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Inquiry based/ PBL

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Critical Thinking Learning Models. Analyzing and Assessing Thinking In this section, we offer an interactive model which details the analysis and assessment of reasoning, and enables you to apply the model to real life problems.

Critical Thinking Learning Models

On this page we introduce the analysis and assessment of reasoning. To skip this introduction and go directly to the model, see the links near the bottom of this page. Why the Analysis of Thinking Is Important Everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced. All Thinking Is Defined by the Eight Elements That Make It Up Eight basic structures are present in all thinking: Whenever we think, we think for a purpose within a point of view based on assumptions leading to implications and consequences. Each of these structures has implications for the others. These pages are self-guided and self paced, allowing you to move back and forth between the elements and standards.

Navigating the online information maze: should students trust Wikipedia? Being literate used to be about knowing how to read.

Navigating the online information maze: should students trust Wikipedia?

In the 21st century it also means knowing how to negotiate through the torrent of information coming at you from all directions. Information Fatigue Syndrome, or “Infoglut” is a defining issue of modern life. For students particularly, it is getting harder to find useful, quality information. Information literacy to digital literacy Educators have been teaching information literacy skills to students for many decades: learning to read, how to use libraries etc. Digital information literacy skills have already been recognised as essential for study and for students’ future employability.

Academia has long discouraged students from using general search engines like Google and crowd-sourced information resources like Wikipedia for their assignments. Any interested party can contribute to a Wikipedia page. Who determines the value of knowledge? The value of online information will undoubtedly differ in certain disciplines. Frequent Citation Questions. EasyBib is here to make citing sources and creating bibliographies easier.

Frequent Citation Questions

We’ve compiled some of our most frequent citation questions here. If you still have questions, you can always contact us. How Do I Cite a/an… Tweet? YouTube video? Picture found on Google Images? Infographic? Bibliography & Citation Questions Where do I find the website title? Where do I find the publisher/sponsor of a website? Help! Why is EasyBib shortening the publisher name in MLA? Why is there no publisher in APA website citations anymore?

Website Evaluation Why did you list the website __________ as credible/maybe credible/not credible? Why is/isn’t the website __________ evaluated? EasyBib, Google Add-On, Mobile App, etc. Information Literacy: Building Blocks of Research: Overview. Building Blocks of Research:Overview of Design, Process and Outcomes What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy: Building Blocks of Research: Overview

Information Literacy is a transformational process in which the learner needs to find, understand, evaluate, and use information in various forms to create for personal, social or global purposes. Information Literacy shares a fundamental set of core thinking- and problem-solving meta-skills with other disciplines. Authentic cross-disciplinary problems which include observation and inference, analysis of symbols and models, comparison of perspectives, and assessment of the rhetorical context, engage students in developing mastery information literacy over time. Select a building block... 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning. 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning Project-based learning is a matter of identifying needs and opportunities (using an app like flipboard), gathering potential resources (using an app like pinterest), collecting notes and artifacts (with an app like Evernote), concept-mapping potential scale or angles for the project (using an app like simplemind), assigning roles (with an appp like Trello), scheduling deadlines (with apps like Google Calendar), and sharing it all (with apps like OneDrive or Google Drive).

30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning

With that in mind, below are 30 of the best apps for getting this kind of work done in the classroom, with an emphasis on group project-based learning apps for both Android and iPad (and even a few for plain old browsers). The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning. Inquiry Learning Teaching Strategies Getty By Thom Markham Teachers in a rural southeast Michigan high school were recently discussing the odd behavior of the senior class.

The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning

It seems the 12th graders were acting more civilly toward the junior class in the hallways. The prom was also quieter and more well-mannered than in previous years. The teachers’ explanation: Project-based learning. Here’s the back story. Stories like this are about to become more important to educators. This is a steep challenge because it forces education to cross a philosophic divide. Standardizing Valuable Skills To put a new system in place, a first key step is to disseminate and train every teacher on a clear set of performance standards to assess skills required for effective inquiry, such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The challenge: Right now, a standards-based environment forces teachers to straddle the inquiry process. Flat Connections Global Project - Building bridges for the future through collaborative projects.