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Anybody can be a boss. Try being a leader instead. Rencontre avec l'écrivain Laurent Gounelle - Vidéo de la soirée - IRIS, école de l'intuition. Pour tous ceux qui n’ont pas pu assister à notre récent rendez-vous mensuel des Jeudis de l’intuition, et pour tous ceux qui souhaitent revivre ce moment, nous vous proposons gratuitement la vidéo de la soirée du 19 mars 2015.

Rencontre avec l'écrivain Laurent Gounelle - Vidéo de la soirée - IRIS, école de l'intuition

A cette occasion, nous avions reçu Laurent Gounelle. En compagnie de Virginie Gomez, il s’était confié sur sa vie, son parcours, et sur sa vision de l’intuition. Bon visionnage… Laurent Gounelle a eu plusieurs vies : après s’être « cherché » pendant quelques années, il a d’abord travaillé comme consultant en ressources humaines, avant de trouver sa voie dans l’écriture. How To Make An Air Conditioner In Less Than 15 Minutes Out Of Common Household Items. 11 DIY Cleaning Hacks That Leave No Excuse For A Messy Home. Getty Images Keeping a clean home is an art form.

11 DIY Cleaning Hacks That Leave No Excuse For A Messy Home

The Secret To Getting Things Done. How is it that some people just seem to get so much done?

The Secret To Getting Things Done

They manage to publish a book or create a new product/work of art, while others sit around dreaming of things they want to accomplish, becoming frustrated when none of it comes to fruition? The secret to getting things done is walking the fine line between self-discipline and self-care. The Surprising Connection Between Intelligence and Happiness. I'm An Introvert Who Married An Extrovert. Here's How We Make It Work  By Cody Mullins When you're an introvert, having friends takes on a different meaning.

I'm An Introvert Who Married An Extrovert. Here's How We Make It Work 

The magic of Fibonacci numbers. SESHAT: Global History Databank. Our Goal The huge corpus of knowledge about past societies collectively possessed by academic historians is almost entirely in a form that is inaccessible to scientific analysis, stored in historians’ brains or scattered over heterogeneous notes and publications.

SESHAT: Global History Databank

The huge potential of this knowledge for testing theories about political and economic development has been largely untapped. Our goal is to build a historical database that will enable us and others to test theories about the processes responsible for the rise of large-scale societies in human history. The database will bring together, in a systematic form, what is currently known about the sociopolitical organization of human societies, and how it has evolved with time.

It will also be used in analyses to determine how characteristics of large-scale socioeconomic organization vary with culture, institutions, world region and historical period, and whether there are any universal features that all complex societies share. An Affair to Remember: What Happens in Couples After Someone Cheats? - Esther Perel. App smashing for teachers: The power of app cross-pollination. By Mary Jo Madda Associate Editor, edSurge There are thousands of apps out there, and to give you a “top ten” list would be entirely subjective and unoriginal.

App smashing for teachers: The power of app cross-pollination

But the concept of app smashing? Are We About To See One Of The Greatest Evolutions In Human History? I believe we are in the midst of one of the biggest evolutions in our consciousness we have ever seen.

Are We About To See One Of The Greatest Evolutions In Human History?

I say this because everywhere you look, things seem to be changing in a very big way. ASSESSMENT. 10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World. Introverts and extraverts may seem the same on the surface, but if you look at the way they respond to life’s everyday occurrences, differences begin to emerge.

10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World

Last month, for example, Science of Us writer Melissa Dahl reported on findings from psychologist Brian Little’s latest book on personality science, Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being, which showed that introverts are better off avoiding caffeine before a big meeting or important event. Little cites the theory of extraversion by Hans Eysenck and research by William Revelle of Northwestern University, explaining that introverts and extraverts naturally differ when it comes to their alertness and responsiveness to a given environment. The future according to experts. The truth about superfoods‏ 7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True. Want to Be Happier? It's as Easy as 2, 5, 11, 15, 20, 43.


Pratique. Formation bio. Ecrire. Outils. Psy. Science. Divers. Apps That Can Improve Your Vision. Where would we be these days without our smartphones?

Apps That Can Improve Your Vision

There’s an app for virtually anything—games, TV shows, photography, music, shopping, fitness; the list goes on and on. And now, it turns out there are apps that can help you improve your vision, and scientific studies have proven that they work. The visual stimuli used by UltimEyes and various other eye-training apps are patterns called Gabor patches, which are blurred lines presented on a grey background. Gabor patches are used because they have features that match and therefore activate the receptive field properties of brain cells located in the visual cortex. By presenting the eyes with these patterns and gradually making them more difficult to identify, your brain gets better at processing them, which leads to an improvement in vision. As reported in the study, the team tested out their training platform on 19 baseball players and found that it improved the distance at which they could see clearly by an average of 31%.