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Book an appointment: doctors to prescribe novels in new scheme. Doctors will be able to prescribe novels such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time to teenagers with mental-health issues thanks to a new scheme, which launches today.

Book an appointment: doctors to prescribe novels in new scheme

Delivered by charity The Reading Agency and the Society of Chief Librarians, the Reading Well for Young People campaign is aimed at 13- to 18-year-olds, and provides them with a recommended reading list covering mental health issues from depression to eating disorders, and from anxiety to self-harm, bullying and exam pressure. Chosen by mental health experts and young people, the books, a mix of self-help, memoir and fiction, can be recommended by GPs, counsellors and school nurses, and the list of titles will also be available to borrow from public libraries. 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create a Perfectly Organized Google Drive - ...

Everyone organizes their Google Drive differently.

4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Create a Perfectly Organized Google Drive - ...

Shockingly, many Google Apps users don’t organize them at all. I have found that, by using a few best practices, there is a system for making Google Drive much more organized and easier to navigate. Proper folder structure, naming conventions, color coding, and keeping track of what is shared with you can go a long way when used properly. These 4 tips show the best way to organize your Google Drive for faster navigation so you never lose track of a document again. 1. Barbie Has a New Body Cover Story.

Photographs by Kenji Aoki for TIME Inside the biggest change in barbie’s 57-year history–and what it says about American beauty ideals Part 1Barbie’s dress won’t fit.

Barbie Has a New Body Cover Story

I’m sitting in a bright pink room at Mattel’s headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., playing with a Barbie that only 20 people in the world know exists. Her creation has been kept so secret that the designers code-named the endeavor Project Dawn so that even their spouses wouldn’t be tipped off to her existence. Like every girl who has ever played with the most popular toy in history, I yank her clothes off and try to put on a new dress. It’s a massive risk for Mattel. The company hopes that the new dolls, with their diverse body types, along with the new skin tones and hair textures introduced last year, will more closely reflect their young owners’ world.

Promoting your school library. Grade 10 History: Popular Culture - Bain Library, Kambala - LibGuides at Kambala. Scratch Christmas Card/Game Activities.


Design Thinking for Libraries. School-library-guidelines.pdf. Web research. Potential Professional Experience Libraries. Ites - EOL LaGarde Craven Feb2013. Connect: @jenniferlagarde #ncdpi_dtlContact:

ites - EOL LaGarde Craven Feb2013

27 Things Your Teacher Librarian Does.

Reading and literature

What To Expect From Libraries in the 21st Century: Pam Sandlian Smith at TEDxMileHigh. 21st century skills. Library trends. Motivating students and learning. Web 2.0 tools for library. Inquiry based/ PBL. Cool library ideas. Collection management. Leadership in school libraries. Literature in school libraries. Cataloguing - Dewey, ScOT, SCIS and Vocabulary. The Critical Media Project. Assessing an internet resource. The School Library Media Specialist: Library Media Program: Introduction. "Every school is different, and every school library is a reflection of its own unique school culture.

The School Library Media Specialist: Library Media Program: Introduction

" Richard Turner (2006) in The Whole School Library Handbook, New Library World; 17(5/6); 263-265. How do I know if I'm reaching my goals? Should I be reporting my progress to the principal? Am I spending my money wisely? Evaluation will help you answer these question. Evaluation will also help you determine whether your center is serving its purpose. Evaluation is closely tied to analysis and needs assessment. Read Johnson, Doug (2006, 2007). Read Johnson, Doug (2006, 2007). Also read Mcnicol, S. (2004). What's the terminology of evaluation? There are a number of terms related to evaluation that you should know. A checklist is a prepared list of items used for the purpose of observation or evaluation.

A criteria is a standard, norm, or judgment selected as a basis for comparison. An evaluation criteria is the standards against which the collection or program may be checked. Checklists. SLAV Links. School Library Support. Home. ITALICS - Volume 5 Issue 4. eLit 2006 was held on the 28th – 30th June 2006 at Loughborough University .

ITALICS - Volume 5 Issue 4

The conference brought together academics, teachers, IT trainers & support staff, librarians and learning technologists from around the world to share experience, good practice and to discuss issues relating to the embedding of e-literacy skills into the curriculum and society as a whole. This is a special conference issue of ITALICS, jointly published with the Journal of e-Literacy (JelIT- and includes a selection of papers submitted to the conference and expanded for this publication. e-Literacy can be described as the “the awareness, skills, understandings and reflective–evaluative approaches that are necessary for an individual to operate comfortably in information–rich and IT–supported environments.” (Martin 2003). Many of the papers included in this issue consider aspects of formal education at different levels, in different countries throughout the world.

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