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Eluminous is a Digital Marketing Agency, Specialized in Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services Company, Social Media Marketing Plan, PPC,etc. We have Specialized Digital Marketing Strategist.

Big shifts in online shopping behavior this holiday season. Online businesses are set to explode this holiday season knocking on the door which may put the retailers’ online strategies to test.

Big shifts in online shopping behavior this holiday season

This year, due to the corona virus pandemic, online businesses had to deal with unexpected huge loss which resulted in shutting down of many businesses but the ones who managed to survive then are presently looking at doubling their profits. While everyone awaits for the International Retail Federation’s holiday forecast, Forrester is out with its forecast saying that presently the growth for the online businesses seem to be 18.3% but during the holiday season they may spike up to 22.5% where as the Big Four accounting firm Deloitte has claimed that all the online businesses are not expected to make a profit of more than 1 – 1.5% as compared to last time. Despite the differences in forecast, they are sure of one forecast which says that there will be an explosion of sales during the holiday season which would cover up for the year. What is app-store optimization? Why you should consider it. App store optimization is considered to be a process where the apps in an app store are optimized to rank higher and appear faster when searched.

What is app-store optimization? Why you should consider it

The higher the apps rank, the more visible they are to the people and increased visibility attracts more people towards the app. App Store Optimization, abbreviated as ASO, considers its main objective to drive more people towards the app so that people do the needful, this is, to download the app. In order to process, ASO requires to know the target customers base of the app which includes the keywords with the same potential used by the customers to find apps of similar kind.

There are about a total of 4 million apps in all major app stores which makes it difficult for a person to make his app visible to the customers and according to Forrester, 63% of total apps are discovered by app store searches which makes search in a app store the most used way to discover apps. ASO helps people to make their apps discoverable easily to the customers. The Balancing Act: How to Manage the Split Between SEO and Local SEO Strategy. Due to advancements in technology, there are plenty of ways through which you can reach out to the potential consumer is just commendable!!

The Balancing Act: How to Manage the Split Between SEO and Local SEO Strategy

When someone wants to gather information about something then they go online. Now, the subject of the search will determine the result that Google will show. Google has all the right to display any website on top of SERPs. Here, SEO plays a major role. SEO is an imperative and evolving practice that must be done appropriately by webmasters. How to Market a Web Hosting Business - Ask us Marketing Strategy. Web hosting is a highly competitive business and we are sure you must be wondering how to market a web hosting business?.

How to Market a Web Hosting Business - Ask us Marketing Strategy

Brands that started early captured a large part of the hosting market, thus leaving out very little for new entrants. Digital Marketing Agency for e-commerce. The biggest challenge for an e-commerce store is how to reach the maximum number of people.

Digital Marketing Agency for e-commerce

This is exactly the hurdle that we help you overcome with our dedicated e-commerce marketing agency. This team oversees a rigorous digital marketing plan that drives targeted traffic to your website through a mix of organic SEO and paid advertising methods. Being a digital marketing agency for an e-commerce store, our sole aim is to get your website on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). In the end, it’s all about higher traffic to your website which is directly proportional to your SERP ranking. PPC Management Services in India. Social Media Marketing Agency in India. ET Digital is a creative Social Media Marketing Agency based in India; dedicated to finding innovative solutions for our clients through strategy, creativity & social media.

Social Media Marketing Agency in India

Take advantage of our Social Media Marketing Services in India. Build your presence on multiple social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more. We are a team of enthusiastic experts. Local Search Engine Optimization Company. We are ET Digital - the best Local SEO services in India, we can help your business achieve higher rankings in your local search results.

Local Search Engine Optimization Company

No matter if you have a single location serving a local community or multiple locations across the state or country, we have proven strategies and tactics to help you rise above your competition. Did you know that 50% of the customers who conducted a local search on their smartphones visited the store the next day itself? Affordable SEO Services India.

When you enroll for affordable SEO services in India like ET Digital, you hold the power to grow your business and create the kind of financial future that your company dreams of.

Affordable SEO Services India

With a small upfront investment, your business can enjoy benefits that will continue to multiply - and continue to expand. With extensive industry experience and a customer-centric approach, we ensure your brand, website and marketing campaigns perform exceptionally, every time. We are an experienced team of professionals that stand at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing. Understanding that every business has a different set of challenges and unique requirements, we deliver custom and affordable SEO services that meet specific needs. Together, we help diverse industry clients to stay ahead of their competition. Digital Marketing for Web Hosting Industry. PPC Marketing Services Singapore. Facebook Advertising in Singapore. Change Your Facebook Attribution Window for Ad Results. While interacting with your Facebook ad, people can take several actions like visiting your website, purchase your product, or viewing your video.

Change Your Facebook Attribution Window for Ad Results

It is possible to keep a record of these actions. If your ad results in a conversion, Facebook attribution window will count it Ads Manager. To ascertain your campaign’s status and to know if you are reaching the targeted audience, it is imperative to possess this data. You can think of the attribution window as the number of days between when a person sees or clicked your ad and then took action on your website. The ad-hoc setting of the Facebook attribution window can show actions varying from the first day of ad viewing and within 28 days following the click on your ad. The default setting of Facebook reports on both clicks and views of ads that have been taken within the attribution window. Setting up the Conversion Tracking and Pixel. Eluminous -SEO Services Singapore. Top ranking, nothing else!

Eluminous -SEO Services Singapore

Never allow your customers to stumble in the dark. The best SEO strategies involve knowing the overall profile of the client’s business and where SEO fits into the picture. SEO for Small Business Website. Going for PPC? Get a Read Before - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Topics. In the throat cutting competitive era, the needy have to go with every feasible way to gather traffic and clicks. When it comes to internet management services, then the task is a way more techno-commercial. With the evolution of businesses, new ideas to market those were explored.

Digital marketing has taken the internet by storm and has resulted in a paradigm shift in the marketing approach. Of all the marketing strategies, PPC has gradually gained momentum and has the lion’s share in all the marketing strategies. 5 Trends in Digital Marketing and Social Media in 2018 - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Topics. Live and ephemeral video, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Influence Marketing and Micro-Influencers, Marketing Automation and Community Management, Artificial Intelligence and Chabot’s are the 5 trends identified.

Explanations. Live and ephemeral video The choice of formats will be essential and the video must. By relying on live and ephemeral video with Stories, brands will boost their social media communication. Animated content such as gifs, or very lively content, combining photos and videos, such as Cinemographs, will also be highly appreciated by social partners. Content is king: 6 Tips to Write Quality Content: addiedavisonblo. Creating a great content is considered a talent and comes with great perks. The entire Digital marketing industry depends upon quality content. One must invent enough time, work and dedication required to create content that is rich in quality to achieve the desired goal. You should avoid to take an easy path and create anything that is taken from somewhere else. How Can Businesses Master Local SEO - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Topics. Any business worth its salt has now made SEO a part of its marketing arsenal. But thanks to the dynamic nature of online marketing, firms have to constantly tweak their SEO strategy to make the most out of it.

Local SEO is an excellent example of the changing nature of SEO and how businesses even with an insignificant footprint can take the fight to much larger competitors. At the same time, a quality SEO services provider knows that the importance of local SEO is not restricted to just local or small businesses; even large and multi-city operators can benefit from it.

How to target audience with right keyword strategy. Online businesses are strategic because online storefronts are digital or “virtual.” There is a ton of difference in marketing on the physical level and on the digital level. The main difference is that when you set up a business at the physical level you don’t have to make it reach to a wider group of people so that you get business from them. 5-Innovative-Email-Marketing-Tips : Infographics. 5-Innovative-Email-Marketing-Tips. Email marketing has stood the test of time even when most other online marketing techniques from the early days have either bitten the dust or are no longer as effective as before. Advantages of digital marketing for your business 05 03 2018 by digital marketing. Digital marketing services. How Digital Media Marketing transform Modern Businesses. The key to building a successful business is to know your customers’ wants and delivering on them consistently.

This mantra for success continues to remain relevant in today’s world where the internet dominates consumer behavior. Businesses need to be clued into their customers’ preferences and habits. An example of that is social media and how it has changed the way people use their time, consume content, communicate with others and spend their money. Digital marketing services by digital marketing. Best Practices to run successful Universal App Campaigns - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Topics. With the advent of smartphones, computers have become a thing of the past.

Entertainment, communication, and business can all be carried out conveniently and on-the-go on your smartphone. And what is a smartphone without Apps? These days there are millions of apps to cater to your every little need. Influencer Marketing 101. What is the future of digital marketing for b2b in the upcoming years by digital marketing. 5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. Every marketing strategy varies depending on your product, aim, allied products, a channel of marketing, the product positioning, and many other factors.

What can a Digital Marketing Agency do for you? 7 Essential Digital Marketing Techniques Every Marketer Should Know - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. 7 Essential Digital Marketing Techniques Every Marketer Should Know - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. Advantages Of Voice Search Ranking Factors. No matter how far the technology advances, seeing our phone repeating what we say is fascinating. We are extremely amused when we say, ‘Hello Google, open contacts’ and beam, the contact list of your phone opens!

It has been lately acknowledged by leading research and development companies that the gadgets which are able to recognize the live voice and /or able to interact through the voice are gaining popularity and being accepted with wide arms by people. The innovation in voice recognition based devices/ applications in happening like never before. Just like personalized chat bots, many organizations are looking forward to making their organization stand out by incorporating voice-based devices/facilities on their premises. People have also started to use voice-based search on their phones. Majority of people in the younger generations are using Siri, Alaska, Alexa, and other voice recognition based gadgets very boastfully. Advantages of digital marketing for your business 05 03-2018. What Is Digital Marketing and why it is must nowadays. Know How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube. 9 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your Business. Now Google has Removed the View Image & Search by Image Buttons - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses.

On 16th February 2018, Google made a huge change to its search options by declaring that the ‘view image’ button will be discarded. On clicking the view image button, the user was able to open the image alone with no compulsion of visiting the site, the image was posted on. What Are The 2018 Trends In Digital Marketing To Look Out For? A Quick Overview Of major Google Algorithm Updates for Digital Marketers. eLuminous Technologies is gearing up for the Digital Game and Its Contributions are Worth the Mention - ePressRelease. Top 7 Social Media Trending Tools.pptx. Top 7 social media trending tools by digital marketing. Ecommerce Solution Services. Digital Marketing Solution Company. Digital Marketing Service to Web hosting Industry. What Ways We Can Make Use Of Digital Marketing For Small Business? Search Ranking Algorithm Update This Year. How SEO services can help your Web Hosting Business growth!

Infographics: Best Practices to run successful Universal App Campaigns (UAC) - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. Tricks to use Facebook Platform for Business growth! - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. Social Media Campaign Services. Tips for Facebook Advertising for better ROI and Results.

How the Best Web Hosting with SEO Services gives Higher Website Rankings? - Eluminous Digital Marketing Blog: Tips,Trends and Courses. SEO Tips and Tricks for 2017 and Beyond. Log in to SlideShare. Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know. Behance. Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know. Social Media Marketing Services. SEO Services Company. Know How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube. Online Marketing Services. Best SEO Services Company. Conversion Optimization Services. Best Digital Marketing Agencies. Digital Marketing Services. 9 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your Business. Social Media Marketing Services.

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