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DustEchoes-TheMimis-StudyGuide.pdf. Society-culture-st6-syl-from2010.pdf.

Assignment 2

The What if Game by Erin Patel on Prezi. The Brain of Katherine Mansfield. Home Page. Stereotypes in Children's Literature. Region 10 Literature and the Internet. New Literacies of the Internet Facilitators from The University of Connecticut:Jill Castek, Julie Coiro, Laurie Henry and Melissa McMullan Children's Literature Ideas | Comprehension and Critical Thinking Portions of this presentation were adapted from Coiro, J. (2003).

Region 10 Literature and the Internet

Rethinking comprehension strategies to better prepare students for critically evaluating content on the Internet. New England Reading Association Journal, 39, 29-34. Preventing Plagiarism with the Internet Presented by Laurie Henry Focus Question: How might plagiarism from the Internet impact the way you teach? Download the... Learning about URL's: .net: Internet access provider .gov: government agency .org: non-government/non-profit organization .edu: educational (ac for academic in the UK) .com: commercial organizaiton (co in the UK) .mil: military .biz: commercial business Additional Resources from the Presentation: All About Adolescent Literacy.

Literature Lesson Plans. Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu: General Lesson Plan Sites | Book Reports | Fables, Folk and Fairy Tales | Genres | Literature Circles, Book Talks and Storytelling | Poetry | Nonfiction | Plans for Special Subjects | Elementary Level | Secondary Level | Children's Books and Technology | Miscellaneous General Literature and Lesson Plan Sites Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Web Site - This site is filled with activities for teaching literature especially in the content areas.

Literature Lesson Plans

Read, Write, Think - Lesson plans for language arts from the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. Lesson Plans for Childrens' Books - by Mrs. Book Reports Choosing the Right Book - Strategies for beginning readers (grades K - 2). Fables, Folktales, Fairy Tales Once Upon a Time: Lessons for Teaching about Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends, Myths, Tall Tales - From Education World. Genres. Literature Learning Ladders.

Literature Circles involve a small group of students exploring a piece of literature in depth.

Literature Learning Ladders

Although you'll find lots of books and articles on the Literature Circles, there are many ways to implement the strategies across grade levels and subject areas. Think of literature circles as one element of a balanced literacy program rather than "the solution. " In most cases, the application of literature circles evolves over time as students and teachers become more experienced readers. Check out the off-site resources by Katherine L. Schlick Noe titled Overview of Literature Circles. The Approach This learner-centered approach focuses on students' responses to the literature they read.

The goal of literature circles is enthusiastic, natural, informal conversation that encourages a life-long love of reading. Reading Resources. Book trailers. Book trailers are a fairly recent phenomenon in the publishing industry.

Book trailers

They originated less than ten years ago, based on the venerable institution of the movie trailer, but have only really taken off since the development of video sharing sites such as Youtube. Book trailers are a form of advertising for a book. Initially, they were literally sales pitches. Produced by publishers, and sometimes authors themselves, they were tools to pique interest in the novel. Their popularity has exploded, and many have gone viral, becoming a vital part of many publishers’ marketing strategies. Book trailers can vary tremendously in how they are produced. In the last few years, the use of book trailers in education has become widespread. Where to find book trailers Digital Booktalk.

Trailerspy is a collection of submitted book trailers. ChnsLit - OurClass. ChnsLitCSU201490 - Home. Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 1 02 39 pm. Literary criticism - Children's literature - Research Guides at State Library of Victoria. Academic criticism of children's literature enjoys a healthy representation in refereed magazines in electronic and print form.

Literary criticism - Children's literature - Research Guides at State Library of Victoria

To find these articles begin your database search using keywords that reflect the specificity of your research, then broaden your search to capture related fields of research. For example, you can search a database like JSTOR: the Scholarly Journal Archive about Aboriginality in Australian children's literature (using the terms in bold), then limit your search in a number of ways including keywords in the abstract only, a specific date range or identify the journal titles you want to search. The following databases are useful in establishing a literary review of your research area.

Victorian registered users are able to search these databases from home while other users can access them onsite in the Library and all are free.