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Why can businesses not neglect progressive web apps (PWA)? PWAs integrate the user-friendliness of a native app and the seamless experience of a website into a single platform.

Why can businesses not neglect progressive web apps (PWA)?

Businesses desire to provide top-notch services to their customers. But they have to often choose between a full-fledged website or a mobile application to do so. It usually requires investing a significant amount of resources and time, which isn’t feasible for every business. An excellent alternative to building resource-heavy applications is Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that integrate the user-friendliness of a native app and the seamless experience of a website.

PWAs have gained massive appeal in recent times. The best thing about PWAs is that they are resource-light and can be developed at half the cost of an iOS or Android app. Let’s check out how PWAs can help your business flourish. 1. Unlike native apps, users don’t need to download and install PWAs on their mobile devices. 2. Also Read: CRM and Cybersecurity: Is your business ready? 3. PWAs load very fast. 4. 5. How to create a successful subscription model in 2021? A subscription model ensures that you provide the best quality products, services, and experiences to customers according to their needs and desires.

How to create a successful subscription model in 2021?

Do you know that the first industry ever to employ the subscription model was the publishing industry? Publishers have been reaping significant benefits through the subscription model since the 17th century. But the world is seeing the power of this revenue model in full force today. Data shows that from 2013 to 2018, eCommerce subscriptions have almost doubled every year. Entertainment platforms like Spotify and Netflix saw a tremendous increase of over 46% in subscriptions. After the rise of the subscription economy in the B2C sector, the B2B sector has also geared up. This article will shed light on why you should build a subscription model and how to create one. Why should you build a subscription model? By building a subscription model, your company will have a stable customer base. Blockchain for Build Better Customer Relationships.

24Jun Blockchain is here to transform marketing and advertising forever.

Blockchain for Build Better Customer Relationships

But this technology is not very well understood. The CMO survey provides testimony to this fact as only 8% of companies rate it as moderate to very important. Blockchain properties — such as immutability, transparency, and security — will help marketers build better customer relationships. This article explores this further. Blockchain will put an end to the transaction fee Do you remember the notification “Minimum Order: ₹ 100” while purchasing groceries on Amazon Pay? 3 Quirky Ways of Marketing Your Brand during the COVID-19. The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we live.

3 Quirky Ways of Marketing Your Brand during the COVID-19

Since we can no longer freely venture outside our homes, we are relying more on online platforms. Be it groceries, college lectures, remote work furniture, workout classes, games, etc. 8 Advantages of Fully Customizable Graphical Workflow. 26Jun A graphical workflow is a diagrammatic representation of a set of events.

8 Advantages of Fully Customizable Graphical Workflow

It can be a simple or a set of complex events interlaced with multiple dependencies, rules, and regulations. No matter what the structure of the graphical workflow is, if you run the same workflow you get the same result. A graphical workflow is an important tool that helps eliminate redundancies and create efficiencies. The following article throws light on the advantages of a fully customizable graphical workflow. Talk to People Instead of Demographics. Do you rely too much on demographic studies and tools to glean knowledge about the market?

Talk to People Instead of Demographics

That’s fine, but it’s time to turn the table. Go out and meet your target customers. Talk to them and see how they are making use of products. The information that you gain by personal interaction will prove to be critical in developing new products, creating new services, and help improve targeting while marketing. This article focuses on why talking to people is essential for a business. It helps see beyond features and benefits. Covid-19 Teaches Businesses to Create Plan B and Plan C. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent bout of jitters across the business community.

Covid-19 Teaches Businesses to Create Plan B and Plan C

Many industries have reached an impasse and are unable to figure out how to cope with this unprecedented situation. This article takes you through 3 ways in which business management software can help companies counter severe shocks and buckle up for a post-COVID-19 world. 1. Prioritize employee safety As per the data, COVID-19 virus has infected more than 3 million people and has caused more than 2,00,000 deaths worldwide. 4 Signs you need to improve your Customer Service Experience. In the hyper connected world that we live in, customers have myriad portals to keep their voice.

4 Signs you need to improve your Customer Service Experience

This is why a small mistake can cost millions to the company. This not only calls for making the customer service experience better but also increase the service agent’s productivity. A CRM solution helps agents find the correct information and the right tools at a lightning speed, and impart an unforgettable customer service experience. 3 Ways Manufacturers Can Keep Their Suppliers Afloat During COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has erected numerous financial challenges across industries.

3 Ways Manufacturers Can Keep Their Suppliers Afloat During COVID-19

But the ones that are most affected by it are small businesses that don’t have enough resources to survive through the prolonged crisis. Although governments have announced and distributed various bailout packages, they are not enough for everyone. This is where big manufacturers can play an important role and as luck may have it, they are doing that. Reports suggest that to financially support their suppliers, manufacturing industries are buying materials in advance and providing loans. History shows that those manufacturing industries/companies that have stood resolutely behind their suppliers during tough times have received intense loyalty in the form of bigger discounts and early access to raw materials. 1. It’s imperative to know how good/bad the conditions are at your supplier’s end. 4 Ways to Run Business Services Effectively during COVID-19. 05May COVID-19 has revamped the way businesses function.

4 Ways to Run Business Services Effectively during COVID-19

With growing restrictions on transport, trade, and commerce and adoption of remote working methodology, companies are trying to change the way they carry out their business services. But, statistics aren’t that welcoming. Recent research by Gartner shows that only 12% of organizations are highly prepared for countering the effects of the COVID-19. 3 Ways To Lead Your Sales Team Through Time Of Crisis. Businesses across the world are going through a downturn. Though this is not the first pandemic that the world is going through, this is certainly the first of its kind. An interesting fact to know is that millennials and Gen Zers who constitute the major part of today’s workforce haven’t worked in an economic downturn situation. Thus, companies cannot depend upon their sales team’s experience for effectively countering the global pandemic.

This article discusses 3 learning sales teams can learn from past economic downturns and how they can drive business growth during the crisis. 1. Sales take a massive toll during times of crisis. 5 Cloud Technology Trends To Watch Out For. There is no denying to the fact that cloud computing has altered the way both small and big enterprises operate. By 2020 end, the number of businesses that will be venturing into the cloud landscape is expected to inflate by 30%. With the global adoption of cloud technology, we can certainly look forward to a greater and better stream of cloud resources, starting this year already. 1.

Cloud security will be a priority. AI and CRM Take Off! The Next Big Wave. Technology is evolving at warp speed, with an estimated 5 billion + connected devices creating a gargantuan network of data. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is certainly the next big thing. Further, the ability to store huge volumes of data on cloud along with easier access to intelligent algorithms is set to make AI the next big wave in business innovation. 5 Ways Retailers Can Reach Consumers Who Aren't Spending During COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Since more than half of the world is in lock down mode, consumers are staying within their homes. They are spending money on buying essential items, which is why the retail industry is going through a crisis.

The following article talks about 5 ways retailers can reach consumers who aren’t spending during the COVID-19 crisis and can minimize their losses. 1. What Are Data Silos And How Do Companies Handle It? Today, there are myriad applications that allow an interdepartmental exchange of data. This helps bring everyone on the same page. CIOs gain insights that help them formulate a comprehensive data strategy, customer care agents can pull off a conversation with the client across any channel, marketers know exactly what resources they require from data scientists, and developers can see which APIs already exist so that they don’t have to work from scratch. Cognitive Computing: Is it the Future of Intelligence?

Of late, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, but what lies beneath is still unclear to most of the folks. How To Safeguard Your Business As Coronavirus Spreads. Even after countries worldwide have adopted every possible preventive measure to fight against the coronavirus, it’s spreading like wildfire. AI, ERP and CLoud. Machine Learning: A Quantum Leap towards a Smarter CRM. How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Healthcare. Today, we live in a world where data is the most precious thing. And this certainly has huge benefits across various fields including healthcare. How Business Can Achieve Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the process of adopting the latest digital technologies to cater to emerging business opportunities. It helps businesses to meet changing market requirements, provide improved customer service, and speed up their business activities.

How Consumer Devices Will Propel Global AI Revenue? With internet accessibility rising across the globe and artificial intelligence becoming affordable, consumer devices are being adopted at a high speed. From smart security systems to health monitoring devices to home entertainment systems, there is virtually no space where these devices aren’t making our lives faster, simpler, and more productive. This article describes four reasons how consumer devices will propel the global AI revenue in the coming times and why companies should be ready to deal with it.

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CRM Solidifies Business Tech Support While Pandemic Hits Strong. 5 payment methods that businesses should integrate. 4 Brand Marketing Lessons to Learn During Coronavirus Crisis. 5 Ways Remote Working Creates Loyal Employees. When Lockdown Crisis Pops In, Send Invoices through Emails. Work from Home Ain't Going Away Anytime Sooner. Business Strategy Cheat sheet After COVID-19 Crisis. COVID-19 Will Drive the New Wave of Business Innovation. How to Prioritize Digital Commerce during COVID-19? 4 Practical Steps for Ecommerce Business on Resuming their Operations. Why Responsible Leadership is Important during COVID-19? 3 Ways How Collaborating With AI Will Minimize Workforce Disruption. 5 Ways to Boost Team Productivity while Remote Working. ERP for Rubber Industry. How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain during COVID-19? ERP for Furniture Industry. Increase Channel Partner Sales through Automation Tools. ERP for Wine Industry. Streamline Complex Business Processes with ERP Solution: Boost Operational Efficiency!

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