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Juan Meléndez vivió casi dos décadas preso y enfrentó la pena de muerte luego de ser condenado por error Juan Roberto “Johnny” Meléndez Colón repite una y otra vez los números “17 años, 8 meses y 1 día”. No es para menos: fue el tiempo que pasó preso tras ser condenado a la pena de muerte por un crimen que no cometió. En el 2002, Meléndez Colón se convirtió en el reo número 99 (el total actual es de 140) en ser exonerado después de haber sido condenado a muerte en Estados Unidos. El gobierno tuvo que retractarse y liberarlo luego de que apareciera una grabación de un testigo que lo exoneraba del asesinato de un comerciante. Esta pieza de evidencia nunca se presentó durante el juicio efectuado en el estado de la Florida. 17 años, 8 meses y 1 día 17 años, 8 meses y 1 día
I snagged a free copy of a recent volume published by Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders). Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience is a series of case studies from a range of humanitarian contexts, combined with a few essays that take broader looks at how MSF’s approach has evolved over the years. The value of this book stems from the willingness of current and former MSF leaders to take a critical look at how they’ve dealt with incredibly difficult situations over the years. Here’s the meta-lesson I took away from it all: Admitting failure is for sissies. Let’s admit complexity instead. Admit complexity: a few takeaways from MSF’s “Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed” « Find What Works Admit complexity: a few takeaways from MSF’s “Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed” « Find What Works

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Newsroom - Calendar - Europe Day 2012 – 62nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration Fri 18 January 2013 Institutional affairs | Council of the EU Coreper I Mon 21 January 2013 Newsroom - Calendar - Europe Day 2012 – 62nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration
La gran demanda y la buena acogida que están teniendo los nuevos canales sociales a día de hoy por parte de las personas, empresas y organizaciones, no copa en absoluto la totalidad de todo individuo físico o jurídico viviente. Los que nos movemos entre blogs, twitters, flickrs y youtubes sabemos que coexistimos con otra realidad totalmente distinta -y muy alejada- de esta euforia que promulga la apertura, la transparencia, la actualización constante de contenido, la relación entre iguales y diferentes, el diálogo entre conocidos y desconocidos, la compartición de información, la discusión de ideas y proyectos, la experiencia colectiva a tiempo real, etc.; a través de unas herramientas que levantan (por qué no decirlo) el temor a quien bien (1) no las conoce, o (2) le abruma tal cantidad de canales, medios, soportes, plataformas y demás espacios que sólo buscan la publicación de información ajena, además de permitir y fomentar la crítica de las aportaciones propias y las de terceros. La otra cara de la moneda: el rechazo 2.0 La otra cara de la moneda: el rechazo 2.0
Internet start-up ventures ply their wares at LeWeb conference in ParisEntrepreneurs hope their innovations can match success of Twitter or FacebookInventions range from Wi-Fi bathroom scales to 3D instant messengers Paris, France (CNN) -- With more than 2,000 Internet movers and shakers, the LeWeb conference in Paris is an ideal spot for start-up ventures to hoping to attract the investment and attention that will propel them to Twitter or Facebook-style success. A series of stalls across the venue -- a giant arts complex converted from a disused morgue -- saw fresh-faced entrepreneurs demonstrating gadgets and applications they insisted will change the way we interface with the Internet. These might just be the inventions that everyone will be talking about next year or they could simply slip below the radar. Are any of these the Web's next big thing? Are any of these the Web's next big thing?
True World Order Part 1
Why the future of work is play - TNW Industry Why the future of work is play - TNW Industry Is this what you look like right now? You’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be like that. On Friday at the annual PSFK conference in New York City, Founding Partner and CEO of Undercurrent, a digital strategy firm and author of Game Frame Aaron Dignan took the stage to discuss why the future of work is play. For years, society has polarized “play” and “work,” associating the former with laziness and the latter with grave importance.
Observatoire International des Crises Observatoire International des Crises Agefi Magazine (Suisse) Le "Social licence to operate", article de Didier Heiderich et Farner Consulting, mars 2014 (Pdf) - Lire Le Soir (Belgique) Communication de crise: hors les réseaux sociaux point de salut ? article de Thierry Libaert et Christophe Roux-Dufort Lire R&D - "Réinventer la communication de crise" Projet ADFINITAS, 2013-2014 L'OIC travaille sur l'après communication de crise et les relations publiques de crise en partenariat avec des acteurs privés.
Département des Études de la Prospective et des statistiques- Enquête sur les pratiques culturelles des Français Département des Études de la Prospective et des statistiques- Enquête sur les pratiques culturelles des Français Depuis le début des années 1970, le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication réalise régulièrement l'enquête Pratiques culturelles qui est devenue, au fil du temps, le principal instrument de suivi des comportements des Français dans le domaine de la culture et des médias. La cinquième édition de cette enquête nationale a été réalisée en 2008, après celles menées en 1973, 1981, 1988 et 1997. Le dispositif a été chaque fois identique : sondage auprès d'un échantillon représentatif de la population de la France métropolitaine âgée de 15 ans et plus, échantillon stratifié par régions et catégories d'agglomération, méthode des quotas, interrogation en face à face au domicile de la personne interrogée.
The Future Of Work Is Play The Future Of Work Is Play Humans love games. Just check the current news cycle for evidence: The Xbox 360’s sleek, new controller-free gaming device, Kinect, is the fastest-selling consumer electronic product ever. Foursquare has attracted millions of badge-seeking users and aspiring “mayors.” And new programs like Quest to Learn are bringing game dynamics into our educational system. What is it about games that makes them so appealing? And how can we translate our enthusiasm for play into the workplace?

Civilization TWO; the blueprint for a new world. We are now entering a time of global transformation based on co-creative networks and understandings. This transition is emerging naturally through the synthesis of our collective aims to reach a new civilization. Civilisation TWO | The Blueprint for a New Civilization Civilisation TWO | The Blueprint for a New Civilization
Introducing Waysphere: Holonic Social Mapping for Human Beings
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Spain How’s Life? Spain performs favourably in several measures of well-being, and ranks close to the average or higher in several topics in the Better Life Index. Money, while it cannot buy happiness, is an important means to achieving higher living standards. In Spain, the average household net-adjusted disposable income is 22 847 USD a year, slightly less than the OECD average of 23 047 USD a year. But there is a considerable gap between the richest and poorest – the top 20% of the population earn more than six times as much as the bottom 20%.
Simulateur 2011 - Australie - Qui serez vous ? Où serez vous en 2011 ?
10 Deadliest Cities
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© DesconocidoDenario de plata de César (44 a. C.) En la antigua Roma, el dinero era el oro, la plata y otros metales en lingotes o en su forma original. La moneda del denario de plata era una de las monedas comunes que la gente usaba para el intercambio comercial. La moneda áureo de oro fue valorada, por lo general, en 25 denarios (pesos desiguales) y se utilizaba para los grandes pagos y como un almacén estable de valor (ahorro). Noticias para Señales de los Tiempos mie, 18 jul 2012
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O Estado encontra-se em pronunciada transição. Transformam-se a matriz francesa de divisão entre poderes e o modelo anglo-americano de freios e contrapesos (checks and balances). Hoje, em diferentes nações, o Executivo julga. Nanointervencionismo » Destaque » Instituto Millenium

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FB attend SHARE Conference Satnica facebook twitter vimeo flickr Share Conference | Social, Media, Music | April 7-9, Belgrade, Serbia | SHARE Konferencija | Social, Media, Music | April 7-9, Beograd, Srbija
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Envisioning Development: What is Affordable Housing?
I Do Not Want Mercy, I Want You To Join Me Tim DeChristopher, who was sentenced Tuesday to two years in federal prison and a $10,000 fine for 'disrupting' a Bureau of Land Management auction in 2008, had an opportunity to address the court and the judge immediately before his sentence was announced. This is his statement: "… those who write the rules are those who profit from the status quo.
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