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ERNTEC is an Australian owned company that manufactures electronics and electrical enclosures. Make an enquiry now at

Advantages of High quality DC electric motors in Australia- Erntec. A Brief Guide to 19-Inch Server Rack. A 19 inch rack refers to a standardized enclosure that helps in mounting multiple modules of electronic equipment.

A Brief Guide to 19-Inch Server Rack

Every such module features a front panel that is 19 inches wide. The 19-inch dimension features ‘ears’ or ‘edges,’ which protrude from either side of the equipment. This helps the module to be fastened to the rack frame using screws. Common uses of 19-inch racks are in networking hardware, telecom equipment, computer servers, scientific equipment, and gear for audio-visual production. What about stepper motor? Looking for Electric Motors in Melbourne. Benefits of 19 inch rack? Takachi MSR Rack Mount Chassis The MSR series from Takachi offers attractive rack mount chassis in 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U heights and depths from 230mm to 450mm.

Benefits of 19 inch rack?

The front bezel provides a screw-less front panel and the 19″ mounting angles can be removed or … Takachi HYR Rackmount Heatsink Enclosure The HYR 19″ rack mount heat-finned enclosure from Takachi features heatsinks running down each side of the enclosure. A Brief Guide to DIN Rail Enclosures. 9 Benefits of Brushless DC Motors You Should Know. An electric motor refers to a device that transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy through the rotation of a shaft called the rotor.

9 Benefits of Brushless DC Motors You Should Know

Most electric motors function through the principle that when a conductor is kept in a field of magnetic force and when current flows through it, it will cause a force to be exerted upon the conductor, which controls the speed and torque of the motor. There are several kinds of electric motors, but the most common variants are brushed DC motors and bldc motors. DC motors use a supply of Direct Current. When it comes to a brushed DC motor, the rotor or conducting material is placed in between permanent magnets called the stator. With the flow of current via the winding of the armature, a force is exerted on the rotor. In contrast, the brushless motor features a perpetual magnet as a rotor and an electromagnet as a stator. A brushless DC motor has many benefits which are described as follows: ERNTEC is a 100% Australian owned business.

Choose the best stepper motor at an affordable price. The Best 19-inch Rack Mount Chassis for Your Expensive Equipment. Server racks are highly essential for any IT organization as they protect the IT systems and provide safe access to electronic equipment.

The Best 19-inch Rack Mount Chassis for Your Expensive Equipment

There are many different types of products available in the market, with different dimensions and features to suit different requirements. But the 19-inch rack is the most widely used as a standard enclosure to mount electronic equipment. What Factors Should Know About Electronic Enclosures? Best 19 Rack Enclosures Cabinets in Australia- Erntec. Looking for stepper motors? About Stepper Motors in Australia- ERNTEC. Choose The Best Electrical Enclosures In Australia- ERNTEC. Industrial Enclosures In Australia. A Complete Guide to 19-Inch Racks. Racks organize electronic equipment to standardized assemblies, which make effective use of space as well as other resources.

A Complete Guide to 19-Inch Racks

Basically, a rack comprises 2 or 4 vertical mounting rails as well as a supporting framework needed to keep rails in place. Examples are 19-inch racks. The framework and rails are usually made of aluminium or steel for supporting equipment weighing hundreds of pounds. The rails feature round or square holes that permit you to mount rack equipment onto them using screws. Rack standards are determined by the width of the rails, vertical and horizontal spacing in mounting holes, and size of equipment cabinets. Industrial Enclosures Australia - erntec. Stainless Steel Electrical Outdoor & Indoor Enclosures. Electrical Enclosures. Brushless DC-Motors / Series 1660...BHx.

Server Racks Australia. Electrical Enclosures- Types, Models, and Benefits. Most people don’t understand the importance of having electrical enclosures for their electric and electronic equipment.

Electrical Enclosures- Types, Models, and Benefits

Just randomly getting a box to house the equipment is not enough. It is crucial to purchase the right size and material of enclosures to protect your expensive equipment from wear and tear, or else you would end up wasting money. Enclosures have to face the harshness of the weather, dust, and other harmful substances, and therefore the choice of material has to be made carefully. You need to understand when to use steel enclosures and when to get plastic ones for your equipment. In this discussion, we will take a detailed look at electrical equipment enclosures to help you develop a better understanding. Searching for Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures? Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures. Outdoor Enclosures- Purposes and Availability of Electrical Enclosures in Australia. Server Racks Australia. Electrical Enclosures and Server Racks Australia: Key Points to Notice before Making a Purchase. It is not breaking news that any business today, no matter small or big, requires electrical enclosures and server racks of some type.

Electrical Enclosures and Server Racks Australia: Key Points to Notice before Making a Purchase

Especially with an increase in the number of electrical equipment and computers, it is a necessity to implement good quality and sufficient electrical enclosures and server racks to avoid unexpected disasters. Australia has been ranked first in the list of the world’s happiest nations among developed economies, three years in a row, and she is one of the most highly urbanized countries in the world. Organized and professional behaviour runs in the blood of Australians. As responsible citizens, you would surely want your business to have the best electrical enclosures and server racks in Australia.

But before ordering the units, it is better to be a bit familiar with the subject to avoid misunderstandings and loss of time. Stainless Steel Electrical. Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures. Electrical Enclosures Australia. Features of Electric Cabinets and Enclosures. Electric cabinets and enclosures refer to cabinets to mount switches, knobs and displays of electrical and electronic equipment.

Features of Electric Cabinets and Enclosures

It mainly prevents electric shock to equipment users and protects content from environmental factors. Very often, the cabinet may be the only visible part of electrical or electronic equipment. So, the aesthetics of the cabinet design may be as important as its utility. Cabinets may also be subject to legal regulations, particularly in a hazardous ambience like petrochemical industries. What Are the Kinds of Electrical Enclosures? What Are the Kinds of Electrical Enclosures? An electric enclosure is a cabinet for electronic or electric equipment for mounting displays, knobs and switches.

What Are the Kinds of Electrical Enclosures?

It helps to prevent shocks to users of equipment as well as protect its contents from the vagaries of the environment. The enclosure is only part of the equipment seen by users. It may be designed not only for its utility but also for its aesthetic value. The performance and features of the enclosures may be dictated by regulations, especially in hazardous applications like coal mines or petrochemical plants.

Four Advantages of Using Stainless Steel. Outdoor Enclosures. ERNTEC: A Space for Excellent Electrical Enclosures Solutions. Impressive Features of Electric Motors in Melbourne. DC motors are considered the most useful electric motors in Melbourne as these can be used with solar cells, batteries and several other energy sources that are cell based.

Impressive Features of Electric Motors in Melbourne

It means that these can be easily used in all those systems that you don’t have to tie on the wall. But it is to be noted that there are some of the systems that are tied to the wall and DC motors turn out to be more economical and cost efficient. Unlike the usual iron core DC motors the Faulhaber DC motor variety offered by Erntec is associated with a unique and efficient rotor design. The rotor includes skew-wound copper coil that is self-supporting and is extremely light in weight.

These are associated with lesser inertia. It is due to this reason that such motors are associated with supreme dynamic performance. The low power DC motors are not very useful for all those things that are generally associated with usual motors. Faulhaber Motors in NASA Research Satellites – ERNTEC. Motor Solutions FAULHABER motors in NASA research satellites 28th October, 2015 MMS mission researches explosive changes in the earth’s magnetic field In NASA’s “Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)” research project, motors from FAULHABER will help in examining the earth’s magnetic field.

The MMS mission should for the first time provide a threedimension image showing how near-earth magnetic fields disconnect and reconnect. These processes generate huge amounts of energy which can also significantly affect terrestrial electronics systems. Which Company is The Best for Server Racks in Australia? Server rack cabinets play a vital role in the success of your business as they facilitate in providing a space that is important for the business’s survival.

The right kind of server rack helps in keeping your office equipment cool, downtime minimized and power running continuously. If you have been looking for the right kind of server rack then ERNTEC is the most appropriate company. The company is based in Australia and manufactures electronic and electrical solutions of top-notch quality. Apart from racks and cabinets, the company also specialises in components, precision DC miniature drive solutions and small enclosures. The 100% Australian Owned Company particularises in the following areas: Types of Electrical Connectors in Australia. The devices that are used for joining different electrical circuits together are called electrical connectors in Australia . These are put to use for joining connections that are temporary in nature, but can also be used for permanent ones. It is a well-established fact that these are an indispensable part of most of the modern devices and gadgets. Where to Find the Best Industrial Enclosures? ERNTEC PTY LTD is a 100% Australian owned company that manufactures electrical and electronic enclosure solutions.

If you are looking for Industrial enclosures in Australia, then there is no other company that offers the best enclosure solution. Get in touch with the company to avail high precision drives and drive systems that suit with your application requirements. The company has a range of products, coupled with know-how, design capability, customising and value-add that has allowed ERNTEC to support both OEM’s and service organisations in many industries.

They have access to quality standard products such as high quality small enclosures, components and precision DC miniature drive solutions. The company has a team of experts that has built a solid reputation of pro-actively working with customers to properly understand their requirements. Get the Best Outdoor Enclosures in Australia. ERNTEC manufactures, design and market a range of electrical and electronic enclosures for the protection and packaging of products. The company offers fully welded cabinets to meet the needs of customers. If you are seeking for outdoor enclosures to protect units, the company is the best to complete the needs. It is a renowned 100% Australian owned company that offers electrical and electronic enclosure solutions. The company provides solutions that can be built to IP ratings and has produced storm proof solutions for use in aggressive or outdoor environments.

They use the construction materials which include: mild steel, galvanized or zinc coated steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Tips for Selecting 19 Rack Enclosure. If you wish to buy an appropriate rack cabinet, then you need to start with the selection of the right type of frame of the server rack. You need to be sure about the size for the selection the right product. While you are trying to determine the correct size it is important to pay attention to two important aspects. Firstly, you need to be sure about the kind of equipment which you will require for the capabilities of the server rack mount. Get Benefits of Electric Motors from ERNTEC. One of the most important necessities of our lives are electric motors but we never realize their importance. Advantages of Linear Motors. Linear motors offer a number of advantages in today’s technological world. These are used for a variety of purposes, which includes high velocity trains, military weapons, spacecraft exploration, robotic technologies, medical & automated engineering systems and a lot more.

Buy Stepper Motor in Australia from ERNTEC. Stepper Motor is basically an electrical motor without brushes. These motors have many advantages like: lower cost, high reliability, high torque at low speeds, and rugged construction. ERNTEC Provides DC Electric Motors in Australia. The DC motor helps to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Get Information on Electric Motors in Melbourne. Michael Faraday realized that when he moved a metal wire in a magnetic field, it resulted in the production of electric current. His remarkable discovery in 1830 has made life much easier for everyone of us to this date. Features of Linear Motors - Get High Quality Card Frames, Subracks, Enclosures from ERNTEC. Melbourne, Victoria -- Dec 05, 2014 / ( -- Buy the small, large electrical and electronic enclosures from ERNTEC PTY LTD.

Information on Outdoor Enclosures - Find Brushless DC Motors From ERNTEC. Importance of Electrical Connectors in Australia. The electrical connectors are those conductive devices which are put to use for joining or plugging together electrical circuits. Customise your 19 Rack Enclosures from ERNTEC. What are Industrial Enclosures and its Uses? - Get Quality Subrack Systems from ERNTEC, Australia.

Effectivity of Australian DC Electric Motors. Uses of Plastic Enclosures. ERNTEC PTY LTD Offers Brushless DC Motors in Australia. Buy Linear Motors From Erntec Pty Ltd In Australia. What Factors to be considered Before Selecting Server Racks in Australia? Importance of Machinery and Custom Enclosures. Buy Quality Steel Enclosures From Erntec Pty Ltd. Quality Outdoor Enclosures – ERNTEC (Australia) Features of Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures.

Enclosure Solutions Australia - ERNTEC Provides a enclosure Solution and have the facilities to both modify & finish enclosures at exclusive prices. Types of Electrical Enclosures. Erntecaus: Features of 19” Rack Mount Enclosure. Advantages of Using Stepper Motor in Australia - Erntec. Electrical Motors in Melbourne by Eric Martin. Types of Rack Mount Enclosures - Buy Brushless DC Motors in Australia - ERNTEC. Where To Find Stainless Steel Electrical Component At Exclusive Prices. Best Motor Solutions in Australia - ERNTEC has been providing specialist precision drive solutions for 25 years. Uses of Metal Enclosures. Large & Small Enclosures in Australia. Get a Range of Electrical Connectors in Australia from ERNTEC. Introduction About Linear Motors - Brushless DC Motors - Electric Motors in Melbourne.