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» DIY: Tank Dress with Pockets! academichic At long last, I present a tutorial for the tank dress I made a few weeks ago before the end of the semester blindsided me. I’ve been seeing these tank+patterned skirt all over the place lately, but frequently they were too short or too short-waisted for my particular proportions. After some googling, and studying the really excellent skirt tutorial and t-shirt dress tutorial at Ruffles and Stuff and the skirt with pockets tutorial at Freshly Picked, I decided that even my fairly rudimentary sewing skills could handle this project. And since I celebrated my height yesterday for Dress Your Best week, it seems appropriate to post a sewing project prompted by my need for a longer-than-in-stores dress.

» DIY: Tank Dress with Pockets! academichic

Wine cork bath mat

Wine cork bath mat

Inspired by CB2's bamboo bath mat I’m evidently on a hot-glue kick lately. This bath mat requires just three materials: shelf liner, hot glue, and 175 wine corks. How did I gather 175 wine corks, you ask? Working at Sunset had its perks. With all the wine tastings in that office, collecting corks was a cinch.

20 brilliant things to make in a jar

Via: Start saving your old jam jars! From cakes to herb gardens, pies to photo frames, and even entire meals … here are 20 fantastic things you never knew you could make with a jar. (Above: red velvet cupcakes in a jar. Get the recipe here). Via: 20 brilliant things to make in a jar
Allison over at House of Hepworths made this ADORABLE Christmas tree out of terra cotta flower pots. I had been looking for a cute decoration of some sort that I could put in our guest bathroom. But, because we painted it (YES, we FINALLY finished painting - stay tuned for that post) a soft green, I knew a "traditional" green Christmas tree wouldn't do.

Flower Pot Christmas Tree

Flower Pot Christmas Tree
Owls for Mila Owls for Mila My friend Lilly, mother of Kyle, tagged herself on all of Kyle’s owl pictures on Facebook. When her friend Valeria saw the mobile, she wanted me to make one for her daughter, Mila. Communicating by e-mail, Valeria sent me some pictures for reference, showing me the bedding she wanted to put in Mila’s nursery and some owls she had already bought to match. I loved what Valeria had planned for Mila’s nursery.


Simple Wand Holder Simple Wand Holder © Helene of Troy Supplies 1/4” (0.6 cm) wide elastic in a color that matches your robes Matching thread Needle Instructions Measure around your upper arm in two places: just below the armpit and just above the elbow. Use your off-arm (the one that you don’t use to write with) for ease of drawing the wand.
Potion Ingredients in Cool Jars Potion Ingredients in Cool Jars © McGonagall’s Cat Participants Unlimited Age Range 6 years old Ah, if only the pages of Deathly Hallows were written on parchment scrolls! Well, that might be a little difficult to read, but these Parchment Scrolls will melt in your mouth. Ingredients:
Abbreviations: K = Knit K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together as if they were one (this is a decrease). Round is the same as row, except it is in a circle. Step One: Find number to cast on: Choose size from row on top; drop down column to row with your gauge. If you are between gauges and/or sizes, multiply your gauge times hat size in inches, then look in the gauge rows on either side of your gauge to find the closest cast-on number. Use that gauge number to determine which decrease row (see below) to begin on. Step Two: Knit in stockinette st (knit every round) for the number of inches below for the chosen size, or desired length; the brim will roll naturally for the first 2 or 3 inches; unroll the brim to measure.

simple hat calculator

simple hat calculator