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Browse. Grafik & Design & Art. PHP Scripts, WordPress Plugins, HTML5, jQuery, and CSS. If we don't, remember me. A simple URL shortener. Webdoc beta - For rich expression. Naar Zweden: routeplanner, reisinformatie, plattegrond, overtocht en onderweg overnachten. Couponcode en kortingscode overzicht 2011. De kortingscodes zijn veel gewilde codes.

Couponcode en kortingscode overzicht 2011

Dat is ook logisch want is een van de betere en grotere webwinkels in Nederland. Momenteel zijn er in mindere mate couponcodes beschikbaar. Waar deze vroeger ook op de site van te vinden waren, staan er tegenwoordig voornamelijk aanbiedingen. Eén van de meest gewilde couponcodes is: de gratis verzending van Deze wordt helaas niet grootschalig meer door verspreid. Wal Mart makes a giant step in to Facebook with 3,500 new pages. Facebook are linking up with another big brand as Wal-Mart make a late but very strategic move into social networking.

Wal Mart makes a giant step in to Facebook with 3,500 new pages

Launching today will be 3,500 new Facebook pages linking up to all the stores in the USA and the pages will each feature an app that allows consumers to find better local deals in their area. It will all feed out of one central Facebook page for the brand and users will be able to find their local store and therefore the best deals by simply adding their Zip code. The two companies have clearly been working on this strategy for some time and it could show the future for large retailers around the globe who have multiple stores. As they say themselves.