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Canopy Living: The Ultimate Tree House. Dec 1, 2009 There’s the tree house your Dad built for you in the backyard, and then there’s the tree house Robert Harvey Oshatz built in the forests of Portland, Oregon.

Canopy Living: The Ultimate Tree House

Designed in 1997 and completed in 2004, the Wilkinson Residence is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Built on a steep sloping lot, the living space resides amongst the forest canopy, making your morning coffee most enjoyable. Ribbon Vacation House by G2 Estudio. The Ribbon mountainside house was designed by Argentinian architects G2 Estudio.

Ribbon Vacation House by G2 Estudio

Located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia in Argentina, the construction of the residence (4,300 sq ft) was ordered by two families living in Tahiti, who wanted a vacation residence with a wide integrated space for leisure and recreation and all the necessary equipment to a holiday house. According to the architects, “the initial idea comes from the juxtaposition of volumes, each containing different functions, on one hand the social life and in the others the private life. When this volumes meet each other, mixing the geometry and the space, it generate dynamic routes between the activity and rest areas of the house, that getting in tension they experiment the transition between being supported on the rock to raise into the sky searching perfect visuals…

Modern Concrete House (15 photos) When you first think about the words concrete house, you might imagine a cold, sterile environment, perhaps something similar to a prison.

Modern Concrete House (15 photos)

If that's the case, this one story house designed by architecture studio A-cero will likely change your mind. Located on the outskirts of Madrid, Concrete House II features a façade that boasts a spectacular view of the whole house. The first impression that visitors usually get is that the building seems to be hidden between concrete walls and ramps that extend up to the roof. Upon further inspection, they find a vegetation area that climbs towards the sky! The back of the house opens up towards the garden where the lounge, dining room, library, study, and bedrooms are found. 10 Mouth Watering Architectural Home Designs. Today we present to you the second installment of our Architectural Home Design.

10 Mouth Watering Architectural Home Designs

In this collection you will find beautiful exterior and interior house designs. All the home are very expensive, so unless you can afford it you will probably drool all over the keyboard. Anyhow we hope you like this roundup, and would like to know if you could only choose one of these to live in, which would it be? Comment below and let us know. - Interior Design Blog -Interior Design Ideas, Tips & Inspiration. In keeping with the clients desire for a strictly Vastu compliant house, the placement of spaces in the house are in synch with the plan of the Vastu Purusha Mandala (the ancient Indian science of orientation and placement). - Interior Design Blog -Interior Design Ideas, Tips & Inspiration

Thus apart from positioning the main areas of the house according to the elements – Master bedroom in the Earth zone (SW), kitchen in the Fire zone (SE), and the pool and entrance in the Water zone and Air zones (N and NE), – even positions of doors, the direction of the stairs, location of beds, wardrobes and desks and the positions of the wc’s in the bathrooms had to be in accordance with the correct energy flows. In all other respects however, the clients gave us complete aesthetic freedom. Amazing Executions of Lundberg Architecture Design. Fuel Your Creativity ‘Get Fueled’ Subscribe, Participate & Contribute Subscribe To: Site RSS Feed Network Feed Subscribe Inspiration / Architecture 3.

Amazing Executions of Lundberg Architecture Design

15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices. I’m sure you’ve seen this office plenty of times on the internet.

15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices

This office is all about fun: it has a lot of specially decorated rooms in which employees can do their work. There’s even a game room for relaxation and a gym where you can work out.