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Penny's Alley

I’ll just sit here praying, because It’s all I can do…” Posted 2 years ago | 0 notes Reblogged from . Posted 2 years ago | 22,300 notes “You know, I’ve got this theory: There are two kinds of people in the world. Loquacious j. Contrapunto. Futbol Puro. Liz Moreno. En Búsqueda de la Excelencia. Blog BIJAO. Fashion - PTY. ...pIxEL ★ PYT IN PTY. Fashion Seeker. Sin Mordazas. PabloMetal Diseño web y temas interesantes desde Panamá  How to Find Happiness. Note: This is a guest post from Mark Harrison of Thirty Days to Change Your Life Many years ago, I came across a book by Anthony de Mello called Awareness.

How to Find Happiness

De Mello was an Indian Jesuit priest whose writing was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church. To me, he is a great source of inspiration, and he has much to say about happiness and pain. Garbo by Greta. Panama Relaciones Públicas.