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Hypebeast Mobile. Consumer trends and insights from around the world. Forecasting, Tracking and Analyzing Global Trends. Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan. Creatividad & Tendencias. The Exploration of Computation. Visual News - The Cure For Eyeball Boredom. Baker D. Chirico ou la boulangerie du bonheur. La boite verte : Site de découverte sur la photographie, la science, les arts et tout ce qui est insolite. Juxtapoz Magazine. NOWNESS. Baker D. Chirico ou la boulangerie du bonheur. Blended – l'oeil de Première Heure. Premiere Heure. I ♥ 50+ A Social Life That Pays. Stuff for Smart Masses.

Frequency ~ Tune In and Watch Videos. The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information. Home. Huge Model of Isengard From Over 22000 LEGOs. Master LEGO building team OneLUG have completed their incredible model of the Battle of Isengard, a key battle in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Huge Model of Isengard From Over 22000 LEGOs

The model includes a whopping seven-foot tall Orthanc tower, dozens of ents, over a hundred orcs, and two small hobbits. Built to minifig scale, the entire tableau weighs 145 pounds, and uses 22,000 LEGO bricks across its eight-foot diameter. We’ve seen some pretty incredible LEGO creations inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein, but this one takes the cake. Incredibly, key scenes from the Lord of the Rings film are depicted in exacting detail across the diorama. Tendencias en moda masculina. Artículos de moda para el hombre y consejos para esta temporada. Fashion, Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Ideas. Eyes Only - Luxury Lifestyle & Secret Experiences. C4E news & trends. NOTCOT.ORG. PICKED: Where Good Ideas Come From. AskMen - Men's Online Magazine. Online lifestyle news site covering sneakers, streetwear, street art and more. TechTrends. Créer magazine, journal, webzine.

DIY Project: Repurposing your maps! Good Morning darlings...Hope you have a fabulous day today!! With the use of GPS there is really not much use to all those maps we collected through out time...but somehow I have a hard time throwing them away. How about this lovely way of repurposing them?? I think they are super cute for a corridor to the kids room, or a small side wall!! I also love the vignette inspiration (Tray + vintage spoons & other + apothecary jars= total bliss!!). Can you think of any other great way of repurposing your maps?? {Image via 1. News! Le guide ultime de la connaissance. Let's Feed The Future. 100 Facts. People Are Strange. Revue de presse : ce que vous avez déjà loupé en 2014 Par T.D.

People Are Strange

Lunch Beat @OFFF: Una conferencia en la que no se cuenta nada. Tags: carlitos y patriciaconferencialunch beatOFFF “¡Por fin hemos conseguido un formato de conferencia en la que no contamos nada!”.

Lunch Beat @OFFF: Una conferencia en la que no se cuenta nada

Ese es el propósito de una nueva versión de Lunch Beat ideada por Carlitos y Patricia. El primero se estrenó en el OFFF y el segundo podría estar a la vuelta de la esquina. La agencia tenía un espacio en este festival de cultura post-digital y no quería caer en el multiusado molde de la conferencia tradicional. L'univers des hommes modernes : mode, lifestyle et luxe avec Gentside. Learn What You Wanna Do. Bits. El jefe de operaciones del buscador fue detenido por no quitar un video de Youtube Comenta Más » Tech. People. Money. Life + Times. Christian Boiron. Style. Urban Dictionary, June 29: drive-by friending. Short. About shop issue #01 issue #00.


Terristoires : Initiatives citoyennes, cultures et modes de vie. LUNCH BEAT @OFFFest BCN. PIGScanFLY PIGScanDANCE. Evaluation + Tools + Best Practices. Juxtapost - All your favorite things, side-by-side. Power Index - Newsweek and The Daily Beast#lists. Boing Boing. Cazador de Tendencias. NOW: Michael Fassbender Loves Being Naked. Welcome To Dartitup. : Interesting. Man. Things. Vice magazine: ISRAEL - GOD WENT SURFING WITH THE DEVIL.

The Town With No Roads. Trends. Diary of an accidental futurist – observations on current & future trends. TrendsNow - Future Trends Magazine. Explore, Play, Discover: Websites & Activities. Search form Search Low-cost, teacher-tested activities for the classroom and the curious.

Explore, Play, Discover: Websites & Activities

Science of Cooking • Explore the science behind food and cooking with recipes, activities, and Webcasts.PreviousNext Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities, and More Krill Tiny shrimplike crustaceans, krill play a critical roll in many marine food webs, even feeding huge baleen whales. Exploring the Traits of Life Explore the Traits of Life exhibition space using this 360˚ panorama. Soap-Bubble Shapes Create geometric art with soap films.

Clay Bridges In this activity, students make bridges using an oil-based modeling clay (plasticene). Center of the Universe Where is the Center of the Universe? Your Sense of Taste Discover the real taste of candy. Iron Science Teacher Each webcast, the Exploratorium staff and teachers demonstrate their science projects and compete for the title of IRON SCIENCE TEACHER! Bird Call Quiz Arctic Birds Summertime in the Arctic is for the birds Solar Images Darwin Days Pages. ADS. Evoultionhipster.jpg (1800×1188) Today on Yahoo! Images. "When you really want to see beyond the matter, seek to view the vibration that arises from the matter for it's only then that you will truly understand that the matter really doesn't exist, the matter doesn't really matter" Catrima Gabrielle "Those who give, receive.


Ace of Cakes. Gentlemint - a mint of manly things. Cool Guy Stuff - PunchPin. Crashing Sara Jean Underwood's Las Vegas Pool Party [20 Photos] Luxe: les 9 tendances de l'engagement - MEDIA. Mardi dernier se tenait la première édition des « Rencontres Luxe », une conférence créée par MPublicité : « Les mots clés des « rencontres Luxe » sont ouverture et partage : des idées, de la conversation et de la connaissance des experts qui s’y expriment.

Luxe: les 9 tendances de l'engagement - MEDIA

Le regard est prospectif mais les sujets abordés animent les réflexions quotidiennes des marques premium ou de luxe. » confie Elisabeth Cialdella, directrice déléguée en charge du marketing et de la communication, MPublicité. Implanted LED Tattoos May Become The Next Big Trend. While it may seem like tattoos are the norm now, no one has ink like this.

Implanted LED Tattoos May Become The Next Big Trend

A team from the University of Illinois led by John Rogers has devised a method to actually install LED lights under the skin. The research, published today in Nature Materials, saw the team develop flexible arrays 2.5 μm thick and 100 x 100 μm square which are currently smaller than any commercially available array. Internet Made In Spain. Ideas for Change. The Foundation for P2P Alternatives. SNEAKHYPE - your daily dose of dopeness.

Magazine - Politics, Business, Technology, and the Arts. Funniest Videos, Music Videos, Netflix & UFC Results. Stuff for Smart Masses. Eyes Only - Luxury Lifestyle & Secret Experiences. Cool Hunting. Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - Reading While Eating for July 10: Cookies ‘n’ Colliders. Performa Magazine. Interview by Mary Coyne.

Performa Magazine

La boite verte : Site de découverte sur la photographie, la science, les arts et tout ce qui est insolite. Trends.

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