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Metrópolis - ESCIF, Metrópolis. Watch TRAITÉ DE BAVE ET D’ÉTERNITÉ/Treatise on Venom and Eternity - Isidore Isou Online. The Mirrors of Ingmar Bergman, Narrated with the Poetry of Sylvia Plath. It Girl (Eng Sub) ÜBER NACHT BERÜHMT - OVERNITE FAME. Cult Films by Kubrick, Tarantino & Wes Anderson Re-imagined as 8-Bit Video Games. Now closing in on 50 episodes, David Dutton’s 8-Bit Cinema series for CineFlix celebrates and critiques the increasing video game qualities of action films.

Cult Films by Kubrick, Tarantino & Wes Anderson Re-imagined as 8-Bit Video Games

Or maybe it’s a nostalgic do-over of a childhood spent watching great films turned into terrible games and your favorite games turned into terrible films. 8-Bit Cinema imagines popular and classic movies turned into NES-era console games, with the movie’s plot imagined as a “perfect run,” as gamers call it. Their version of Guardians of the Galaxy (watch it here) quotes Megaman, Capcom’s 1987 hit game that is still spawning sequels, and confines its action to a platform shooter, which, in a way, describes James Gunn’s film. (But dig that 8-bit version of “The Pina Colada Song,” man!). The film adapts too well to a video game, and that may be its problem. Things get more interesting when Dutton’s creative team tackles films in the cult canon.


Film - Buster Keaton - Beckett -1965. Thanatopsis - Ed Emshwiller / USA 1962 / 5min. Thanatopsis (by Ed Emschwiller) Papillon d´amour de Nicolas Provost. Nicolas Provost - Papillon d'amour. The Dangerous Presence of Film in Film. Vdrome. Liz Magic Laser “The Thought Leader” 2015, Single-channel video, 9'22'' In her latest work The Thought Leader (2015), a 10-minute single channel video, New York based artist Liz Magic Laser combines the format and particular uniformity of the TED conferences with Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s dark novel Notes from the Underground (1864).


A young boy, Alex Ammerman, recites Dostoyevsky’s text speaking in the most cheerful way about an individual on the margins of modern society and the effects modern life has on the human condition. Introduced by Jens Hoffmann Jens Hoffmann: What made you combine the format of a TED talk, a young boy and parts of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel Notes from the Underground? Liz Magic Laser: I became interested in working with the TED Talk format because it is a highly cultivated performance of one’s hyper-professional yet “all too human” self.

JH: Can you tell me more about the whole TED phenomenon and it’s ideology? Credits. Western Spaghetti by PES. Cult Animation. Cahiers Du Cinéma (officiel) - Vidéos. MoneyLEGS A F Schepperd. Malice in Wonderland - Animation - Vince Collins & Miwako (1982) Robert Nelson: On a thread. 1936 Len Lye - "Rainbow Dance" (highlights) Does Rationality Give Life Meaning? (Kierkegaard) - 8-Bit Philosophy. Semiotics of the Kitchen. Jake Fried. The Best Psychedelic Videos of 2014   And here we are again at year’s end.

The Best Psychedelic Videos of 2014  

With more than 400 videos published on the DPV during 2014, we had more than a handful of psychedelic video material to watch in order to prepare this list. Luckily, this turned out to be a lot of fun. Psychedelic video just keeps getting better and better from year to year, and the psychedelic produce of 2014 was especially stunning. We’ve collected some 20 amazing psychedelic videos which were produced in 2014, as well as a number of extraordinary psychedelic oldies which first appeared on the DPV in 2014. Enjoy! Psychedelic Music Clips Dye ft. DYE’s “She’s bad” is one of the most alluring and terrifying portrayals of the femme fatale that we saw in a long time. Tune Yards – Water Fountain “Water Fountain”, by the Tune Yards, a musical project led by New England musician Merril Garbus, is a refreshing burst of psychedelic energy. Chance via Circuito ft. Dmitry Zakharov – Inside me Murat Sayginer – Volans.

Dreams That Money Can Buy (Hans Richter) 1947 - surreal movie. Heaven and Earth Magic. VISIONARY FILM: Japanese Experimental Films – Cinema Project. (intro) Standish Lawder - CORRIDOR (1970) Necrology (Standish Lawder, 1970) ADOLFO ARRIETA'S "LA IMITACIóN DEL ANGEL"(1966, 16mm, 20min. Satan visits the children. Wonderful claymation. Comparative Tests On A Human And A Chimpanzee Infant Of Approximately The Same Age, Part 2 (1932)

Metraje Encontrado: Erkki Kurenniemi - Electronics in the World of Tomorrow. Telephones, 1995 - Christian Marclay. Bozar Cinema: Jack Smith. A legendary American artist, filmmaker and actor described by Andy Warhol as the only person he would ever copy and by John Waters as “the only true underground filmmaker”.

Bozar Cinema: Jack Smith

The films of Jack Smith (USA, 1932-1989), along with the artist’s complete body of work - including photographs, collages, drawings, slide shows, costumes, sculptures and props that were used in his performances - represent one of the most seminal and important oeuvres in twentieth century art. Born in Ohio and arriving in New York in 1953, Jack Smith transformed the detritus of post-war downtown New York into filmic tableaux vivants of exotic glamour and polysexual fantasy.

Passage à l'acte by Martin Arnold (extrait) Metraje Encontrado: Shuji Terayama y Shuntaro Tanikawa - Video Letter.