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Our objective is to deliver long term sustainable value to our clients’ supply chains that creates cost and quality benefits to their purchase channels from key global sourcing markets, while ensuring the sourcing process is simple, easy and convenient.

Sourcing Trends: Our Predictions for 2020 - ET2C International. Sourcing Trends – What happened last year?

Sourcing Trends: Our Predictions for 2020 - ET2C International

Sourcing Trends 2019. The past year has presented a range of challenges. Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Product Sourcing Company - ET2C International. Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Product Sourcing Company The abundance of outsourced manufacturers (particularly in Asia) has allowed retailers and brands to manufacture own brand products whilst also reducing barriers to entry for new start-ups.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Product Sourcing Company - ET2C International

How these factories are managed is an important part of the success of these companies. There are numerous ways to engage with suppliers and these will need address in-house expertise, location, language, culture, manufacturing capability to name a few. One option is partnering with a product sourcing company which has a presence on the ground in the local market, product knowledge and can add value when it comes to managing the supplier from development through to shipment.

We Are Garden: Vietnam Sourcing Insights - ET2C International. Garden Products: Key Sectors and Strengths ET2C’s Vietnam Sourcing Team has already identified opportunities within the Garden & Outdoor sector exclusively from Vietnam due to raw material availability as well as manufacturing capability already in situ.

We Are Garden: Vietnam Sourcing Insights - ET2C International

Combined with other political, social and economic factors, Vietnam presents an opportunity on the global stage. Vietnam continues to attract business from US buyers due to the current tariffs imposed on Chinese products, which will mean costs rising by anything up to 25% later on this year (should the US and China not come to an agreement). In addition, many Vietnamese suppliers are investing in additional R&D to ensure they have a competitive edge by presenting new designs according to market requirements. As your Asian sourcing expert, we highlighted some key sectors within this broad category including, Pottery, netting, garden tools, garden gloves, plant supports, arches and obelisks, hanging baskets, coco-liners and furniture. 1. Quality Assurance at ET2C: Elaborate, Efficient, and Excellent.

Quality Assurance is one of the biggest concerns that companies have when sourcing from Asia.

Quality Assurance at ET2C: Elaborate, Efficient, and Excellent

Why? Over the years, a myriad of problems has occurred to entrepreneurs lacking effective communication skills when dealing with suppliers in Asian countries. Quality issues can cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. These cases are not uncommon; the amount of inspection failures each year in Asia have been volatile the last few years, but still reaches high percentages. However, there is a way to avoid becoming part of these statistics. Quality Assurance is an essential process in any industry hoping to ensure the well-being of their consumers. Quality Assurance – step by step. ET2C quality assurance processes are divided up into five different steps.

Raw Material Receipt Here the raw materials of the product are laid out for our quality control agents to inspect. Early Production Checking In-Line Inspections Final Inspections Quality Control Review, Authorization, and Release. Free Trade Agreements - a global overview - ET2C International. Archaeological finds from 30,000 years ago in the Heart of Europe have unearthed seas shells from the Atlantic and Mediterranean Coasts.

Free Trade Agreements - a global overview - ET2C International

It points to our ancestors (Homo Sapiens, to be precise) engaging in some form of barter, or trade of sorts. It is what defines us as Humans and it is no wonder that trade has therefore been a prominent enabler to the development of the human race. Whether it is the broad significance of the Silk road some 2,000 years ago or the emergence of the age of Consumerism this Millennium, trade has always been important. Trade is no less significant in today’s world. Global leaders constantly look to agree Free Trade Agreements with different jurisdictions to allow the efficient movement of goods and services across country borders.

EVFTA: EU Vietnam Free Trade Agreements. How Important Is Quality Control Service? │ET2C International. A quality control service enables cost-efficient, Asian sourcing with transparency and accountability.

How Important Is Quality Control Service? │ET2C International

If you source from any location that you do not directly oversee, quality control checks and a quality assurance capability are an absolute must. When your supply chain operates a few thousand miles away, popping into the factory for necessary inspections is rarely a realistic option. But, distance should not lead to a drop in product quality. Overseas Should Not Mean Oversights Sourcing from overseas countries introduces a range of new risk factors to an already complex manufacturing process and supply chain. Quality control services act as a filter between each step of your manufacturing process.

A quality control service cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Why Do You Need a Sourcing Agent in Asia? │ET2C International. A sourcing agent in Asia leverages your company for greater potential growth and success.

Why Do You Need a Sourcing Agent in Asia? │ET2C International

Access to the internet positions the world at your fingertips. Timbuktu endures as a place of legend, but its distant landmarks materialize on your screen in the blink of an eye. ET2C International at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics.