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It is important to make sure that unused and junk files are removed on a regular basis to run the system smoothly.

This comprises of files in the temporary folder as they were necessary once but are now not being used. Temporary files collect in the system over time and can even occupy gigabytes of space. Locky And SamSam - Latest Ransomware Hitting Hospitals. Have you already heard about the newest and most sophisticated malware- Ransomware?

Locky And SamSam - Latest Ransomware Hitting Hospitals

It is the biggest threat to all big or small entities. In mid-march, it went a step ahead and attacked hospital computers in US, to gets its ransom. Locky and SamSam are the malwares that scared hospitals and forced an online shutdown. Top 10 Best Photography Apps For IPhone Users. In this tech era each mobile phone company is consistently improving its camera quality.

Top 10 Best Photography Apps For IPhone Users

Recently even Google attempted to get higher. It is rumored to have Google Goggle functionality in its camera soon. This simply tells us how the use of camera is increasing and people now click more pictures than ever. A report on internet statistics suggests that photo sharing is proliferating with each year. Therefore it is natural have many photography apps to make this experience way too better.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: You might find a few similar apps, but this is a real effective one. VSCO is little different in the lot. Adjust audio balance on iPhone Instagram: #thebest#loveforinstagram#photographyapp#. Piclab Piclab is a photo editing app. Photo Noise Reducer: It is an editing app but with twisted features. Adobe Photoshop Express: If you want professional editing software on your phone, then Adobe Photoshop Express is your way. Backup your Whatsapp Messages in 3 easy step.

How To Adjust Audio Balance On IPhone/iPad. Are you fond of listening music?

How To Adjust Audio Balance On IPhone/iPad

What if the audio balance gets disturbed on your iPhone producing loud enough sound in one ear and no sound in another ear? Obviously, offended! Surely, that noise would be enough to wake up seven sleepers! Is Your PC At Risk With Newly Found Ransomware Virus? Have you ever experienced the situation when you are trying to open a file, a picture, or some document, and it doesn’t open up or ask for a password?

Is Your PC At Risk With Newly Found Ransomware Virus?

Well, the possible reason behind it is presence of virus in your system. Virus is a program which takes access to the system through documents or email attachments. Virus multiplies itself in number to infect the system without the knowledge of the user and takes control over it to steal the sensitive information. Virus might steal your data, make it slow, and corrupt applications. Overview Malware is a type of program that consists of viruses, worms and infecting elements within it.

Malware takes access to the computer systems through emails, virus- infected files, and instant messages. How Ransomware Attacks System: Ransomware will Lock your data and ask for Money to open it: Ransomware hijacks the data of the system in order to obtain a ransom amount from the victim. How To Backup And Restore WhatsApp Messages. Every day more than a billion users use WhatsApp for sending messages, making calls and sharing media files.

How To Backup And Restore WhatsApp Messages

Conversation exchange is easy, quick, and acute with this app, and hence, it has become a giant messaging app today. There are times when we accidentally delete chats and lose out our important messages. One solution to this is- backup the chat. What Is Ransomware Virus - Everything You Want To Know. What if all your data, images, videos, songs and every other file on your system gets locked and can’t be opened with any measure.

What Is Ransomware Virus - Everything You Want To Know

This is what Ransomware will do to you if it gets on your computer. You may be locked out of your computer and lose access to all your data. Ransomware is a depraved malware, which locks a computer/file/web browser and asks for money to unlock it. It uses highly authentic means like FBI’s logo or legal warnings to confuse people with its credibility. Windows 10 Anniversary Update - New Features Arriving This Summer. Microsoft, at its annual developer conference, announced that it is going to bring major changes in Windows 10 with some real exciting features.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update - New Features Arriving This Summer

And to kick this off, the first noticeable change was the unveiling of the name itself. Originally decoded as Redstone, the release name is kept as “Windows 10 Anniversary Update”, probably it’s the biggest update ever introduced to Windows 10. All the Windows 10 users will see biometric authentication tools on their phones, tabs, and systems. How To Speed Up Slow Running Android Phone. We are heading towards a phase where more powerful phones are showered with new technologies, efficient hardware, but the software is affecting the performance of Android.

How To Speed Up Slow Running Android Phone

It is seen that the major problems that arise in the phone are because of software, hardware rarely is a cause of any trouble. The slowing down of Android phones with time is inevitable. However, the situation becomes disturbing when you go on the home button and launch some app; it takes a lot of time and seems as if it is never going to start! So, what can be done? Perhaps you can clean your Android phone to get rid of the above-mentioned problems? Blog - Systweak Software.