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Agriculture, Irrigation, Plant Schedules and

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Mountain Adventures. Welcome to Mountain Adventures: Exploring the Himalayas, Andes, and Appalachians. This curriculum is designed to introduce students (grades 5-8) to the role and importance of native plants in the United States and abroad. As students conduct situational simulated expeditions in the tallest (Himalayas), longest (Andes), and oldest (Appalachians) mountain ranges in the world, they explore different themes related to native plants, such as biodiversity and ethnobotany. Throughout the five modules comprising the curriculum students also conduct related local activities, enabling them to learn about their surroundings and to consider local/global commonalities. Module 1: Why Mountains? Piques student interest in mountains through the tale of the Ice Maiden, a 500-year old Incan mummy discovered on the summit of Mount Ampato in the Peruvian Andes.

Garden Tutorials. Irrigation tutorials; sprinkler & drip systems, design, install and repair.