on Ways to Prevent, Manage, & Control Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. EAACI, Doing Their Bit for Grass Pollen Allergy Sufferers Worldwide. Allergic Conjunctivitis - Signs and Symptoms of Conjunctivitis Allergy. Benefits of Accurate Diagnosis in Patients with Severe Drug Allergy Symptoms.

There is a significant percentage of people worldwide who suffer from allergies of different kinds; food, drink, pollen, grasses, and drugs. Bringing Disease Knowledge to The Forefront With International Patients Organizations. One thing is certain; allergies do not discriminate regarding race, religion, or ethnicity, and it is a problem that has been increasing in numbers all over the world. Relief from Allergy Symptoms with Appropriate Testing & Treatment. Managing Allergy Symptoms & Treatment of Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis. Huge International Research Effort Underway To Identify and Treat Allergic Conjunctivitis.

Allergic conjunctivitis is one of the most common problems that happen to individuals who may be susceptible to reactions from spores, mould, or pollen; it usually causes their eyes to go itchy, red, and watery. It is an eye inflammation resulting from allergic reactions to the allergens mentioned above. There are two types of conjunctivitis, chronic allergic and acute allergic; the acute type does not last long, but the chronic version can affect the individual for over a year, making life quite miserable, especially during the flowering season. Allergies During Pregnancy - Asthma, Rhinitis, Urticaria. Benefits of Using an Allergy Specialist for Treatment of Urticaria/Hives. Urticaria, also known as hives, is triggered in many patients by allergens in the air; it starts as an itchy skin patch that may turn into red welts in serious cases. The resulting scratching and itching is also found to vary between mild-to-severe.

The strange thing about an urticaria diagnosis is narrowing down the actual trigger; these range from food items like shellfish, eggs, some nuts, medication allergies and insect bites to viral or bacterial infections, pollen, animal dander, and poison ivy, etc. Hives can be found in different parts of the body; they come in various shapes and sizes and seem to move around, but can also disappear and reappear. At the present time, urticaria diagnosis research reveals two types of hives, acute or short-lived hives and chronic or long-term hives. It is not something new, but a very large percentage of the population in the world suffer from some sort of allergies. In Europe, records indicate that there are over 150 million people who suffer from allergic/immunologic problems. They manifest in different ways but mainly consist of diseases like asthma, food and drug allergy, rhinitis, autoimmune disorders, eczema, etc. Allergies are classified into plant, food, and drug allergies. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: How to Manage and Treat Symptoms of Grass and Pollen Allergies. Allergic Rhinitis: Treatment And Symptoms of Rhinitis. What Produces Allergic Conjunctivitis And How to Manage This Allergy? What is Allergic Rhinitis and Understanding Its Treatment? Basophil Activation Test BAT - Allergic Reaction in Test Tube. Atopic Dermatitis - Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments.

Grass Pollen Allergy, Weeds and Tress Allergenic Pollen. Allergies During Pregnancy - Asthma, Rhinitis, Urticaria. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY &amp; CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: What is eosinophilic esophagitis? EAACI - Clinical and Translational Allergy. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY &amp; CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: What are the causes of drug hypersensitivity? Controlling, Preventing Allergies Is The Biggest Trade Treaty. Controlling Allergy For Benefit of Homo Sapiens. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY &amp; CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Improving Air Quality for Treating Conjunctivitis. Paradigm Shift in Defining Asthma Variants. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY &amp; CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Allergic Rhinitis Can Be Overcome With Environmental Cleanup. Allergy Prevention is The Need of The Hour. Juniors participation in EAACI 2017, Helsinki. Basophil Activation Test BAT - Allergic Reaction in Test Tube. What to Do In Case You Think You Have an Allergy to a Certain Medication. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Guidelines to Follow for Chronic Rhinosinusitis. EAACI - About Us. EAACI interactive sessions- Making your session dynamic. Allergy Skin Tests - Scientific Diagnostic Tools For Identifying Individual-specific Allergens. The Allergy Awareness Event “Test Your Allergies 2016” in European Parliament. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Understanding Grass Allergy Symptoms and Treatment Options is Vital for Patient Education. Fight Allergic Conjunctivitis And Enjoy Better Quality Life With Comprehensive Allergy Education. EAACI FAAM2016 Press Release. Symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis. Press Release Global Atlas CRS releaseNow. Constantinos Pitsios on Clinical Contraindications to AIT. Allergy Patch Test - Epicutaneous Tests - EAACI. Registration - FAAM 2016. Improve Your Quality of Life With Effective Allergic Conjunctivitis Management Techniques. Improve Your Quality of Life With Effective Allergic Conjunctivitis Management Techniques. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Raising Awareness of Allergies & Immunological Problems in Europe. EAACI EAS EFA IRS Joint PR International Ragweed Day 2015. Ömer Kalayci on Genetic Associations of the Response to Inhaled Corticosteroids. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: EAACI, Supporting Research & Development to Eradicate Allergy Problems. Laudable Allergy Awareness Initiatives Are Making The World A Better Place For Patients. Upcoming Focused Meetings. EAACI - Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines.

EMA 2015. EAACI EFA Press Release ENVI vote on NEC FINAL. EAACI - Allergy Schools. Allergy Tests, Scientific Tools For Accurate Diagnosis And Treatment of Allergies. Upcoming Focused Meetings. Allergy Tests, Scientific Tools For Accurate Diagnosis And Treatment of Allergies. Effective Tips to Deal With Symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis. Upcoming Congress. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: Allergy Research: The Need of the Hour to Develop Effective Treatments.

Mariana Castells on Drug hypersensitivity in clonal mast cell disorders. Best Ways to Counter Food Allergy Symptoms Including Life Threatening Anaphylaxis. EU symp Press Release EN. Food Allergy Training - A Proven Strategy to Deal With a Global Concern. Finding Suitable Treatment Therapies For Predicting & Diagnosing Allergies. 2016 Campaign Press release EN. EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY: An Overview of Grass Pollen Allergy and Effective Ways to Manage It.

The EAACI Fights For Improved Research & Development in Allergic Conditions. Testing & Treatment of Allergies by European Academy of Allergy And Clinical Immunology. Steps Needed For Proper Diagnosis & Treatment of Drug Hypersensitivity. Press Release World Allergy Week EN. Raising Awareness of Clinical Immunology Studies by EAACI For Allergy Patients. Occupational Allergies Asthma, Rhinitis, Dermatitis, Urticaria.