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Important Floor Care Tips for Using Janitorial Mops and Carpet Bonnets. Whether you own a restaurant or office, it’s paramount to keep the floors clean.

Important Floor Care Tips for Using Janitorial Mops and Carpet Bonnets

Not only does this keep a professional image, but it can actually prevent accidents like slips and falls from occurring. You can keep your commercial floors clean using these tactics. For carpets, one procedure that works particularly well is bonnet cleaning. It involves a moisture technique, where a carpet is pretreated with cleaning chemicals and then a bonnet is used in a side by side motion. A Guide to Choosing the Best Commercial Mop for Your Various Needs.

As one of the essential tools used for cleaning floors, mops have come a long way since their invention in the 1400s.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Commercial Mop for Your Various Needs

As such, mops are also one of the oldest cleaning tools still finding wide use to this date. Almost every home and business establishment keeps at least one mop in the storage room or closet. Consisting of a bundle of strings or yarn, if not some other absorbent material fixed to the end of a long wooden, metal or plastic dowel, mops are designed to absorb and wipe spills, film, and debris from floors. Since 1496, when the word first appeared in English literature as “mappe,” mops have evolved to better serve particular purposes and spaces (e.g., janitorial mops, microfiber mops, finish mops). As with any other product, choosing the right {*style:<a href=' mop{*style:</a>*} depends largely on its assigned task. Promote a Healthy and Productive Workplace by Using Janitorial Mops. Flu season might be over for now, but that doesn’t mean your workplace is immune to other forms of illnesses.

Promote a Healthy and Productive Workplace by Using Janitorial Mops

Other than the flu, your employees might also be susceptible to the stomach flu or other viral illnesses with flu-like symptoms. Nothing else can put a damper on the productivity of your workplace than sick employees. Illnesses can cost over a billion dollars over work days lost. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to promote a clean and healthy workplace to avoid the spread of viruses among your employees. Know the Spots with the Most Germs You might think that the restroom has the most germs, but you might be surprised to learn the amount of germs you might encounter on the surfaces of the break room. Like this: Like Loading... A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Janitorial Mops.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Carpet Bonnets for Cleaning Floors. Janitorial Mops Save Time, Money and Effort. Janitorial mops have been cleaning staples for decades, but they are still frequently misused by many custodians today.

Janitorial Mops Save Time, Money and Effort

Choosing the right mop for your needs can be challenging, but ETC of Henderson, Inc. provides a huge variety of janitorial mops for every need and budget. Our Janitorial Mops Save Time Unlike other {*style:<a href=' mops{*style:</a>*}, Torpedo® wet mop doesn’t require a break-in period prior to using. This innovative tool immediately absorbs liquids, saving you the frustration of trying to pick up liquids on a wet floor. Easy to launder, affordable and available in five colors (white, red, green, blue and orange), the Torpedo® wet mop is an absolute must-have in your cleaning supplies closet.

What Makes Carpet Bonnets Ideal for Cleaning Carpets and Floors. Consider these Attributes when Shopping for Janitorial Mops. Janitorial Mops and Other Equipment for Cleaning Services. Know the Different Types of Wet Janitorial Mops to Do the Job Properly.