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Etisbew Offers Comprehensive Offshore ColdFusion Application Development Services. Offshore ColdFusion Product Life Cycle Management - Etisbew. Enhancing product development to drive utmost business value Product lifecycle management (PLM) empowers an organization to manage all facets of their product development process, from the preliminary thought to retirement and disposal.

Offshore ColdFusion Product Life Cycle Management - Etisbew

Etisbew's solutions for product lifecycle management embrace this high value aspect of product development, including specific solutions for systems engineering and embedded software development. PLM offers a broad spectrum of capabilities, including: Requirements management Product data management Visualization Portfolio management Change and configuration management Quality management Etisbew's approach to managing complexity, bringing together multiple engineering disciplines and supporting more efficient and effective smarter product development-from planning the optimal product portfolio to maximizing profitability once the product is in service. Mura CMS Development - Etisbew. Mura CMS is an open-source Content Management System that has been built with emphasis on assisting its users to build and update their websites quickly and effectively.

Mura CMS Development - Etisbew

Mura CMS allows you to handle complex things like integrating data with an enterprise CRM as easily as something simple like adding a newsletter functionality using its toolkit. Promotion and communication Mura CMS is easy to use with a short learning curve, and integrated design features like calendars, sidebars and forms allow even the most rookie user to create content-rich sites. Furthermore, Mura CMS's ad manager, email broadcaster and tracking tools give your organization concrete ways to connect with audiences and build brands. Mura CMS is a wonderful platform for creating SEO-friendly sites. Website Design and Development on MURA Platform Etisbew has extensive experience in creating great websites. Offshore Flex Development. Flex is a framework that is used to build a vastly interactive web application that deploys consistently across all major browsers, desktops and operating systems.

Offshore Flex Development

The applications developed in Flex are delivered on the web using the Flash player and on the desktop using Adobe AIR. Applications built using Flex provides intuitive interaction for the users and presents the application to the user in a visually attractive way. This makes for a rich user experience of the application.

The user is thus empowered with advanced interactivity allowing quick and fast data transmission. With an excellent in house team of experienced and qualified software engineers, Etisbew's Flex services will assist your organization in integrating Flex to create engaging, cross-platform rich applications. Benefits of using Flex: Rich User Experience. Below are the advantages of having Etisbew as your ColdFusion technology support partner: Consulting, business analysis and specification development. Offshore Flex Development.

ColdFusion Application Migration Services. Etisbew's Application Migration solutions are customized to help your organization deal with obsolete technologies and ineffective processes and workflows.

ColdFusion Application Migration Services

Our proficiency includes applications that traverse multiple databases, software languages and systems and offer solutions that allow for the flawless migration of applications from one architecture platform to another. ColdFusion Application Maintenance Support Services. Etisbew provides application maintenance and ongoing support services for all application maintenance requirements of our clients.

ColdFusion Application Maintenance Support Services

Etisbew has precise and established application maintenance process which offers efficient capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. Our proven application maintenance model incorporates industry best practices and helps organizations stabilize, enhance and expand applications so as to meet budding expectations and changing needs. Our application maintenance services include: Ongoing maintenance and support services Code reviews Design and architecture updates Upgrades and patches Service Level Agreements based support services Support & maintenance of application systems We develop tailor made applications to meet our client's specific IT requirements, seamlessly integrate various diverse systems, and extend support services for the applications throughout the application life cycle.

ColdFusion Applications Hosting & Maintenance services. ColdFusion Conversion Upgrade Services. Apart from ColdFusion application development, our team of ColdFusion programmers are also working conversion projects.

ColdFusion Conversion Upgrade Services

Conversion Projects: Our ColdFusion development team is has considerable experience working on CF 4.0 to CF 5.0 Conversion Projects, CF 5.0 to CFMX 6.1, CFMX 6.1 to CFMX 7 or even CF 4.0 to CFMX 7 Application Migration Projects: Apart from the above mentioned Conversion projects our team is highly experienced in dealing with all type of Migration projects such as migration of CFML from windows to Linux or vice versa. Database Migrations: We offer database migration services for ColdFusion applications for databases like MS Access, MSSQL, and MySQL etc. Etisbew Provides Quality Coldfusion Development Services To Its Clients. ColdFusion Development Services: ColdFusion – A Perfect Option to Develop Innovative, Faster & Cost-Effective Websites.

In today fast-paced technological world, it’s quite important for every individual stand out from the competitive market.

ColdFusion Development Services: ColdFusion – A Perfect Option to Develop Innovative, Faster & Cost-Effective Websites

And one of the best ways to make your firm better than everyone else is to develop feature-rich apps and dynamic websites with professional ColdFusion Development Services that really give a good advantage for your potential users. Why ColdFusion? Introduced by its developer JJ Allaire in the year 1995, Adobe ColdFusion, a rapid web application development framework as attained tremendous popularity as a preferred programming platform for developing a range if rich internet applications within a short span of time. ColdFusion which was earlier developed to work more swiftly than other platforms is now used in enterprise integration, as a scripting language, develop feature-rich internet apps and many others.

Key features of ColdFusion for its end users · A simple markup language · Has a blazing fast performance.