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Interior Alchemy Interior Alchemy Nº. 1 of 52 Interior Alchemy Bohemian and vintage-inspired spaces See my personal tumblr at Under The Ivy March 19, 2012 with 3,725 notes tags: house. houses. gothic. gatehouse.
style/SWOON layered love a little friday purdy for ya… Elisa Wehle “folded, cut, drawn, woven, printed” — all good stuff. via The Jealous Curator. Happy Weekend all and don’t forget to wish your mama a happy Mama’s day!! style/SWOON
this house was love at first foot in the door… Jamie Laubhan-Oliver and her husband Larry Oliver are two of the most talented people I’ve ever known. Jamie is an art director for DHome/DWeddings and Larry is a senior designer for Neiman Marcus. They are both art directors and spend much of their days orchestrating amazing photoshoots.

some people are just born with it « style/SWOON

some people are just born with it « style/SWOON
I was beyond excited when I learned Norwegian-born food and prop stylist Paul Lowe was coming out with this amazing book today. Sweet Paul Eat & Make is filled with stories of his childhood, family recipes and fun craft ideas — all done in the typical Sweet Paul Spirit he's known for. The book is divided into Morning, Brunch, Noon, and Nigh (with color palettes to match) and gorgeous photography from beginning to end.

TheDesignerPad - The Designer Pad

TheDesignerPad - The Designer Pad
Did you ever enjoy a day so much, that you wish you could live it over & over again? Well, for me, today is one of those days! From the moment I got up, I feel like I have been enjoying a blessing “overload”. I woke up with a thankful heart for my family, our home, and our life together. So after I took my daughter to work, I decided to go for a drive around our little village and take in the quiet beauty, and spend some time praying as we often do early in the morning. A Storybook Life A Storybook Life
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Wall Murals, Wallpaper Murals, Custom Murals- Murals Your Way

Adelto - Luxury Property, Interior Design & Exclusive Travel Luxury Sommelier’s home by Sandor Duzs and Architema Budapest-based architectural practice, Architema and Sandor Duzs have designed the Sommelier’s Home project. Completed in 2012, this contemporary family home is located on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. - Read more -

Adelto - Luxury Property, Interior Design & Exclusive Travel

the adventures of bluegirlxo Julie Collings lives at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and four children. Her house is filled with art projects, bicycles, cooking experiments and guitars. Julie loves growing the adventures of bluegirlxo


Black*Eiffel Several weeks ago both my husband and I independently deleted Facebook off our phones and later discussed how it felt like we could breath clean air again. I've heard of others going towards the more minimal social media route and I find it refreshing. I'm not opposed to social media, but there is a fine balance to it, right?
Simply Grove How to do it right… I’ve had a lot of clients request more and more DIY’s in their homes. Of course it brings down costs dramatically. It also brings uniqueness and character. I always suggest pairing a DIY with a modern piece just to neglect looking too crafty. Simply Grove
Can I be totally honest with you? I’ve been cursed with design bloggers block, partially because my son is Still. Not. Sleeping. PoeticHome {pH} living in vintage poetry

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Apr19 Happy Weekend 01/ Check out the Alphabet Sandwich – an A to Z of food between two slices of bread! 02/ If my dentist had an office like Horacek Dental I’d be there more than twice a year. 03/ Mutaro the hedgehog models masks made just for him. 04/ A poster that shows off the categorization of The Many Varieties of Whiskey. 05/ The Man Behind the Mountain, a look at the artist behind Salvation Mountain. 06/ Food Textures showcases texture, shape, and form rather than edibility. 07/ Plastic bags as art isn’t a new concept, but plastic bag landscapes are. 08/ An illustrated guide to the bicyclists of New York City. 09/ A world map using every country’s coinage. 10/ This week on Design Crush: If you missed it on Monday, have a listen to Mixtape #35: So Young and Full of Sparks.
lanalou style - decor, fashion & Cape Town life Just popping in to wish you all a fabulous long weekend! Hopefully you get to take some time out and make the most of these lovely Autumn days we’re having. And good luck to those of you running the Two Oceans Marathon! Image credit: Lana Kenney How about something a little different this Easter?
Check in with Foursquare, not only at their new cool and funky office, but all around the world. That was also the theme for the redecoration. Ecah room represent a check in badge, either if it is a jetsetter for airport check-ins, far far Away for destinations above 59th St bridge in NYC, or for a record store check-ins. The atmosphere throughout the space is both hip and trendy, and relaxed and sophisticated. The different seating types are all well spread out, from picnic benches, wooden stools, retro armchairs to quality design chairs. A bit of everything.

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OLD BRAND NEW I'm working out of this beautiful home in Santa Monica for a few days. It's nice to be back here again. It belongs to one of my clients and we're designing a new product and packaging it up. It's great to get out because working from home all the time can make you feel like some outcast. This is one of my favorite spaces, and I've photographed it to death two years ago. If you look at the home tour I posted before, not much has changed.