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Etelligens Technologies is a leading world-class mobile app development company based in USA. We offer professional services in Mobile Application like iPhone app development, Android app development, IoT App development, Blockchain app development, website design & development, and other IT services. Know more at

Jamstack vs MEAN Stack: Everything You Need to Know. In web or app development, using the right type of technological elements is very important to get the right kind of functionality.

Jamstack vs MEAN Stack: Everything You Need to Know

This depends on various factors that all constitute within tech stacks for client-side and server-side use, like: How to Use NFTs in Decentralized Finance (Defi)? With the rapid ascent of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens, it’s tempting to assume Crypto applications are finally breaking through.

How to Use NFTs in Decentralized Finance (Defi)?

However, is there genuine user growth, or are the same influencers just migrating from one touted industry to the next? In our effort to understand what these issues mean for innovation in the future, we set out to identify solutions. First, therefore, let us examine the rise of DeFi and NFTs in further detail. NFT and DeFi – A Possible Alliance? The Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Performance. 8 Reasons Why Python is Good for AI Software Development. Unlike traditional software development, AI projects are different.

8 Reasons Why Python is Good for AI Software Development

AI software development requires hard-working tools and technologies to offer the best personalization, improved search functionality, and intelligent recommendations. Thus, developers look for the interpreted languages that don’t require compilers for integrating with the machine language. Python is one such programming language that AI and machine learning developers can run the program directly. With its automatic memory management and dynamic type system, this general-purpose programming language is perfect for any task. Moreover, the open-source language is available globally that works seamlessly with all operating systems. 12 Fundamental Principles To Digital Product Development.

Today, digital technologies are critical components of an organization’s fundamental offering – the product.

12 Fundamental Principles To Digital Product Development

We now live in the age of digitally savvy products developed following the concepts of digital product development. They operate on a very different mindset than conventional product development, even in an information technology context. Video games, email services, design tools, artificial intelligence, voice assistants, among many other products and services, are not just complementary to their physical counterparts; they are digital natives.

12 Fundamental Principles to Digital Product Development. The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development. With every business developing mobile applications to serve consumers, there is an urgent need to stay current with fast-changing industry trends, technological advancements, and customer demands.

The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

Allowing data to drive your decisions is a sure-fire method to outperform the competition and achieve success. And Big Data will help you unleash hidden trends and consumer preferences, which you can use to build cutting-edge mobile app development services. 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tap into Mobile Technology’s Potential. Have you ever wondered how many people in the world own a handheld device and that too a smart one?

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tap into Mobile Technology’s Potential

Stop wondering and start googling. Or if you feel lazy, keep on reading! According to Bankmycell, approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users today, making 48.16 percent of the global population. Therefore, it implies that up to half of the global population own a smart device. There was a considerable rise from 2016 when just 2.5 billion users accounted for 33.58 percent of the world population.

Moreover, in the United States itself, individuals spend an average of four hours each day on their mobile devices, accounting for more than half of all online traffic and video views. It’s no wonder that mobile is the platform fueling many company innovations, given this level of user engagement. According to research, texts have a 98 percent open rate compared to email’s 20%, and texts have a 45 percent response rate than email’s 6%. 1- Safeguard Consumers 2- Maintain A Clean Physical Environment.

Why is 5G reshaping the mobile technology sector? Who doesn’t want a dedicated mobile network for personal or professional use?

Why is 5G reshaping the mobile technology sector?

But, unfortunately, mobile traffic due to an increased number of users is taking a toll on the quality of services. Moreover, the restricted service providers further add to the worries of the users. Thanks to the different generations of mobile networks. Mobile technology is switching to the fifth generation of networks. The leading mobile services technology offers virtual connection and allows connecting various devices, machines, etc.

It is one of the only solutions that offer multi-Gbps peak data speeds with low latency rates and increased network availability. 5G – Unified and Capable Air Interface 5G comes after the first, second, third, and fourth generation of networks. It introduced CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access. The recent in the industry are the 5G network services that have an extended capacity for accommodating large users. Best Applications of 5G Mobile Technology in Different Sectors. How to Develop Your Own React Native App with Our Services? Which developer doesn’t know about the React Native software?

How to Develop Your Own React Native App with Our Services?

It is one of the widely used and prevalent mobile development frameworks. It is open-source user-interface software that Facebook Incorporation created. There are multiple React Native app development services in the USA that help numerous businesses unlock the potential of this modern technology. React Native apps come with creating truly native apps and never compromises the user experience of different clients. Uber Like App Development Services.

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