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Gator Packaging is a huge firm of custom boxes. We are providing these services since 2007 within in the US and we provide all packaging Services Like Custom Bath Bomb Boxes, Custom Archive Boxes, Custom Printed CBD Boxes.

Consumers types in cosmetic industry & how packaging influences their behaviors. The US is the largest market for cosmetics generating over $89 billion annually.

Consumers types in cosmetic industry & how packaging influences their behaviors

This exponential growth of the industry has led to market saturation and brands now have to devise innovative ways to market their products. Based on data and stats, there are four main types of target consumers the cosmetic industry has to focus on. Four types of consumers: Based on analytical data these four types of consumers are: Traditional: The first category is the traditional consumer. Beauty addict: This consumer gets information about the beauty world from blogs, magazines, and social media. New entrant: This consumer is the adolescents entering the adult phase.

Expert: This segment comprises of that 10% that contributes to 80% of the revenue. Challenges in targeting millennials: Millennials and Gen Z are considered “woke” generations. Brands have to walk on eggshells when it comes to marketing their products. Role of packaging: Personalization: Digital printing: Colors, designs, and gradients: Contemporary: History of lip cosmetics; from ancient to modern civilization and their packaging. Lipstick’s history emerges as heavily recurring across the Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, Western European, English, and American civilizations.

History of lip cosmetics; from ancient to modern civilization and their packaging

Ur civilization commonly known as ancient Mesopotamia was present around 3500 BC. The use of lipsticks in this civilization can be traced back to Samarian queen Schub-ad. People of Ur colored their lips to show high status regardless of gender i.e. use of lipsticks was popular both with men and women. Composition: People used a mixture of lead and red bricks/soil to color their lips. Lip Liners; a better alternative to cosmetic procedures that makes your lips look fuller. Everyone seems obsessed with bigger, fuller lips in 2020.

Lip Liners; a better alternative to cosmetic procedures that makes your lips look fuller

I mean the trend is almost 5 years old but now it’s at peak. Some people go for invasive procedures like lip augmentation, lip filers, and surgical lip corrections. These are all extremely painful procedures and require significant recovery time. These are not for the faint of heart and not to mention how expensive they can be. Evolution of eyeliners and their packaging - Gator Packaging. Obsession of humans with decorating their faces can be understood by the fact that eyeliners were present before the felt pen.

Evolution of eyeliners and their packaging - Gator Packaging

The earliest proof of use of eyeliners can be traced back to ancient India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. Some artifacts and drawings show eyeliners were an important part of the social fabric in that era. Ancient Egypt was a highly advanced civilization and many cosmetics including eyeliner, lipsticks, foundation, and hair color are their invention. In ancient Greek, Egypt, and Mesopotamia aristocrats i.e. people of high status used cosmetics to denote their superiority. Cosmetics were a luxury only the rich could afford. The psychology behind the use of eyeliners? Increase your sales with the use of custom display boxes. No matter which business are you running, I am sure you would be concerned to increase your sales.

Increase your sales with the use of custom display boxes

Well, every businessman has a dream of increasing sales. They use different strategies to increase sales. Well, you can increase your sales with packaging. How Wearing Makeup Affects Our Self-esteem. Growing up I was an over-weight chubby child.

How Wearing Makeup Affects Our Self-esteem

I wasn’t blessed with the best of looks either and people around me always made sure to make me realize this. I was awkward to the point of being nerdy and dorky. My mother was an orthodox catholic and my siblings and I weren’t allowed to wear any makeup or beauty products. My mother was authoritative to the point of being unreasonable and this helicopter parenting turned me into THE AWKWARD girl at school. I was bullied for being different; not cool like other kids. I stopped socializing completely and grew up having no friends. When I was 15, I developed an eating disorder. How I make my own organic lip-gloss at home. No one likes chapped lips, never heard of one person who likes cracked or sore lips.

How I make my own organic lip-gloss at home

Cracked lips or cheilitis is a condition when our body fails to produce enough keratin and collagen around the lips. Keratin is vital for smooth appearance of skin, hair and nails. As a result of lack of keratin our lips start to chap and crack. Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling with the condition all my life. How Packaging is the Visual Vernacular for brands - Gator Packaging.

A product is worthless without a package.

How Packaging is the Visual Vernacular for brands - Gator Packaging

The packaging is not something extra; it is part of the product and product image. It sets the personality, theme, character, and mood of the brand. How I Started My Successful Lip Care Venture Despite Being Bi-Polar. Types of pastry and bakery products they’re used in. What is a pastry?

Types of pastry and bakery products they’re used in

Pastry is a versatile branch of bakery items. It includes a huge variety of baking and confectionery products including both sweet and savory. The basic composition for all pastries is flour, water, fats (butter, oils), and eggs. Pastries are differentiated based on the technique. Your comprehensive guide to Lip-gloss Packaging Boxes. Pomade, a vital product for the art of hairstyling - Gator Packaging. Hair defines our personality; there are countless articles available online, about our hairstyle, hair length, and haircut revealing our personalities.

Pomade, a vital product for the art of hairstyling - Gator Packaging

There must be a reason why hair transformation (hairstyle/haircut/hair color) is a vital part of any makeover. I am one of the most low maintenance people, and probably shouldn’t be talking about styling and haircare but I do know a thing or two about the science behind styling and upkeep. Why self-maintenance and styling is importance: When it comes to beautifying ourselves, there is much more than the superficial layer of increasing our bodily appeal. Our physical appearance is a huge determining factor in the development of personality. The way we look not only influence people’s perception of our personality but how we think and perceive the world as well. Genetics VS Environment: Science says that two major factors influence our physical appearance; genetic makeup and the environment that we live in. Pomade; a nifty hair styling product and its packaging.

Lip balms are used worldwide, in all regions; people from all ethnicities use it in some form. Lip balms have always been there, maybe not in the current modern form. In ancient times maybe modern technology was not there but people still used to get chapped lips. They used: Why we all should stop wearing fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are one of the most mainstream beauty rituals today. Everyone is seen wearing them, but if many people indulge in something that doesn’t necessarily make it moral or acceptable. Apart from setting unrealistic beauty standards for women, the whole process of wearing false lashes is so weird; you literally glue fake hair fibers to your eyes. A comprehensive guide to Lip-Gloss; Types, Formulas and Packaging.

Lip-gloss has always been a part of human civilization; everyone knows about Cleopatra and her lip coloring paste of crushed beetles mixed with fish scales. This sense of beautifying oneself by coloring the lips was present even in ancient humans. With dawn of civilization and modernization, this sense has only amplified and our methods have improved significantly. Currently there are many lip-coloring products available in market, lip-gloss, lipsticks, lip tints, lip balms and liquid lip colors, all with multiple sub-categories.

Among these products, lip-gloss is most widely used, universal product with a wide target market. From a 10 year old to 100 year old, everyone wears lip-gloss. The many Benefits of Soaking Salts and Bath Bombs. One of the most popular hygiene products these days are bath bombs. At first, bath bombs were invented just to make bath time more fun but since then, they’ve come a long way. Bath bombs are now so much more than just a regular sanitation product. Why Soaking Salts and Bath Bombs are Best Solution for Cellulite. What is cellulite? Cellulite is buildups of fat underneath our skin that cause lumpy, dimpled appearance. 80% of women (and some men even) have cellulite; it is absolutely normal and harmless.

It is not a medical condition and if you love your body the way it is, then you go girl. However, for some, this dimpled appearance on thighs, abdomen and upper arms may result into low self-esteem. Different Remedies Available in Market: There are many products and cosmetic procedures available in the market that claim to reduce appearance of cellulite as getting rid of it completely is not possible (as for now). Masks: you have to apply these masks on affected area for a certain duration. Mink eyelashes; are they actually cruelty free? The simple answer to this question is no, mink eyelashes are not 100% cruelty free. Different types of false Eyelashes and Choosing the best one for you. Dreamy, magical eyes with a flutter of luscious eyelashes…. are only found in the novels. Are CBD Creams the Future of Skin Care? No one wants to think about aging skin and wrinkles when they’re young, then all of a sudden you hit 30 and all your skin problems start showing up.

When I was in my 20s I never thought once about my skin, that it was aging with me, I didn’t have any backup plan about fixing all that sun damage and age spots. Then on my 32nd birthday, I started noticing small freckles and wrinkles around my eyes, there was a frown line on my forehead as well. The not so cheery side of a Cheerful Breakfast. Breakfast for people who are too lazy to make anything. All you need is cereal, milk, and a bowl (and a spoon probably, you’re not an animal for God’s sake). It’s fascinating how ubiquitous cereals are in our lives. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a big fan of cereals, and love to try new flavors. This experimentation with my breakfast has often caused me a lot of trouble (well to my stomach precisely) but I never gave up on my quest to find new, better, and improved cereals.

This innocent research for finding better and healthier cereals revealed the not so healthy (in fact pretty dark) side of cereal industry to me. It’s crazy how we classify all breakfast cereals as a unit, yet they’re all extremely different from each other. Why you should always read the Nutritional value of your Cereal. I am not a big fan of cooking, I hate cooking, who even came up with this preposterous idea of cooking things before eating.

My extremely low maintenance self cannot stand the idea of something so organized. How to increase the life of your falsies using Custom eyelash boxes. All my life I’ve been conscious of my eyelashes as I am not genetically blessed with long, luscious lashes. I’m blond and without mascara my eyes make me look like I’m dying of swine flu. When I was 18 I discovered the magic trick, called false eyelashes that made my eyes look bigger instantly. Custom printed mini Cereal Boxes. Evolution of Breakfast Cereal and Custom Packaging. Breakfast cereal is a Pantry staple in most households. Cereals are such delectable treats that they’re no longer limited to just breakfast, you can eat them whenever you want. It’s been decades and cereal still remains one of the top five breakfasts in America.

Customized cookie boxes Packaging Wholesale. Custom Cookie Boxes’ packaging is the key to seek attention of the customers as appearance means a lot. That’s why our talented designers, design these Custom Cookie Boxes more attractive as they could just to make them unique and eye-catching in a que of top sellers. Our packaging will take your selling rates to the next level. Multipurpose Custom Eyelash Boxes that Serve as Storage Box Too. Growing up I read a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. In almost every novel the female lead had long, luscious eyelashes that even put Cleopatra to shame. Custom Truffle Boxes Packaging. Usages and examples of Customized Food and Beverage Boxes – Gator Packaging. Set out two examples of Eco-friendly Boxes with their benefits. Why Custom Lip Balm Boxes are beneficial for your lip balms?

How can we choose the ideally perfect Custom Eyeliner Boxes? Lift up the worth of your serums with customized Serum Boxes. Describe why Custom Eyelash Boxes are perfect for Fake Lashes? - Packaging. Why Custom Lipstick Boxes are perfect for your cosmetic brand? Blog. Why Custom Cigarette Boxes work as efficient tool for packaging? - Gator Packaging : powered by Doodlekit.

Get the appealing Custom Truffle Boxes from Gator Packaging. Get perfect types of Custom Cereal Boxes for your cereals items - Packaging. Make your close ones feel special with Custom Christmas Boxes - gatorpackaging’s blog. Store your CBD products in these secured CBD Boxes Wholesale – Gator Packaging. Why Custom Boxes Wholesale are perfect to store your products. Entice the audience with these attractive Custom Pyramid Boxes. Maximize your brand’s identity by using Custom Boxes with Logo. Make your candies tempting with perfect Custom Candy Boxes - Gator Packaging. Advertise your retail products by using Custom Corrugated Boxes – Gator Packaging. Advertise your retail products by using Custom Corrugated Boxes – Gator Packaging. Captivate your customers with distinct Custom Candle Boxes. Captivate your customers with exceptional custom Cream Boxes. Captivate your customers with exceptional custom Cream Boxes.

Benefits of using Custom Boxes for your retail-ready products. Reasons why custom Boxes are ideal for products. Types and uses of Wholesale Ballot Boxes on various grounds. Make your customers captivated with Custom Bath Bomb Boxes by George Alex. Why people utilize Bux Board Boxes Wholesale for their products. How to Customized these perfect and best Custom Cigarette Boxes. How to Customized these perfect and best Custom Cigarette Boxes. Get most beneficial Custom Archive Boxes from Gator Packaging.

Beneficial Functions of Custom Boxes with Logo in industries – Gator Packaging. Get nature-friendly Custom Kraft Boxes as per your requirements. Get Custom Lip Liner Boxes that can fascinate females easily. Increase the demand of your noodles with Custom Noodle Boxes. Custom Noodle Boxes. Why Custom Cigarette Boxes are perfect for cigarette brands. Get most suitable Custom Software Boxes for Software items. Allure the females with multi-colored Custom Lip Liner Boxes. Captivate your customers with fascinating Custom Tie Boxes by Gator Packaging.

Avail Captivating Custom Archive Boxes from Gator Packaging. Gator Packaging. Get Custom Lip Liner Boxes that can fascinate females easily. Entice the females with exceptionally unique Custom Cream Boxes. Fascinate your customers with attractive Custom Cereal Boxes. Fascinate your customers with attractive Custom Cereal Boxes. Custom Lip Liner Boxes. Custom Cream boxes. Get eye-catchy Custom Lip Gloss Boxes with multiple features. Get Custom Eyelash Boxes with exquisite designing and features by Gator Packaging. Make your Bakery products more fascinating with Bakery Boxes – Gator Packaging. Why Custom boxes are beneficial for products in the market? Entice the confectioners with alluring Custom Truffle Boxes. Solidify your brand’s worth by using Custom Cigarette Boxes – Gator Packaging. Make your formal neckties interesting with Custom Tie Boxes. Nourish your lip balm items with ideal Custom Lip Balm Boxes. Fascinate your customers with captivating Custom Cosmetic Boxes.

Custom Boxes. Custom Bath Bomb Boxes. Custom Soap Boxes. Make your Foody items eye-catching with Chinese takeout Boxes. Get die cut Perfume Boxes to grab the attention of your clients – Gator Packaging. Entice the potential buyers with customized Archive Boxes - Avail Flexible Customized Favor Boxes from Gator Packaging. Custom Boxes. Get multipurpose Custom Archive Boxes to tempt the customers. Custom Subscription Boxes. Economical Custom Bath Bomb Boxes with captivating designs. Avail imprinted Custom Cereal Boxes to appeal your Customers - OpenDoPE - For what purposes Custom Pyramid Boxes are ideal. Get trendy and fashionable Custom Hair extension boxes - shortest. Просмотр темы - Bewitch your customers by displaying window boxes. OpenDoPE - Multiple uses and benefits of having these Custom Bakery Boxes.