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Diamond Ring for Charity a Gift or a Goof Up? A little charity could go a long way.

Diamond Ring for Charity a Gift or a Goof Up?

Or be a big mistake. A fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House became a little more exciting when volunteers discovered a diamond ring in a stash of donated shoes. The find occurred on June 28 when the San Diego Chapter of the children's charity held a a city-wide fundraiser called the Red Shoe Drive. As part of the drive, volunteers position themselves throughout the city holding a replica of the famous fast-food clown's red boots as a drop box for donations. Sarah Yates Blog- Los Angeles, Southern California & Destination Wedding Photographer - Sarah Yates Photography Blog - girls lingerie party!

Does a lingerie shopping party with your friends that involves bubbly, sweets and the fanciest most lovely lingerie in existence not sound like the most ridiculously fun thing ever?!

Sarah Yates Blog- Los Angeles, Southern California & Destination Wedding Photographer - Sarah Yates Photography Blog - girls lingerie party!

Well, i know from personal experience that it is. i photographed a staged one for RUE (pgs 220-241) in december and then last week i snuck out for an evening with my friend elizabeth for a night at kiki de montparnasse who was having an insane sale event (champagne and choc covered strawberried included) that was made even more fun with the GILT coupon i bought. we had the best time trying things on, ooohing and awing over the pretty and feeling ultra sexy and fancy free for a night! Now i want to plan something just like this shoot for all my girls. and faire frou frou would be the place to do it!

Their lingerie is bananas gorgeous, the store owners are as sweet as macaroons and the whole store is styled so pretty you want to move in. OH, and wouldn't this be the funnest bachelorette party EVER?! Make upp. Scrap Project Roundup. I have been trying to finish up all of my Holiday crafting, so I got behind on my scrap fabric projects last week.

Scrap Project Roundup

To make it up to all of you, here are a bunch of super cute scrap fabric projects I found on Pinterest! Above you will see a fabric scrap Memory game, found at Babble. This is a great wall art project using fabric scraps and embroidery hoops, from The Purl Bee. Vogue Fashion, Features, and More on Jovoy Paris - Parfums Rares - Jovoy Paris. Parfums Serge Lutens. MUJER. Free Crochet Patterns for Children. 9 Beautiful Objects Crafted from Copper. Online shopping. Nailsss.

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Clothes & Fashion Tips. Crafts & Gifts. Free Scrapbooking Kits, Digital Scrapbooking, Computer Scrapbooking, Digi scrapbooking, Kits, Elements. How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color. We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like this one here!).

How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color

So we were super excited to learn that you can create your own custom colors-and it's really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can read here. She recommends that you use latex paint, but we tried it out with acrylic paints with much success. Here's how you too can create your own chalkboard paint... Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!) 1. 2. Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. Have fun creating any color combination you like!! SuperZiper. Techniques. Christmas Lights in 8 Bedrooms. Posted by rd on Thursday, November 3, 2011 · Countdown begins before Christmas!

Christmas Lights in 8 Bedrooms

And timely enough I’ve found these beautiful Christmas lights adorned bedrooms. 30 Fun DIY Crafts To Keep You and the Family Busy During the Holidays. Crafty Crafty: Your guide to all things crafty, including knitting, crochet, sewing and customisation. Gifs Bienvenue. Crafts. Make a Perpetual Button Calendar for 2011 (and Beyond) By Diane Gilleland I know calendars (and clocks and address books) are quickly becoming computer-centric tools, but I like the old-school charm of this desk calendar.

Make a Perpetual Button Calendar for 2011 (and Beyond)

Make it once, and you can use it forever – just move the numbers to their correct location each month, and change the nameplate! Materials Picture frame, 11″x14″ or 16″x20″, see belowSheet of foam board or 1/2″-thick corkRuler Craft knife Piece of woven fabric, about 24″x30″ Spray adhesive Masking tape Scissors 42 large buttons, 3/4″ to 1″ in diameter 42 flat-head thumb tacks 5 sheets card stock, for numbers and nameplatesDownloadable name/number template 3/4″ circle punch, optional E-6000, or similarly strong glue Water-soluble fabric marker Fine-point Sharpie 2 squares of wool or acrylic felt 1 sheet of Friendly Felt, or lightweight chipboard Sewing machine and thread 2 sets Velcro dots plus 22 “loop” style dots (the softer half of a Velcro pair)Greeting card envelope Directions Step 1: First, prepare the background. More Free Frames & Borders for Commercial Use. Patron de base de jupe.

Ce patron est la base de tous les patrons de jupe.

Patron de base de jupe

Le site leenas's explique (*) comment construire quelques patrons de base, en anglais et en finlandais. Voici mon adaptation en VF du patron de jupe. 1/ fournitures Pour prendre les mesures : - 3 longueurs de ruban ou d'élastique suffisantes pour entourer respectivement la taille, le ventre et les hanches. - un centimètre-ruban.

More Free Frames Borders for Commercial Use - Tracee Orman. $Lucky Star. Easter DIY Round-Up. Origami For Everyone. In Focus: How to use "Furoshiki" [MOE] 50 Uses for Vaseline. This is one of my favorite products from Vaseline, their Vitalizing Gel Body Oil.

50 Uses for Vaseline

I keep it by the tub, and use it on my wet body before I dry off. It leaves you totally smooth and very nice and moisturized without being greasy (after a very few minutes anyway). They are not expensive, and totally worth a try. Here is the ingredient list: Hydrogenated Styrene, Butadiene Copolymer, Bertholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Fragrance I have the classic Vaseline all over my house. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Quilling - Turning Paper Strips into Intricate Artworks. Quilling has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s still as impressive and popular now as it was during the Renaissance.

Quilling - Turning Paper Strips into Intricate Artworks

The art of quilling first became popular during the Renaissance, when nuns and monks would use it to roll gold-gilded paper and decorate religious objects, as an alternative to the expensive gold filigree. Later, during the 18th and 19th centuries, it became a favorite pass-time of English ladies who created wonderful decorations for their furniture and candles, through quilling. Basically, the quilling process consists of cutting strips of paper, and rolling them with a special tool. It sounds simple enough, but special skill is required to create more advanced shapes like marquises, arrowheads or holly leaves. All through the years, the art of quilling has remained almost unchanged, but new specialty supplies now allow quilling masters to create anything from detailed 3-D figures to wall-sized museum installations.

Martha Stewart Crafts. DIY. 3D animated origami instructions showing how to fold a shirt from a piece of paper. Universal Wrapping Paper. Experiências Manuais. Alien Hand Glow in the Dark Sherlock with Maria by InfernoValley.

Bored and Crafty. Tricot (pearltricot :D) Belongings. Krokotak. Craft. Crafts. The world's best sewing tutorials in no particular order. Alina's Adventures sew everything.

The world's best sewing tutorials in no particular order.

ViVá. Crafts. How to make gift bags from newspaper. When I bought something at a store recently, the clerk handed me my purchase in a bag made from a newspaper. I liked it very much and had to make some more—thus today's DIY recycled newspaper project: gift bags made from the Wall Street Journal. You can vary the dimensions, of course, but here's what I used to create a bag that's 5" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3" deep. Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other. Fuck Yeah, Make Stuff! Recently I wanted to add more interesting vegetables to my dishes to encourage myself to eat more healthy. After some research I ended up buying the brieftons spiralizer as it seemed like a good little tool for producing spirals of vegetables - just what I want. That, combined with some good recipes, has made me a happy full girl for more than one evening.

Free printables from SweetlyScrapped - Sweetly Scrapped. Gifts.


Shopping. Designer Outlet Roermond: Startseite. Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project. A couple weeks ago, I found a paint-by-number at an unbeatable price. Shopping. Shopping/fashion. Shopping. Best Stores. Couples Art Kit, Lovemaking Art Kit. Craftgawker - StumbleUpon. Jellyfish Tanks & Accessories available from Jellyfish Art.

Unique Steampunk Insects. Since the late 1990′s style steampunk is becoming more and more popular, and not only in the literature. Various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by enthusiasts into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style. And often this stylization gives very unexpected results. Like, for example, art works of american sculptor Mike Libby.

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