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History. The Monoyama period (1573 - 1614) is the beginning of the kumihimo of today.


It evidenced change in kimono style with the introduction of a very wide ”obi” (sash) that required a narrow cord to hold it in place. The braided ”obijime” was created for this purpose. The style is still worn in Japan today when wearing a kimono is appropriate. Toward the end of the Edo period (1616 - 1867), the takadai, or high braiding stand, developed into its current form, one allowing for more complex, intricate patterns to be created.

Edo (later named Tokyo) became the center for kumihimo. By the time of the Meiji period (1867 - 1912) samurai culture had declined and the wearing of armor was prohibited by law. The Braid Society - Home. Majacraft circular loom. We are thrilled to see that many course participants now have their Golden Fleece Circular Looms in their hands and are already beginning with the fun that is weaving in circles!

Majacraft circular loom

If you haven’t yet received yours and are expecting it, don’t worry, its not long to wait now. One of the reasons we love these looms so much, and also Majacraft who produces them, is that each and every one of these has had so much personal care and attention, first cut, then etched, and hand sanded ready for finishing, there is a lot of handwork goes into creating even these simple objects! Flore Vallery-Radot. Le blog de gregoire le guesderon.


How to knit pouf. Ever since I saw a knitted Pouf (or Puff) from Pinterest, I was so inspired and wanting to knit one for my fireplace this Christmas.

How to knit pouf

I want colored cord or rope and not the natural color clothelines I used for the crochet Giant Doily Rug and knit Floor Mat. So, I begin to search around for colored cord and coincidentally Bobbiny contacted me at the same time to introduce their colorful ropes. I quickly jump in to test out their ropes and knitted this beautiful pouf. Needed me to say how I like the ropes? It is simply fantastic, especially there are 34 colors to choose from. Back to the knit pouf details, it is about 20″ in diameter and 14″ in height but the dimension is all depending on how much you stuff the pouf.

The pouf knitting pattern called for garter stitch short row construction which gives a nice curled shaped that look like ball after you have completed knitting. Galerie de Avalanche Looms. Rowland & Chinami Ricketts. Tabouret en bois et cordes tressées grises métal - Cabane Indigo. Matières ouvertes. Coussin d’air / 2, Gamme de textiles 3D aux propriétés amortissantes, respirantes et massantes.

Matières ouvertes

Matières Ouvertes est un studio de design textile français spécialisée dans les textiles 3D. Mélangeant des matières diverses comme le lin, le caoutchouc recyclé, le cuivre, le polyester, il conçoit des tissus techniques aux propriétés physiques spécifiques : amortissantes, antidérapantes, isolantes, etc. Les domaines d’applications sont variés : architecture, design, mode, sport, milieu médical, où la contrainte technique guide une esthétique graphique. Les images parlent d’elles-même. Furniture. Wood Casting par Hilla Shamia Superbe mobilier conçu par la designer Hilla Shamia.


Celle-ci explore l’apparence naturelle des bûches et mets leurs reliefs en valeur en coulant de l’aluminium dans un moule. Le bois brûlé par la chaleur du métal en fusion participe à l’esthétique des bancs. Superb furniture designed by Hilla Shamia: “The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk within the explicit boundaries. Via Contemporist Woven Collection par Timothy John Le designer Timothy John a récemment procédé au lancement de sa nouvelle gamme de mobilier intituée la Woven Collection.

Timothy John recently released his new furniture line called Woven Collection. Via Design Milk Object par Charlie Schuck J’aime beaucoup l’aménagement de la boutique Object, située à Seattle. Images par Charlie Schuck Via Design Milk. RIK TEN VELDEN. HOLLY BERRY WEAVE BLOG. Un journal d'inspiration sur la création textile... Pinterest. Basketry - group picture, image by tag - How to make a paper weaving artwork. The red thread :: create, inspire, share craft tutorials, DIY, design, interiors TUTORIAL :: How to make a paper weaving artwork Yes, I know that I said I was signing off until the new year, but I forgot about this tutorial!

How to make a paper weaving artwork

Paper weaving isn’t difficult and it’s a very affordable way to add customised art to your walls. I created this tutorial for Crafttuts+, so head on over there for the full paper weaving tutorial including step by step instructions. It’s Christmas eve and I’ve been having fun with paper weaving to create simple but effective last minute gift toppers using metallic origami paper. Tutorial showing how to make rope coil vessels and bowls. These rope coil vessels are quite meditative to make.

Tutorial showing how to make rope coil vessels and bowls

I found the repetition of the stitches gave me a sense of stillness as I sat in the autumn sun making them. There are various methods of making rope coil bowls and baskets, and the traditional way of stitching is more uniform than I have made mine. In my tutorial the placement of the stitches is random and I love the texture and visual interest that results from this method.