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Esun Solar

eSun Solar, a solar startup company, is India’s first of its kind price information platform for solar products like solar cells and modules.

Why Industries in India Should go Solar ? - eSun Solar. Would love your thoughts, please comment.x x | Reply.

Why Industries in India Should go Solar ? - eSun Solar

Weekly Solar Products Price Analysis – Edition 11/05/2020 - eSun Solar. Indian Cell and Module Market – Current Demand & Supplies Globally the supply chain of polysilicon has already seen some bottom line due to picking up of demand for solar products as the COVID situation has been improving in many countries now.

Weekly Solar Products Price Analysis – Edition 11/05/2020 - eSun Solar

Though the COVID conditions in India still prevail very badly in hotspots, the solar market has been slowly showing signs of recovery in large scale installations. The solar business situation should further improve in orange and green zones in India provided there is no spurt in cases in these zones. Imported Supplies As the commercial passenger flights could not start operations for India, it has been impacting solar cells supplies in the country.

Local Manufacturing The local solar cell makers like Websol, Jupiter have been slowly ramping up their production capacities considering the situation. Demand The demand for solar cells and modules has been still seen languishing due to uncertain situations for new projects. Impact on Module Pricing. Global Solar Photovoltaic Installations - eSun Solar. We have been witnessing continuous growth in global solar photovoltaic installations.

Global Solar Photovoltaic Installations - eSun Solar

This growth has been spurred by fallout’s of environmental issues of fossil fuels, declining costs of silicon materials & related technologies and investment allocations by many private and government funds across the globe. According to the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) report, we have witnessed 114.9 Giga Watts (GW) of global photovoltaic installations during in 2019 alone taking the total capacity of solar photovoltaic to 627GW. China The Chinese photovoltaic market has topped with 30.1 GW of solar PV installations during 2019. This market has been continuously on decline since 2017 due withdrawal of various subsidy programs by the Govt of China. Is 1500 Volt PV Modules a safe bet? - eSun Solar.

Are your 1500 Volt PV modules robust enough in the field?

Is 1500 Volt PV Modules a safe bet? - eSun Solar

A billion dollar question replied by a German Lab, ZSW. Solar PV modules compatible with 1500 volt of maximum system voltage have been becoming a new choice among project developers and RE investors in the recent years. Yes of course, the choice looks quite promising on the table as well. Theoretically speaking it would cut BOS (Balance of System) costs by a good notch hence translating into lower LOCE (Levelized Cost of Energy). However, any significant change at PV module component level has significant impact on the lifespan of the PV modules hence impacting the ROI (return on investment) of the total project and should be validated stringently before its penetration into field use, especially for large utility scale projects where PPAs are being signed at abysmally lower numbers. Leakage Current Paths Front side of frame to the cell, through the solar glassSide of the frame to the cell , through the Encapsulating material. Demystifying - The Bifacial PV Modules - eSun Solar.

A new generation of bifacial PV Modules capable of capturing light reflected off the ground onto the back side of the PV modules may be a game changer as well as new face of PV industry.

Demystifying - The Bifacial PV Modules - eSun Solar

Benefits of Solar Energy 2020 - eSun Solar. Solar energy is the most abundant and freely available energy source to human mankind.

Benefits of Solar Energy 2020 - eSun Solar

For a long time humans have been trying to use solar energy for different applications in day to day life. We all have learnt many lessons due to COVID – 19 lockdown. One of the most important lessons is we all need to unitedly make efforts to keep our environment clean. We all have a hidden desire to keep air clean post lock-down also. But it will not be possible unless we shift to renewable sources from gasoline and coal based energy in our day to day lives.

Solar energy provides us multidimensional benefits. Environmental Benefits First and most important benefit of solar energy is its low impact on the environment. Air pollution In alternatives to gasoline energy sources, Solar energy stands as a strongest competitor. Land / Water Pollution There are many incidents where oil leakage or drill failures have made huge chunks of land / water uninhabitable. Reduced Transport Monetary Benefits Conclusion. Mono-crystalline vs Poly-crystalline, which is More effective? - eSun Solar. Over the years, solar manufacturers have witnessed a number of new technologies in the industry to make their solar panels better and efficient.

Mono-crystalline vs Poly-crystalline, which is More effective? - eSun Solar

Meanwhile, many of us might have gone into the arguments on Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline while evaluating solar panels for Photovoltaic (PV). Isn’t it? If yes, you are at the right place. Here in this blog, we will give you a quick overview of Polycrystalline VS Monocrystalline. First, let us evaluate Poly-crystalline? How to calculate inter-row spacing on ground or flat roof top solar plant - eSun Solar. Calculating inter row spacing between panel rows is very important.

How to calculate inter-row spacing on ground or flat roof top solar plant - eSun Solar

Its creating right balance between maximum power output and maximum area utilizing. Initially we need to calculate sun angle and sun azimuth for maximum working hours of solar system according to your location.This can be picked from sun graph path of your location. I will take Chandigarh as an example for calculations. Distance is dependent on following parameter : Solar Panel Prices and Solar Cells Prices in India (Weekly) eSun Solar.

eSun Solar endeavors to provide best possible weekly spot prices for Indian solar market.

Solar Panel Prices and Solar Cells Prices in India (Weekly) eSun Solar

Solar cell prices and solar panel prices are in reference to Indian context only. For any queries Or requirements please Contact us here. If you wish to receive regular weekly update of solar panel prices and solar cell prices, please save this number (7973951800) in your phone book and click below link for your acceptance and share your name, we will send you whatsApp message as soon as the prices are updated. Click Here. Searchable Solar Contractor Directory for India - eSun Solar.