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This Is How I Promise To Love You. 3 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal. This is a guest post by Max Nachamkin, the CEO of Inner Gladiator and Creator of Initiation: The Official Dating Course for Good Guys.

3 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal

When I first started learning how to talk to women, I messed up. A lot. I said the wrong things and I made a fool of myself. I over-analyzed every situation and it drove me nuts. “What’s the best way to get her number?” “How do I get her to like me?” “Am I coming off as a creepy?” And while I was going through this stage in my life, something else was going on too: I was learning. I started putting myself out there.

I tried everything I could while I discovered how to flirt, enjoy the presence of women, and make them feel amazing. Using Alcohol As a Crutch With Women. You see her across the bar and you feel those damn butterflies in your stomach again.

Using Alcohol As a Crutch With Women

Now’s the perfect time for some liquid courage to go approach her, right? Alcohol gives us the confidence to talk to girls and say things we normally wouldn’t while sober. Having a drink in hand feels good, safe, and gives you something to hold during conversation. All around, alcohol is supposed to make meeting women easier. In actuality, it often makes us dependent and afraid to be without it. What would happen if you could be your best, boldest self without the excess liquor?

I enjoy a good drink, I won’t deny it. Here are the pros and cons of getting tipsy while meeting women: Pros: Easier to approach strangersGet more touchyDistraction to drink during awkward pausesLoosen up and speak your mindBecome more assertive and leadTake risks like going for a kiss or asking for her number Cons: When to Have the Relationship Talk. When you liked a girl in high school, you simply asked her to be your “girlfriend”.

When to Have the Relationship Talk

As you get older, labeling a relationship becomes a bit more complicated. People handle relationships in very different ways. The moment you become romantic or sexual with someone, there’s always a possibility for either one of you to get hurt. But, you can take precautions to minimize this risk by being respectful and most of all, honest. Guys are often too scared to be completely truthful with a girl they’ve just started dating. Whether you want it to be monogamous or no-strings-attached, a girl deserves to know. Before you’ve been intimate There’s no need to label what you are before anything physical has happened, unless she specifically brings it up. If she doesn’t talk about relationship status before hooking up, go with the flow. Of course, if she brings up “the talk” and wants to know prior to sex, be 100% open about your intentions. 10 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship. A friend recently asked me, “What do you do differently to build long-lasting relationships?”

10 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship

Honestly, nothing has taught me more about relationships than actually being in them. People’s emotions can be unpredictable and in certain situations, experience really is the best teacher. Thankfully, we can share the lessons we’ve learned with others to help them create better connections. Below are 10 ways that I’ve found essential to keeping a strong romantic bond. Communicate, communicate, communicate Have an issue?

Tell the truth and don’t keep secrets It’s not worth lying and ends up making things worse in the long run. Learn to apologize This was a hard one for me. 17 Rules for Effective Communication in a Relationship. We’ve heard it from every relationship advice column ever: communication is key.

17 Rules for Effective Communication in a Relationship

But what does that even mean? It’s like saying “be yourself” — great in theory but useless without context or practical application. For years I thought I knew about good communication. I figured it boiled down to getting everything off your chest. And since I never shut up and would have heated emotional outbursts, I felt I was doing a fine job. After multiple failed relationships, lots of reading, and serious self-analysis, I began to understand the real components of effective communication. Have regular bonding time. Damn good communication takes work. What lessons have you learned from past or current relationships? Looking to meet relationship-quality women?