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Social bookmarking : Les meilleurs services dans une infographie ! Tuticfr: Créer une page d'accueil p... MindMeister. Intensebate. BagTheWeb. WOT (Web of Trust) TripIt ! Cookies must be enabled.

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Please modify your browser settings so we can remember you when you visit TripIt. After cookies are enabled, please refresh the page. Show me how. Internet Explorer 6/7 Click on Tools - Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Cookie options are generally found within the browser’s privacy settings, but may require some navigation to find.

More Help If you have followed the steps outlined above but are still having trouble with our site, please try the following to supplemental steps: Disable any secure software you may be using. TripIt now supports multiple ways to sign in. Haven't received your verification email? If you continue to have problems, contact us. Storify. About Us — Seomra Sproai. Seomra Spraoi is a collective that came together in 2004 to set up a radical social centre in Dublin.

About Us — Seomra Sproai

This idea is an attempt to rebuild some of the things that have been lost to us in the modern world: the sense of community, an atmosphere of tolerance and respect, a safe and secure environment and a non-commercial space for political, arts, cultural, community and other events. It’s a space where you don't feel like you need to buy a cup of over-priced coffee just to sit and relax for a while. What is a social centre? This is a gathering space without a profit motive. It can be a focal point for social movements, and a resource centre for people who are trying to make the world a better place. Lots of people have got involved in the project in various ways.

How is the centre run? The Museum of Me. Yahoo Pipes. We are introducing a new module, the XPATH Fetch Page.

Yahoo Pipes

We are also going to deprecate the Fetch Page module at the end of June. So please convert your existing Pipes that use the Fetch Page module to the XPATH Fetch Page module...more In this talk from YUIConf 2011, we demonstrate the features of the Yahoo! Pipes editor and explain how you can use Pipes and YQL to power your web apps, create mashups, and more. Frontend Changes String builder, Item builder and URL builder modules now have a max of 40 item per module, increased from 10. Infomous. Gimme Bar. What's this Place?

Whats-this-place_booklet_PDF. Your.flowingdata / Capture your life in data. Post Your Screencast. Fondeadora. Plancast. Knowtex. Home. Sign In.


Tiki'mee. Viadeo. Panorama des médias sociaux. Popplet. Faveous. Yahoo! Social Bar. Looking for Monthly Active Users (MAU) or Daily Active Users (DAU) for an app or a developer?

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Subscribe to AppData and gain access today. For more information please visit our TOUR or PRICING pages: TourPricing. CR. Anomaly Innovations. Minigroup. The Social Network for Sustainability. EasyZic : LE portail des amoureux de la musique ! Annonces, partitions gratuites, conseils entre musiciens... Change Starts Here. Social Map. Welcome to Windows Live.

Tumblr Office Tour. Daniel Goodman / Business Insider Here is the office of Tumblr, the super fast growing blogging platform that may be inspiring Facebook and has big plans for the future.

Tumblr Office Tour

We had to see where the magic happens. The Tumblr office is on E 21 St. and that building in the background is actually home to Business Insider. Tumblr splits its office between two floors. The top one is where most of the staff works. Lastnightsparty. Welcome to the World Café! Petition Site - Start free petitions. My Delicious. Tuto Twitter. Socialphy - Collective Intelligence.

Infographic: 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media. This infographic was created by Voltier Digital, a content marketing agency based in Florida, specializing on the creation and promotion of impactful content marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Infographic: 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media

We all know the usual names of companies that are doing well in social media. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the lesser-knowns and why they've had success, either on an ongoing basis or with some one-off efforts that stood out. And since infographics are all the rage, what better way to look at them? Of course, for SEO purposes, I've listed them here as well. Dell is presented as a master in the art and science of listening.

AllTwitter. All Facebook. Conference-annuelle-2e-edition- - grandes-conferences - evenements. Les activités sur les médias sociaux représentent maintenant 23 % du temps passé en ligne par les internautes américains ; 65 % des publicités en ligne sont évaluées sur la performance.

conference-annuelle-2e-edition- - grandes-conferences - evenements

Dans un tel contexte, il devient nécessaire de s’approprier les modèles de monétisation des médias sociaux. Nielsen Q3 2011 Cet atelier pratique vous permettra de découvrir les modèles d’affaires les plus innovants et les plus performants, et de comprendre comment bâtir votre plan afin que votre organisation récolte de réels bénéfices par l’utilisation de médias sociaux. L’introduction aura pour objectif de démystifier l’impact économique des communications digitales, et plus particulièrement des médias sociaux.

L’atelier abordera des questions cruciales telles que : Social Times.