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The Laundry Curriculum | Homeschooling Blog. When my children were small, I was a SAHHM (“stay-at-home”-homeschooling-mom), and laundry responsibilities were a natural part of our “curriculum.” This was because I intended for my children’s education to include equipping them with basic life skills, like self-care, financial responsibility, and household maintenance. My daughters began taking responsibility for their laundry when they were quite little. I guided them through putting clothes in the washer, and I would haul the heavy basket of wet clothes up the basement steps so we could hang them to dry on the big clothesline out back. Taking a cue from Mary Poppins, I “found an element of fun” in this otherwise possibly tedious chore.

I set up a production line and each part–each person–made silly “machine” sound of their choosing. When the clothes were dry and hauled in to the living room, I would turn on the stereo and the girls and I would fold laundry to music. Copyright 2011 by Shay Seaborne. Home Ec 101 — Real skills for real people with real lives.