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La Sinfonía del Universo: En búsqueda de las ondas gravitacionales - Una web de divulgación del Grupo de Relatividad y Gravitación de la Universidad de las Islas Baleares (UIB GRG) Atmospheric Optics. 3 New Resources for Science Teachers. June 27, 2015 Here are three more resources for science teachers and students.

3 New Resources for Science Teachers

These resources are featured here for the first time. The first one in the list, Mystery Science, is particularly helpful for elementary teachers seeking science lesson plans and activities to use with students in class. The rest are iPad apps students can use to enhance their science learning in different aspects that include: vocabulary, games, quizzes, hands-on activities and many more. 1- Mystery Science Mystery Science is a cool website that provides elementary teachers with with a variety of lessons to inspire kids to love science. 2- DIY Human Body ‘Includes over a dozen easy to use, hands-on activities to learn about the human body and your health.

Spicing Up Student Learning With History and STEM Podcasts. Podcasts have been around for a long time now, but they have only just begun to surge into mainstream popularity.

Spicing Up Student Learning With History and STEM Podcasts

That’s all thanks to a little podcast called Serial, a true crime program that reopened investigation into the murder of a high school student committed in 1999. With tens of millions of downloads, this podcast is officially the most popular of all time. To those of us who are longtime podcast fans, the potential of the medium to both captivate and set minds whirring is no surprise. And it’s those two things that make podcasts pretty much the perfect medium for learning, whether in the classroom, at-home, or as student commute from sports practice to band practice to home There are so many great podcasts out there, that we found we couldn’t narrow them all down into one article.

100,000 Stars. The Scale of the Universe 2. El mundo cuántico o cómo convertirse en protón por un día. General Relativity from A to Z. 15 Fun Science Activities for Kids.


Eclipses. A Valentine STEM Challenge: Catapults and Candy. Rosetta lessons for secondary school level / Education / ESA. Scientix. Ideas to innovate and inspire. Home - Scientix. Experimento del papel de cocina - ¿Cuál es el más absorbente? ¿Cuál es el más absorbente?

Experimento del papel de cocina - ¿Cuál es el más absorbente?

El Experimento del Papel de Cocina es un proyecto que analiza qué tipo de papel puede absorber más agua. En cualquier tienda, grande o pequeña, puedes encontrar numerosas marcas de papel de cocina y cada una afirma ser la mejor, la más absorbente o la más barata. ¿Cómo puedes probar o refutar estas afirmaciones? ¿Cómo pruebas cuáles papeles de cocina son verdaderamente geniales y cuáles son casi completamente inútiles?

Todos hemos visto anuncios en donde se comparan dos marcas de papel de cocina. Todo sabemos que esto no es muy científico. Corkboard Connections: Family Science Night: Hands-on, Minds-on Fun! Donors Choose Funding I Science4Us. What is Science4Us?

Donors Choose Funding I Science4Us

The Science4Us curriculum is a complete, core science curriculum that aligns to state standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. Science4Us delivers digital science experiences to early elementary students in Kindergarten through second grades that include integrated technology, engineering, math, literacy and the arts. In addition to the digital materials provided for students, Science4Us provides multiple opportunities for real-world, hands-on investigations and reinforcement of the concepts.

How can I get Science4Us funded? We are looking for teachers who would like help funding Science4Us for their classroom. See how easy it was for these teachers to get their Science4Us project funded on The Science Penguin: Starting the Year Off Right: Science Ideas for Week One. So what do I actually do with my students the first week?

The Science Penguin: Starting the Year Off Right: Science Ideas for Week One

Well, I have four main goals during the first week of school when seeing 5th grade students in a departmentalized setting. 1. Set up notebooks and make expectations clear. 2. Set up cooperative learning and make expectations clear. 3. Set up our routine and make expectations clear. 4. I'm not a fluffy teacher. Here's how I would use my time for a one hour class period. Day 1 Classroom Stuff Students complete an Interest Inventory when they arrive. Welcome students and introduce classroom procedures (restroom, pencils, getting up/staying seated, talking, etc.). Set up science notebooks. Work on procedures and rules. Day 2 Notebook Expectations Warm-up: What is one thing you want your teacher to know? Review procedures and expectations discussed yesterday. In science notebooks, make a table of contents, number the pages, and glue in the rubric.

Review expectations, parts of the room, and work on procedures. Introduce Lab Team Roles.


La 'venganza de la grasa' triunfa en el 'Club de la Comedia' de la Ciencia. Si siempre es difícil hacer que el público se ría con un monólogo, todavía lo es más si se trata de un monólogo científico.

La 'venganza de la grasa' triunfa en el 'Club de la Comedia' de la Ciencia

Si, además, este monólogo trata sobre un problema médico tan grave como la obesidad y la diabetes, entonces parece una misión casi imposible. PlazaScience: Where science is done, fotografías de espacios de la ciencia.