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Prague may become Chinese financial centre - Czech PM. "There is a big chance for Prague to become a centre of Chinese financial institutions that would serve the countries of Central and Eastern Europe but also the European Union," Sobotka said.

Prague may become Chinese financial centre - Czech PM

Bank of China, one of the biggest state-run banks in China, will open its branch in Prague by the end of the year. Sobotka and Wang talked about Sobotka´s visit to China scheduled for November. Sobotka said a large business delegation would accompany him to Beijing. During the visit, further cooperation in education, health care and trade may be agreed on. Sobotka said he would show interest in a second direct flight between Prague and some Chinese city. In September, a direct flight between Beijing and Prague started operating. Sobotka will meet China´s top representatives and participate in a meeting of the 16+1 group, or the Central and Eastern European Countries and China, during his visit.

The highest Chinese politician to visit the Czech Republic was Premier Wen Jiabao in December 2005 and May 2009. Czechs want to send 50 policemen, 100 soldiers to Hungary. Hundreds of people protest against migration in Czech towns. A total 1500 people attended a rally against migrants held by the Bloc against Islam and the parliamentary Dawn-National Democracy in Brno, the second largest town.

Hundreds of people protest against migration in Czech towns

Armoured police had to interfere at a demonstration against the EU, migration and Islam in Prague centre. EC asks why Prague fails to expel illegal migrants - CRo. The Czech Republic has returned only 13 percent of illegal migrants abroad, compared with the EU´s average of 39 percent, the EC wrote to the Interior Ministry earlier this month.

EC asks why Prague fails to expel illegal migrants - CRo

Czech foreign ministry spends 86 million on Syrian refugees. This year, the Foreign Ministry has sponsored six projects for over 16 million crowns to help the war-torn Syria as well as the neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon to which more than two million refugees have fled.

Czech foreign ministry spends 86 million on Syrian refugees

The four-year civil war in Syria has claimed 300,000 lives and forced out of their homes over 11 million people. Conditions in Czech facilities for migrants improving - minister. Sabatova said she appreciated that the conditions for children would get better.

Conditions in Czech facilities for migrants improving - minister

Czechs to demand protection of EU border at Maltese summit. To be held on Wednesday and Thursday, the summit will be attended by representatives of the African countries from which refugees are coming to Europe.

Czechs to demand protection of EU border at Maltese summit

Refugee readmission will be hard for Germans - Czech PM. Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) was talking to journalists ahead of the EU-Africa summit on the migrant crisis.

Refugee readmission will be hard for Germans - Czech PM

Germany announced today its intention to resume the readmission of Syrian refugees to the countries where they entered the EU, with the aim to curb the wave of migrants flowing to Germany. The readmission of refugees is based on the valid European conventions. Germany ceased to apply them to Syrian refugees in August. Three refugees get injured in Czech detention centre in Drahonice. One of the injured men was transported to hospital.

Three refugees get injured in Czech detention centre in Drahonice

In fear of being deported from the Czech Republic, about 40 refugees declared on Tuesday evening that they were going on a protest hunger strike. Volunteers who are in contact with the refugees said three refugees hurt themselves last night already. Rendlova said the situation in the refugee facility calmed down again, after a day of rather intensive protests against the detention. About 40 refugees did not come to have breakfast and lunch. Two men cut their arms. Current mass migration is no refugee crisis - Szijjarto in Prague. Szijjarto said there are 45 million people in the Middle East and North Africa who might be moving to Europe due to conflicts or the political situation.

Current mass migration is no refugee crisis - Szijjarto in Prague

Czechs may send 6000 rifles to Kurds fighting Islamic militants. Poroshenko Says Situation In Eastern Ukraine Worsening. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the situation in eastern Ukraine has recently worsened and the country's security and territorial integrity are being threatened.

Poroshenko Says Situation In Eastern Ukraine Worsening

Poroshenko told a session of the National Security and Defense Council in Kyiv on November 11 that attempts by the Russian-backed separatists in parts of Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions to "foil the Minsk agreements" and to "provoke the Ukrainian military with acts of sabotage" are endangering national security. Näin Venäjän salaiset joukot sotivat Syyriassa – "toimivat kuin Ukrainassa" Venäjän asevoimien toimintaa seuraavan venäläisen CIT-verkkotutkijaryhmän (Conflict Intelligence Team) jäsenet toteavat 8. marraskuuta julkaistussa raportissaan, että Venäjän asevoimat osallistuu aktiivisesti Syyrian armeijan maaoperaatioihin kapinallisryhmiä vastaan. Venäjä väittää interventionsa Syyriassa rajoittuvan ainoastaan ilmaiskuihin sekä neuvonantajien ja kaluston tarjoamiseen.

Venäjä julkisti salatun vedenalaisen ydinaseen – ”tuhoaa vihollisen rannikon” Venäjän valtio salaa kiinteistöomistuksiaan ulkomailla – syynä ”kansallinen turvallisuus” Venäläisen RBC:n tutkimukset paljastavat, että Venäjän hallinto salaa valtion elinten ulkomaisia omistuksia. Amnesty: EU:n annettava Unkarille varoitus pakolaisten kohtelun takia. Siirtolaisia Budapestin Keletin rautatieasemalla. No NATO Bases Here, Slovakia Says. Slovakia has expressed its unwillingness to have NATO bases set up in the country, and will instead be proposing small contact units for eastern members at the upcoming NATO summit in Romania in November. Pravda daily cites the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR as saying “Slovakia is not requesting any bases. We are working on establishing small contact teams that will co-ordinate the national defence plans with those of the Alliance”. Other eastern members of NATO welcome the idea of bases being established in their territories, like Poland and certain Baltic states.

Germany and others warn, though, that an agreement between Russia and NATO from 1997 could be breached. The summit in Bucharest should bring together members of NATO from Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Czech Army seeks replacement for legendary Praga V3S all-terrain trucks. Ministry of Defense announced its plan to buy 41 new all-terrain trucks worth more than half a billion Czech crowns.

According to the Minister Martin Stropnicky, Czech Army needs vehicles to transport 120-millimeter mortars and ammunition. 10:41 pm | September 29, 2015 by Jan Uruba. Czechs Set To Take Over Chunk of Slovak Gas Industry. Some questions are being raised into the Slovak government’s idea of the restructuring of gas utility SPP, and whether the state is not selling out cheap to the proposed Czech investors. An agreement drawn up by the government in co-operation with the current foreign shareholders and the proposed new minority owner Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH) will see the state take control of parent company SPP, but some are saying this control could be more populist than beneficial for the state.

An article in Hospodarske Noviny this week looks at the situation in more detail, and here TheDaily.CZ provides you with an informative translation of the article. It is now in black and white. Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) will gain greater control over gas prices. Is beer really the biggest Czech export? The Czech republic is generally known for beer consumption, Škoda cars and our glass work. Even the beer and liquor exports are doing great, but despite what we think, are they really the biggest export we can offer? 1:02 am | October 18, 2014 by Michal Citterberg Even though our beer is exported into the world (Czech beer is popular even in Africa), Czech republic is actually the biggest exporter of hops and vinyl records.

The GZ Media makes from thirteen to fourteen million of vinyl records annually and artists like Lady GaGa, U2 or Rolling stones, get their vinyls pressed out from them. Other than that, Czech republic also heavily exports electricity and flypaper, but above that is a very strange thing. More articles 11:15 pm | October 30, 2015. Slovakia no longer dependent on russian oil. Prime ministers Robert Fico of Slovakia and Viktor Orbán of Hungary opened valves Monday morning, symbolically reopening renovated crude oil pipeline connecting both countries.

Even thought Slovakia still counts on oil imports from Russia, it is a final step in reaching Slovak independence on Russian oil. 3:03 pm | February 9, 2015 by Jan Uruba Cover photo by Luca Galuzzi Renovation doubled pipeline’s transport capacity to 6 million tons of crude oil per year and cost 70 million Euros. Only oil processor in Slovakia is Slovnaft, a subsidiary of Hungarian MOL Group. It refines 5.5 – 6 million tons of crude oil per annum and produces a broad range of petrochemical products. More articles 1:01 pm | November 1, 2015. Migrants in Drahonice detention center refuse breakfast.