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Gaming in Education

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Any reference to "Hour of Code" should be used in a fashion that doesn't suggest that it's your own brand name, but rather referencing the Hour of Code as a grassroots movement. Print these stickers to give to your students (Stickers are 1" diameter, 63 per sheet) Send these emails to help promote the Hour of Code Ask your school, employer or friends to sign up: Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. With the Hour of Code, computer science has been on homepages of Google, MSN, Yahoo! This year, let's make it even bigger. Get the word out. Dear Parents, Gamestar Mechanic. Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. Games Learning Society. Getting the Facts on Game Based Learning. Classroom Management Tricks to Keep Game-Based Learning Running Smoothly.

Like the idea of game-based learning, but not sure how it would work practically in your classroom? By its nature, game-based learning involves turning over a certain amount of the learning process to your students. While this promises to boost motivation and increase independence, it can also cause a headache if you don’t have some basic procedures and routines in place. With that in mind, here are some tricks to ensure that game-based learning is fun and engaging for everyone. Trick #1: Talk About What’s Fair Chances are, playground life has already made your students develop some strong ideas about what’s fair during gameplay. Encourage students to talk about what this idea means to them, sharing specific examples such as taking turns and waiting patiently while another player makes his or her move.

Ask students about what’s fair during individual game play, too. For example, is it fair for someone who’s already completed a level of a video game to share how to win? INFOGRAPHIC: Gaming in the Classroom: Why Bring Electronic Games into the Classroom? Gaming, wikis, blogs, social media, interactive polls and QR codes: just some of the technologies that teachers are bringing into the classroom. The dizzying pace of tech evolutions offers some challenges as teachers and administrators race to keep up with the latest tools. The research discussed here shows the payoff for schools that become "friends" with educational gaming. Experiments show how technology supports learning, with the potential to increase student engagement and motivation, even for students enrolled in college online. Games target all kinds of subjects and age groups, with different types of gaming from strategy to simulations to hard-core curriculum topics.

Teachers can access an arsenal of tools, from game consoles to laptops to smartphones. Still, the U.S. government reports a lack of nationwide studies on the use of tech tools and gaming in education. Sources: For a complete list of sources, please view the Infographic. Gamified.png (800×2000) Gamification and Instructional Design. Do educational video games actually work? [infographic. Back in the days of Pong, selling the idea that video games would one day be welcome in the nation’s classrooms would have been an uphill battle, but today, more and more educators are taking another look at incorporating educational versions into the classroom.

There are concerns expressed by teachers and parents, though, that this might not be such a great trend to follow, and the shadow of constricted budgets means be they beneficial or not, many students simply don’t have the option. Via Gaming infographics.