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5 Useful Tricks that Makes you to Love iTunes. ITunes is the renovation in the music industry, thus elaborating some simple concepts apple have recreated here are some useful tips that make you love iTunes. As the history of iTunes elaborately explained about its greatness.Here you go with the Tricks for iTunes 1.Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard Shortcuts are very important for ease access to any application here you go with the major keyboard shortcuts in iTunes: 2.Free Video Downloads in iTunes: Yeah it is possible to download videos for free in iTunes Apple’s iTunes Store has combined all of its free video content in one handy spot, so you can find the goods faster and easier. To access the videos, go to the iTunes store and click on TV shows. 3.Utilize TuneUp to Swipe Up Your iTunes: If you have an iTunes library that’s lost a few beats (you know, like artist info, track names, and album cover art), then you must start over to TuneUp, for the reason that it will insert all the info for you.

But that’s not all that TuneUp does. Google I/O Commencement On May 18. Tech fest is always an excited to all tech lovers since they learn and explore something new. this year we already have a delightful tech stuff with the CES 2016 on Vegas with the vast number of tech products and its giants. We are also getting ready to face Next up is Mobile World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona from February 22nd to the 25th and it have a huge impact on the mobile items and its upgrades towards the future.

Now The tech giant Google has announced its developer meet known as Google I/O commencement is officially announced in the Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Google + and Twitter Page. It is planned to held on its own backyard at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California from Wednesday, May 18th through Friday, May 20th. The cool stuff about this I/O is that it is the 10th anniversary of Google. 3 full day all the developers are wired into code labs and developer data and lot more stuff to get processed.

Top 5 Smartphones of 2016 That You Cannot Wait - Eblogline. Smartphones are always something special to humans nowadays without it most of the people life will be null. to enhance your experience lot here, you go with the upcoming top 5 smartphones of 2016 #5 HTC one M 10: HTC has its market more over standard as other phones with its cost and good specs. M10 is most expected because of its 5.2-inch screen having the 4K resolution. As an outcome, it will be able to produce a crystal clear view. Being constructed with the sapphire, the display will have an incredible toughness. The device will also feature the 3.1-GHz octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 27-MP rear shooter and 10-MP front shooter.

Moreover, it will have a powerful 3400 mAh battery. HTC One M10 #4 Sony Xperia Z6: Sony will always fulfil its customer’s needs with both in cool specs and price. Expectedly, the device will have the 25-MP primary camera, which is a noteworthy upgrade from the 23-MP of the Xperia Z5. Sony_Xperia_Z6 Sony-Xperia-Z6 Sony Xperia _z6 Sony Xperia Z6 nexus-6 google-nexus-6. Microsoft Today Ends Support For Windows 8, Old Versions Of Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s push towards Windows 10 continues. Today, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8, as well as older versions of its Internet Explorer web browser, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10. For end users, that doesn’t mean the software instantly becomes non-functional, but that it will longer be updated with bug fixes or other security patches, as needed.

That could potentially expose a good portion of online users to malware, if they choose not to upgrade, Microsoft warns. On its website, the company explains that security patches are necessary to protect computers from attacks, so “upgrading and staying current is important.” Microsoft suggests that users who want to remain on Internet Explorer immediately move to the new version, Internet Explorer 11, which offers better security, improved performance, better backward compatibility, and support for web standards. According to some sources, Windows 8 is still running on 2-3 percent of PCs, or 30-40 million devices. 8k TV: Incredible Feel For Our Eyeballs. 4k is being a developing technology I think so but LG and Samsung put forth 8 k TV in the CES and impressed all tech lovers with their VHDR videos and images It is really cool TV with 92 inch and it seems to be live with that video that is being played in the 8k huge incredible power and feel of the TV.

LG’s 98-inch 8K TV set will be high-priced in conditions of size and price, but it’s a sight of what’s to come in terms of picture excellence a decade or so down the line. If you think 4K is extremely sharp, wait till you get your eyes on 8K. Think of it this way: Full HD video has a statement of about 2 megapixels per frame, 4K footage has a resolution of 8 megapixels per frame, and 8K will have a resolution of 32 megapixels per frame. The TV is bright and colourful and all that good stuff, but its sharpness really bewildered me. But what does that mean to your eyeballs? Of course, it’s way too early to buy in, particularly with the lack of 8K contented out there.

Real Gaming Laptops From Razers. Method back in 2003, I exhausted in the surplus of £1,600 ($2,500) to buy my first laptop, which was a Samsung X10. My thoughts were honestly easy: I wanted a laptop that could do the whole thing and I was set to invest a lot to obtain it. The fault in that plan was that such a laptop didn’t exist back then, and it debatably doesn’t live today either. My thoughts were honestly easy: I wanted a laptop that could do the whole thing and I was set to invest a lot to obtain it. The fault in that plan was that such a laptop didn’t exist back then, and it debatably doesn’t live today either.

The X10 was one of the thinnest equipment on the market and it had a discrete Nvidia GPU inside it, so it had the possible to fulfil my dream of an ultraportable gaming PC, but the reality of using it was a lot less rosy than the assure of its specs. There are indeed major confront on the road ahead. Top 5 Awarded CES innovations 2016. CES 2016 has completed its fifth day in Vegas with the award celebration acquiring the innovations. Here you Go with the Top 5 CES innovations 2016 #5: Owlet’s Smart washable booty: It is really a cool thing that all moms gonna never missed it. The Owlet smart booty is an innovative washable sock with a pulse oximeter that checks out the baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels. If the child acts strangely or something that makes the baby feel hard.

Mom may get a notification on her smartphone about the baby’s status and the need and the problem with the baby are reportedly monitored. It also calculates the deficiency of the baby’s calories and the need of the calories for the essential growth of the baby. . #4: Recon Empire EVS: Recon Instruments the Canadian outfit purchases by Intel past year. So get ready to have a digital war. . #3 Philips Fidelio E6 Detachable Speaker: Philips calls it surround on demand and it lives up to the maintain the subtitle of the name. Zuckerberg Starts Coding His Personal Assistant-Eblogine. Zuckerberg successful entrepreneur of 2015 makes a resolution every year and it probably bumps all the tech freaks and geeks, even the Silicon Valley. Here are some New Year resolutions of mark from the year 2009: 2009: Put on a tie to work every day. 2010: Grow to be fluent in Mandarin( the native language of Zuckerberg’s wife). 2011: Eat only animals that he killed himself. 2012: Code every day. 2013: Meet a new person outside Facebook every day. 2014: Write one thoughtful thank-you note every day. 2015: Read a new book every other week with suggestions crowdsourced from the Facebook community.

A personal assistant is most important for all entrepreneurs since they all are committed with various commitments and assistances may guide to act at a right work at right time. As a great entrepreneur mark has also a personal assistant named Anikka Fragodt, executive assistant to the CEO of Facebook who took care of the every progress of facebook from 2006. ITunes - Innovation in Music. Music is the only thing that follows us from our birth till death. No one is a hater of music everyone in this world loves music. Music always tempts everyone to hear it again and again. Music has its own power to crush the feeling of the listener and makes them to hear again.Get $100 ITunes Only For United States Peoples But in the history of music, it is not meant to every individual in the world. It is always belongs to the one who deserves it in the name of money.

After the invention of internet it slowly spreads to the civilians but it doesn’t have a vast growth among all the people of the world. It is all just only because it is expensive. Limited categories Limited CD Burn Limited Copies It is stealing yeah the copyrights [LoL copyrighted from Jobs ITunes 4.0 Launch] Every problem in the history has its own solution in the future. Of course, on 2000 the man in the machine Steve Jobs routed an innovative solution to this problem with the words ITunes. Enjoying music is awesome. Apple Seems To Be Grabbing Domain. Apple always goes in a different path that everyone expected. From jobs it seems to be great in planning a car fully automated with alternative renewable resources and that all stuff that Elon Musk targeting today but it meant to be a dream after jobs till now I don’t have any idea about the apple car since everyone is expected for the iPhone 7 and other stuff since apple car tends to be an innovative project of future.

Tim will not get congested with all those stuff, but now it’s time to check that out with the new domain that apple had obtained now such as,, It is really great news to check out on the whois that they are bought by anonymous or the anonymous is Apple.Inc. This is the very cool stuff I ever heard and as a tech lover, I really excited to post something that makes sense about apple cars and other stuff related to that. In totalling to those rumours, Apple has dropped some hints that a car may be in the works. LG CES 2016 is An Awaiting Innovation. LG has already jumped into the internet of things by introducing LG SmartThinQ but now it involves the preparation of LG CES 2016 which is conducted in Vegas.

It re-invokes the dream technology the folded display. An 18-inch display that is like a thin sheet of plastic which can be folded rolled or bended. Thus, LG plans to execute this in the CES 2016 they have designed a full Oled display with a foldable technology. We’ve seen this kind of notion display from the likes of Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and others in the past.

However, it does point towards that LG sees these types of futuristic displays as isolation points for Smartphones, tablets, and TVs. LG envisions these types of screens rolling up into our pockets or being made to wrap around internal spaces, and the company will show off a 25-inch curved screen installed on the inside of a car at its Auto Zone section on the show floor. The rollable OLED panel was only 3 cm across and featured a 1,200 by 810-pixel resolution. Disney Explores Wall Climbing Drones. Disney A Creative Studio begins their work with the robotics in collaboration previously now Disney Introduces a Wall Climbing Drones Called As Vertigo.Disney explores and the research group at ETH Zurich have produced a car that can steer, fly, jump, and ride up walls. By using wheels and propellers, the robot can fly over barriers and then strike against walls for a little vertical action.

Termed the Vertigo, the robot’s wheels are actually unpowered. All of the motion comes from the propellers which send it rolling across the ground and then push it up against the wall as necessary.A key examines a problem in the plan of Vertigo robot was to exploit the ratio between propelling output and vehicle mass. Weight is reduced by via central carbon fibre base plate while 3Dprinted parts in union with carbon rods are worn for more complex three-dimensional organizations like the wheel suspension or the wheels themselves. Yeah, fascinating. Microsoft Introduces Selfie App for IOS. Microsoft has got its step up in the market again and began to emerge a lot with the cross platform apps. After the charge of Satya Nadella, the company is being standardized back with its existing place in the market with its revolutionary product Microsoft Surface A hybrid of a tablet and laptop with the great design.

It already reached a peak of success for both tablet and laptop lovers. Now, Microsoft Introduces a Selfie App for IOS for those who is affected with a selfie syndrome. Selfie is now spreading like a syndrome all over the world being the Microsoft has to rise up from fall that they planned to join all those selfie lovers for their app.Since Microsoft has already introduced Lumia Selfie and get a huge response from the selfie lovers.

It also planned to interact with the iPhone users through this app. The App recognizes as per the age, gender, skin tone, lighting and other parameters and enhances filters as per your portrait of yourself. LG Jumps Into Internet Of Things. Internet of things is connecting every electronics to the internet via Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Zig-bee that means each and every machine around us will act as an AI to process our entire request through the internet. This is really a cool thing of the interaction of humans and machines. In action, it is prototyped and implemented by many of the companies. Even Drones are designed to implement it in the internet of things and implemented back by Amazon for their test on shipping.

Amazon also implemented Echo for the internet of things which is to be delivered inside the home.It has cool hub has features to connect with all your electronics such as refrigerator, washing machine, Television, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner etc though Wi-Fi and intimate you on the process finished through the speaker and also give orders though through you smartphone connected with your Amazon Echo. You may be surprised that I’m not talking about LG. Google Glass Next foldable Version. The Google Glass project was one of the most puffed up devices that kept calm before when Google plump for not to turn it into a customer device. But its descendant, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, a project now run by Nest founder Tony Fadell, is alive and well and apparently getting ready to be officially announced. So I collected from new photos of the device that Google just sent to the FCC, as first scouted by Stephen Hall at 9to5Google.

You won’t have to wait for Google to reveal the next generation of Glass (Yeah that’s Project Aura) controllers just pace in on its behalf. A newly available FCC filing shows the previously rumoured Enterprise Edition earpiece, and it’s clearly a big development over the Explorer model from years earlier. The work-focused eyepiece touts a much slicker (and likely more durable) design with both a larger display prism and a hinge that lets you fold it up for travel. 7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning. Samsung Pay launches For U.S Shopping by 2016.

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