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Life on Earth (TV Series 1979– ) THRESHOLDS (For Tobe Hooper) Amazing Drawing Animation by Wang Haiyang. Abecedario Anagramático - Subtramas. Oddball Films: Scientific Psychedelia - Thurs. Aug. 11th - 8PM. Oddball Films presents Scientific Psychedelia, a program of eye-popping short science and nature films from the 1920s-1980s that capture nature's most surreal, kaleidoscopic and magnificent moments.

Oddball Films: Scientific Psychedelia - Thurs. Aug. 11th - 8PM

From microscopic creatures and processes to a space landscape, to the intricacies of animal movement, these films will open your eyes to the natural wonders that lay within and beyond our own eyesight. The evening includes experimental space explorations by Scott Bartlett, cephalopodic inquiries by David Attenborough, mind-blowing hydro-animation from visionary Philip Stapp, evangelical science from the Moody Institute, mid-century color micro-photography of protozoa and more, all on 16mm film from the archive. Dive into the colorful world of cephalopods with David Attenborough and watch as cuttle fish, octopi, and squid put on nature's electric light show in the stunning print of Aliens from Inner Space (1983).

Date: Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 8:00pm Moon 1969 (Color, 1969) THE ORAL THING. Rage against the washing machine. Pouff's 'Grocery Trip' Video Will Give You Nightmares. Google’s Deep Dream algorithm is succeeding primarily in the realm of helping us mortals visualize what it would be like to take a lot of drugs.

Pouff's 'Grocery Trip' Video Will Give You Nightmares

Pictures first began to crop up online demonstrating the algorithm’s strange ability to find, among other things, ornate arches, busses, and animal faces and weird hybrid creatures (can you say “puppyslug?”) In otherwise ordinary pictures. Then came the truly unsettling videos. Austin-based synth musician Pouff recently posted a video called “Grocery Trip,” which transforms an ordinary stroll through a supermarket into a horrifying psychedelic nightmare. The frozen food section is overrun with dogs. (Source: YouTube / Pouff) It seems to utilize the Google algorithm at some level of the process, though we’re not certain exactly how they achieved the final look. Would you shop at this grocery store? Witness the full effect of the bizarre visuals, and hear Pouff’s entrancing synths below. Linda Wallace - Love hotel 2000. ‘Good Grief! Cancer Boy!’ Charlie Brown in nihilistic German existential cinema parody. ‘Good Grief!

‘Good Grief! Cancer Boy!’ Charlie Brown in nihilistic German existential cinema parody

Cancer Boy!’ Charlie Brown in nihilistic German existential cinema parody You may remember a post last week on “Apocalypse Pooh,” a fantastic little pre-Internet mash-up of Apocalypse Now and Winnie The Pooh released in 1987 through underground tape-trading circles by art student Todd Graham. Though Graham is still best-known for his prototype mash-ups, I was pleased to find his fantastic little original short, “Good Grief!

Cancer Boy!”


First and Final Frames - Horror Edition. Anne Sexton at home - 1 (VOSE) "Tango" by Zbigniew Rybczyński, 1980. Watch Every Episode of Friends Simultaneously. Manifiestos fílmicos feministas I. Hito Teyerl Extracto de "How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File" Action Man: Battlefield Casualties on Vimeo. Everything is a Remix. Purple TELEVISION. Purple TV presents 6 Lola 6 directed by filmmaker and photographer Tomas Pena.


In his new documentary he explores the burgeoning generation of Internet feminist cyber slut teenagers based in Gothenburg, in particular he focuses on the intimate moments of Lola. Society has always had outsiders. You can always meet someone who's not happy with what society has set up for them. People who are not resigned with what life gives them. Lola is one of them. more info At a young age she realised that she could be stronger thorugh the Internet and that she didn’t need to follow the classic path that most people take in life. Directed by Tomas Pena Written by Olivia Lola and Tomas Pena Produced by Bonzo with the help of Thanks to Estrella, Freja, Ben Cooper, Errol Rainey, Los Animals, Fabiola, Lucas and Sofia.

A Mirror Avant-Garde: Non-Canonical Canonicals By Women Filmmake

Un tour por la especulación inmobiliaria en la ficción, de ‘Los Goonies’ a ‘El Equipo A’ Un tour por la especulación inmobiliaria en la ficción, de ‘Los Goonies’ a ‘El Equipo A’ Comentar Iñaki Berazaluce ¿Qué es “gentrificación”?

Un tour por la especulación inmobiliaria en la ficción, de ‘Los Goonies’ a ‘El Equipo A’

Preguntas mientras clavas en mi pupila tu pupila azul. “Gentrificación es un proceso de expulsión vecinal que reemplaza los vecinos de bajos ingresos por otros más rentables”, me responde desde Lisboa la mitad del colectivo artístico Left Hand Rotation, que llevan cinco años utilizando este anglicismo (gentrification) para describir el “aburguesamiento”, “pijización” o, mi favorita, “barcelonización” de las ciudades.

“En su intento por diferenciarse del resto, todas las ciudades acaban pareciéndose: centros urbanos clónicos, totalmente diseñados a gusto del turista de los que son expulsados los vecinos”, explican a dos voces estos artistas. All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace. ACTE QUART: ACTRIUS LA mirada Masculina.


The Private Life of. Metaphors on Vision. Operas Primas / Nuevos Lenguajes. Literatura en el Cine. Video Performance. Pionerxs Experimentales. VIDEO GAMES. Light Forms (HD - 2010) Experimental Animation Zone on Vimeo. Sciencie is Fiction. Watching the Sound. SEX. Docus. Videoclips. ARTIVISMO. POPURRI. Film des Femmes.