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<p style="background-color:#ffffff;color:#000000;padding:1em;">Your browser doesn't support JavaScript or you have disabled JavaScript.</p> Konnichiwa! Welcome to Track Supermarket. We have hand-picked the best track bike components available in Japan and will ship them to your door, from our shop in central Osaka! The NJS approved parts are strong, durable, perform well and are perfectly suited to the battleground of Japanese Keirin racing. Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan
ANORMALMAG | Creatividad & Tendencias ANORMALMAG | Creatividad & Tendencias Series Cortas: “Sin él” por Roberta Imbrò Fotografía, Shuffle Con la melancólica serie “Sin él” debuta en series cortas la fotógrafa italiana Roberta Imbrò, una enamorada de la fotografía analógica cuyo lugar favorito es el cuarto oscuro. Series Cortas: “It’s a Long Way to the Top” por Alessandra Finelli La fotógrafa italiana Alessandra Finelli presenta “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, serie que explora la naturaleza humana y la sensualidad de cada momento, retratando a Livio Annunziata.
Levitated | the Exploration of Computation
Visual News - The Cure For Eyeball Boredom {*style:<b>*}While it’s obvious to adults that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, there are no fun commercials or packaging for these foods to convince kids that they can be fun to eat.{*style:</b>*} Awesome dad, Beau Coffron, AKA {*style:<a href='http://www.lunchboxdad.com/'>*}Lunchbox Dad,{*style:</a>*} took it upon himself to make the foods he wants his kids to eat artistic and fun to eat. Turning regular foods into storybook and movie characters, his daughter gets a new surprise every time she opens her lunch box. Visual News - The Cure For Eyeball Boredom
Baker D. Chirico ou la boulangerie du bonheur Quand on aperçoit l’intérieur de ce commerce, nul doute que la visite des lieux incitera bien des passants à entrer pour la première fois dans cette nouvelle boulangerie australienne. Récemment aménagée par le studio d’architecture March basé à Melbourne, la boulangerie ‘Baker D. Chirico’ à Carlton se pare de ses plus beaux atours … boisés. De formes organiques, les étagères et le comptoir sont entièrement réalisés en bois, rappelant les codes de l’artisanat dans une enveloppe contemporaine. De quoi inspirer peut-être notre boulanger national Dominique Saibron ? Baker D. Chirico ou la boulangerie du bonheur
La boite verte : Site de découverte sur la photographie, la science, les arts et tout ce qui est insolite.
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NOWNESS NOWNESS Saudi Arabian basketball players and Qatari swimmers feature in Brigitte Lacombe’s striking portraits of Arab women in sport. Commissioned by the Qatar Museums Authority, Brigitte and her sister, the documentary filmmaker Marian Lacombe, stayed at the pre-Olympic Arab Games in Doha for ten days last December to find their subjects. Traveling extensively around the Arab world, visiting Qatar, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, Lacombe photographed athletes who were often from economically deprived or war torn countries. “The young girls and women athletes we met were spirited and full of joy,” says Lacombe. “For them to arrive at this level of excellence requires extreme determination to overcome resistance––not only cultural, but economic and political.”
Baker D. Chirico ou la boulangerie du bonheur
Blended – l'oeil de Première Heure
Premiere Heure
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Stuff for Smart Masses ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night on February 13! New year. New Trivia Night!Join us on Thursday, February for our first Geek Trivia Night of 2014 at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA. Stuff for Smart Masses
Frequency ~ Tune In and Watch Videos for iPad on the iTunes App Store Description Frequency is the best way to watch internet video from your favorite sources. This award-winning video app finds and organizes the newest videos from all your favorite publishers across the internet into streaming video channels – just for you. Instead of going to all your favorite websites, social networks, blogs and apps to watch videos, you can watch videos from all your favorite online sources across dozens of categories: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, movies, music, politics, sports, technology and much more. You can also create your own channel based on any person or topic on iPad. Frequency ~ Tune In and Watch Videos for iPad on the iTunes App Store
United States | The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information United States | The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information Cry-Baby of the Week This week: The Texas school that fired a teacher because she's transgender vs. the cop who pulled a gun on some kids making a tree fort. The Drone That Will Change Graffiti: An Interview with KATSU KATSU is an artist, a vandal, and a clever hacker too. His work pushes our idea of what can be achieved with the graffiti artist's limited tool-set.
1am - 5am ET10pm - 2am PT Investigative mythologist William Henry will discuss his new book, The Watchers: Lost Secrets of Ascension, Resurrection and Perfection, showing that the Watchers are advanced beings who taught humans to transform into angels. He'll also update his work on the accelerating emergence of the Next Human, and his new endeavor-- a mystery school of ascension. upcoming shows Home Home
Huge Model of Isengard From Over 22000 LEGOs | Geekosystem Huge Model of Isengard From Over 22000 LEGOs | Geekosystem Master LEGO building team OneLUG have completed their incredible model of the Battle of Isengard, a key battle in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The model includes a whopping seven-foot tall Orthanc tower, dozens of ents, over a hundred orcs, and two small hobbits. Built to minifig scale, the entire tableau weighs 145 pounds, and uses 22,000 LEGO bricks across its eight-foot diameter.
Tendencias en moda masculina. Artículos de moda para el hombre y consejos para esta temporada
Dazed Digital | Dazed & Confused Magazine | Fashion, Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Ideas
Eyes Only - Luxury Lifestyle & Secret Experiences
Ya no basta dedicar horas para que las cosas salgan; el mundo se ha complicado tanto, que trabajar duro no garantiza el éxito. Así introduce Robert Safian el último número de FastCompany, titulado "The Secrets of the Most Productive People" y dedicado a desentrañar cómo trabajan algunos profesionales de la creatividad reconocidos, exitosos y... productivos. El artículo central introduce personajes tan conocidos como el músico Pharrell Williams (al que dedican el artículo principal), el novelista David Baldacci, el chef Anthony Bourdain, la directora de márketing global de Coca-Cola o la diseñadora Tory Burch o el co-fundador de Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. Cada uno de ellos sometido a una retahila de preguntas que incluyen a qué hora se levantan, a qué hora se acuestan, cuál es su filosofía de trabajo o qué herramientas utilizan para organizarse... C4E news & trends
PICKED: Where Good Ideas Come From
AskMen - Men's Online Magazine
Online lifestyle news site covering sneakers, streetwear, street art and more.
Créer magazine, journal, webzine
DIY Project: Repurposing your maps!
France | Le guide ultime de la connaissance
Let's Feed The Future
100 Facts
People Are Strange | Magazine | Fashion Design & Art
Lunch Beat @OFFF: Una conferencia en la que no se cuenta nada
L'univers des hommes modernes : mode, lifestyle et luxe avec Gentside
SoYouWanna.com | Learn What You Wanna Do
VentureBeat | Tech. People. Money.
Life + Times
Christian Boiron | Moodstep
Urban Dictionary, June 29: drive-by friending
Terristoires : Initiatives citoyennes, cultures et modes de vie
Worldchanging | Evaluation + Tools + Best Practices
Juxtapost - All your favorite things, side-by-side.
Boing Boing
ThE BlAh HuNtEr | Cazador de Tendencias | Trend Searching | Cool Hunting | Buenos Aires
NOW: Michael Fassbender Loves Being Naked
Welcome To Dartitup
Manteresting.com : Interesting. Man. Things.
Curiosities: The Town With No Roads
What's Next: Top Trends | Diary of an accidental futurist – observations on current & future trends
TrendsNow - Future Trends Magazine
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Today on Yahoo!
Ace of Cakes
Gentlemint - a mint of manly things
Cool Guy Stuff - PunchPin
Crashing Sara Jean Underwood's Las Vegas Pool Party [20 Photos]
Luxe: les 9 tendances de l'engagement - MEDIA
Implanted LED Tattoos May Become The Next Big Trend
Internet Made In Spain
Ideas for Change
The Foundation for P2P Alternatives
SNEAKHYPE - your daily dose of dopeness
Magazine - Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts
Funniest Videos, Music Videos, Netflix & UFC Results
Stuff for Smart Masses
Eyes Only - Luxury Lifestyle & Secret Experiences
Cool Hunting
Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - Gapminder.org
Reading While Eating for July 10: Cookies ‘n’ Colliders
Performa Magazine
La boite verte : Site de découverte sur la photographie, la science, les arts et tout ce qui est insolite.

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