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25 Creative and Original Mugs. In this ultimate collection we’ve gathered 25 most unique, most stylish and most beautiful mugs from all over the web.

25 Creative and Original Mugs

They differs from standart by their shapes, materials they’re made from, and even their color. This collection will come in handy if you’re looking for the present for your friend – all cups/mugs can be bought in online-stores. Also we recommend not to watch the last set to impressionable people because of its provocative character. Unusual connection of mug and wine glass. As the creators promise Wine Mug will help you to wake up the next morning after a party smoothly and without any consequences. This white classic ceramic mug looks much more different and stylish thanks to funky red handle made from plastic. These mugs are differ not only by their shape but also because they’re created from 100% U.S. corn plastic (natural fermented corn starch with less than 1% non-toxic dye).

Stag Horn Mug [ via Vivre ] Being the part of O! Another great idea of symbiosis. Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY. How-To Instructions. Lace Stenciled Framed Song Lyrics! (+our wedding music) If you’ve been following my blog, you know how I made 60 of these painted frames with song lyrics for our wedding decorations /favors… Well, a lot of wedding guests loved them and took one home, but we had a ton left at the end of the night, which we boxed back up and took home with us… So we now have 30 of them hanging on our big white living room wall!

Lace Stenciled Framed Song Lyrics! (+our wedding music)

Yay!! There are several duplicate lyrics, some of which I already changed out to engagement photos, but once we get our wedding photos I’ll switch out some more lyrics with photos (but just a few, because we love the look of the lyrics!) : So, hey, you want to know how to make these yourself? I made 2 different types of painted frames: textured frames that were just plain spray painted, and smooth(ish) frames that were painted with lace used as stencils.

I did them in batches of 6-10 at a time – sprayed 1 coat over them all, then went back with a 2nd coat over them all. For the lace stenciled frames, there are a couple extra steps. Shrink plastic ring tutorial. Thank you to everyone who requested a shrinkydinks ring tutorial!

shrink plastic ring tutorial

This tutorial is an experimental method, not an exact science – you should have fun playing with it… UPDATE: Since posting this very popular tutorial in 2008, I’ve answered every question imaginable in the comments of this post. If you have questions, you’re welcome to trawl back through the hundreds of comments to find my answers, or, to make things easier, I’ve compiled a 3-page shrinky rings FAQ, which is available exclusively when you donate $1 or more towards my tutorial (this also entitles you to further help from me by email, should you need it). Please see the end of this post for more details about this policy Please note: if you’ve come here via the lovely bird ‘ring’ picture on Pinterest, read this post to answer your questions.

Crafty Links. Top 100 Tutorials of 2008. Happy New Year!

Top 100 Tutorials of 2008

Here’s a list of free tutorials and craft projects from 2008 to inspire you to create something in 2009. Projects pictured above noted with asterisks in the list below. I’ve sorted the tutorials by category to help make some sense of this list, but otherwise they are in no particular order. I’ve tried to include all of my favorite blogs and tutorials from the past year, but I’m sure that I’ve made some omissions. There are many sewing tutorials, plus lots of other crafty projects. Thanks to Craft, Whip Up, Design Sponge, Sew Mama Sew and TipNut for pointing me to some of these great projects. For Baby: Baby Bib, Chickpea Sewing StudioFabric Beach Balls, The Purl BeeBias Tape Bib, The Purl BeeQuick Cozy Blankie, The Purl BeeReversible Baby Shoes, Maked For Kids: For the Home: Clothing & Accessories: For Sewing: For the Holidays: *pictured above.