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Private Blog Networks, and Keeping them Private for EPIC Rankings. Glen over at ViperChill did a post on blog networks a couple days back now and Rand Fishkin (the owner of Moz) in his AMA on /r/BigSEO called it a “short term” strategy - Rand’s actual comment - So, even though Glen (for obvious reasons) doesn’t like to get into the nitty gritty when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Private Blog Networks, and Keeping them Private for EPIC Rankings

It doesn’t mean that I can’t… Baidu SEO and SEM. Please Exit The Link Building. I’ve never been as irritated with SEO buzzwords as I am now.

Please Exit The Link Building

Each blog post scanned and tweet looked at means another near-certainty I’ll read about paid links, how content is king, SEO is dead, and now, my new itch – link building – is a relevant description for building five links a week. Each has it’s own special place in my quickly blackening heart, and each one draws in me a special ire that adds more and more gray hair to my head with each predictive rising sun. Link building is the least ire-evoking term of the bunch, but nonetheless, the way I hear it talked about and the way I hear it done makes the term – link building – and what it evokes something way more literal than it should be. Link building illicits the following image in my head: A construction worker laboring a brick of metal, wavering, up a set of stairs, slabbing some cement on the corners, nailing things, sweating profusely, eating from a lunch bin, hating his job, repeating, repeating, repeating.

A #winning 12 Stage Hustle Process for Link Building. Hustle is so important in social/search that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire category to it.

A #winning 12 Stage Hustle Process for Link Building

What I want to give you is an actionable process of hustle and how to use it. It’s all very well saying, ‘You gotta have hustle’ and ‘I’ve got hustle’ but if you don’t know how to apply your hustler instincts to any process, you’ll be hustling in all the wrong places, doing loads of hustling and getting nowhere. The 7 Principles of Bulk Outreach for Link Building. Link Building: How To Make Links More Valuable.