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Discovery Education Web2014 : Home. Google Earth In The Classroom. Science Bulletins: Current Research About the Natural World. Science Bulletins: Current Research About the Natural World. Reading Like a Historian. NAS Ask It! At Waldorf School in Silicon Valley, Technology Can Wait. Making the Most of Google Docs: Tips & Lesson Ideas.

Since attending the Google Teacher Academy in April, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about each Google application.

Making the Most of Google Docs: Tips & Lesson Ideas

The result? Sweet Search. Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads. Mobile Learning | Feature Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads By Bridget McCrea10/09/13 Natasha Rausch is the first to admit that her first two attempts at creating video lessons from scratch were crude at best.

Free App Lets Teachers Create High Quality Flipped Video on iPads

“I used a cheap screencast download and filmed myself over a PowerPoint presentation that I’d made,” recalled Rausch, who teaches English and social studies to middle and high school students at Walden School/The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA. “It took me hours to make and it looked horrible—like a B movie.” Intent on flipping her classroom, Rausch started looking for a better way to produce content. Ask and You Shall Receive Having taught with iPads since 2011, she was introduced to Knowmia Teach, a free iPad app, at a summer workshop. Within a few weeks, the provider added the FaceTime feature and then over the following year made it even more accessible.

Rausch also uses Knowmia to plan ahead for her own absences. 20 Awesome BYOD and Mobile Learning Apps. We have now been Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for three years, and boy, do the students bring it.

20 Awesome BYOD and Mobile Learning Apps

They bring it all! We have iPads, Surface, iPhones, Droids, Chromebooks, Macs, and PC laptops. Here's my current thinking. Please share yours in the comments section below. Note Taking. Search Education – Google. Digital Storytelling. June 24, 2014 Here is a great interactive Thinglink image on the process of digital storytelling I want to share with you today.

Digital Storytelling

This graphic is created by Tonia and features a wide variety of iPad apps that go with each of the stages of the digital storytelling process. Tonia used the concept of process writing (popularized by Donal Murray) to design this digital storytelling process visual. This process is made up of 7 stages namely :prewriting, drafting, editing, conferencing, revising, publishing, and sharing. If you hover your mouse over any of these stages you will be able to see a clickable button that you can use to access the list of iPad apps for that stage. I have spent sometime going through the different app suggestions included in this visual and I find them really interesting. The Ultimate Directory Of Free Image Sources. So, you need an image for your blog?

The Ultimate Directory Of Free Image Sources

We’ve spent some time categorizing our favorite sources for free images and organizing them in such a way as to help you find what you’re looking for. Here are the criteria we’ve examined: Subjects: Does a site focus on specific genres of images, or is it a mass collection of various image types? High Resolution: Lots of great image resources emerged in the pre-Web 2.0 phase, but it wasn’t until bandwidth dramatically increased that allowed for the uploading of much higher resolution images suitable for editing and printing. QR code creator, make qr codes and track their use.

EasyBib. Search by Image – Inside Search – Google. Drag and drop Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on

Search by Image – Inside Search – Google

Upload an image On, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.” Select the image you want to use to start your search. Create. A Comprehensive List of Apps and Tools to Flip your Classroom. The Virtual Learning Resources Center indexes thousands of the best academic information websites, selected by teachers and library professionals worldwide, in order to provide to students and teachers current, valid information for school and university.

Dogpile Web Search. Beyond Google pres. Beyond Google. CC Search. Upload, Share, and Discover Content on SlideShare. How do you keep up? Part 4 Pinterest as a new professional essential. In recent posts about keeping up with news and trends relevant to practice, we looked at harnessing social media in the form of portals for sharing slide presentations and curation sites for current awareness and webinars hosted by talented practitioners.

How do you keep up? Part 4 Pinterest as a new professional essential

I suggest that if you don’t regularly refer to Pinterest, or if your Pinterest experience is limited to personal style, party planning or recipe collecting, you are not leveraging and contributing to its powerful professional communities. In the old days, when I was a baby librarian, I remember colleagues kept their treasured ideas and handouts in locked file cabinets. Happily those file cabinets have all but disappeared. Now, for many of us, as if you were to blow on a dandelion, Pinterest spreads instructional seeds, planting sticky ideas far and wide. I see Pinterest as a beautiful place to shop for professional inspiration. Sometimes a pin leads directly back to the visual it represents. 46 Hidden Tips and Tricks to Use Google Search Like a Boss.

How often do you use Google to find something on the internet? If like a lot of people you use Google every day you’ll be astounded by the number of hidden tips and tricks their search facility offers. 46 of them are featured in this infographic from Who Is Hosting This, how many of those did you know about? Related The 10 Most Viewed and Shared Posts from Our Blog in 2014 2014 has been a fantastic year for Red Website Design, we’ve grown from a one man band at the start of the year to having 5 full time members of staff (and more on the way). In "Content Marketing" 12 Tips & 28 Ideas For Pinterest For Teachers. 55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content.