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What Makes a Good School Website? An effectively run school is efficient in all of its processes.

What Makes a Good School Website?

From classroom instruction, to front office operations, to communication with parents and the district, a school must be able to achieve results and gain the support of the surrounding community to succeed. One of the most important tools available to accomplish these goals is a website. School websites that present information in a clear way and which are user-friendly make it easy for parents, students, and staff to find what they are looking for. This includes academic calendars, upcoming events, important alerts, and facility rental policies. The key thing to keep in mind when developing a school website is that it needs to be intuitive and practical. What features should you include in a website, and how do they help achieve the overall mission of the school? Simple Navigation and Easy-to-Find Answers This is accomplished by having various sections of your school’s website that each relate to important topics.

In School and Through Secure Websites. It starts by looking at what directly affects students each day.

in School and Through Secure Websites

For instance, elementary school teachers may find that creating structure in class and teaching organizational skills helps students pay more attention during a lesson. In a high school, it could be making processes in the library more efficient so students are able to access information they need to complete assignments. In addition to these examples, students need to be able to have an environment where they feel valued and able to ask questions and express opinions. So how can a school ensure that its students feel comfortable and safe while in the classroom? Open lines of communication are crucial. Secure Websites Protect Sensitive InformationOn a school-wide level, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Website Technology and business Partnerships to Benefit Your District. Website Technology to Improve Your School Experience Maintaining your school or district website can sometimes feel like a full-time job itself.

Website Technology and business Partnerships to Benefit Your District

Between updating information, solving technical issues and engaging students and parents, you need to be able to add features to your site and make it easier to manage. With school districts and campuses operating on tight budgets it is important to improve the school experience by making the most out of available technology in one easy place. When you build a school website that takes advantage of the latest in technology you are able to easily keep in contact with families and staff members anytime, anywhere. When companies work together, they are able to offer clients the best products at discounted prices. How Business Partnerships Benefit Your District With minimal setup needs and an easy-to-use interface, enhancing your school’s CMS system with new features makes sense any way you look at it.

Instant Alerts and Notices Live Event Streaming. Schools + Technology = Efficiency. Constant upgrades in technology affect not only how we conduct business, but also how we live our lives.

Schools + Technology = Efficiency

From the cars we drive, to using smartphones for mobile banking, industries are capitalizing on available technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and results. In the education realm, technology allows students to quickly gain access to information, complete assignments, and get the vital experience they need on the tools and machines that they will use in the professional world.

As more schools allow technology on campus, administrators, teachers, students, and parents are able to improve communication with school notifications and also through developing an environment that promotes student success and learning. How Has Technology Improved Schools? Gone are the days of students spending long days in the library working on a research paper.

Task Management for Administrators and Teachers Maximum Efficiency with Streamlined Processes in eSchoolView OneView Sources: Improving School Efficiency with a CMS. While the main goal of any school around the world is to produce the highest caliber students to eventually enter the workforce, this goal cannot be achieved without high levels of efficiency and focus.

Improving School Efficiency with a CMS

By implementing an easy content management system, schools can gain more control over their website solution and make it simpler for everyday tasks to get completed. Cloud-based CMS systems and online forms give schools the resources they need to operate smartly. With improved efficiency, administrators and teachers can shift their focus from filling out mounds of paperwork, to providing their students with the tools and resources needed to receive a high-quality education and succeed later on in life. Advantages of Cloud-Based CMS and Online Forms Streamlining workflow, improving communication between faculty, administration, and parents, and recovering time previously wasted on non-essential tasks are critical. Ways eSchoolView CMS Can Help Teachers Sources: