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Flint House. Architect: skene catling de la peña Client: private Awards won: riba national award 2015RIBA SOuth Award 2015 RIBA South building of the year 2015 This is a rare example of a poetic narrative whose realisation remains true to the original concept.

Flint House

The site is a seam of flint geology surrounded by ploughed fields with the flints sitting on the surface. The house forms accommodation for family members, guests and artists. The innovation and beauty of the scheme is particularly evident in the detail of the cladding. Small-Space Living: 13 Radical Tiny Cottages: Remodelista. Older Small-Space Living: 13 Radical Tiny Cottages by Margot Guralnick Issue 20 · Spring Awakenings · May 20, 2015 Newer Issue 20 · Spring Awakenings · May 20, 2015.

Small-Space Living: 13 Radical Tiny Cottages: Remodelista

A Renovation Upgrades an Art Deco House. In the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield, the Cumquat Tree House is a design project undertaken by Christopher Megowan Design, who renovated the original Art Deco house to create a central spine that framed a view of an existing cumquat tree in the backyard.

A Renovation Upgrades an Art Deco House

Along with the renovation, two outdoor rooms were added right off the living and dining spaces to include an outdoor movie spot and a “room” with an indoor/outdoor fireplace. A large bifold door opens the space up to the outdoor deck space where you can see the glass paneled fireplace. The original facade remains the same and the new look isn’t made apparent until the front doors are open. A massive polished concrete island stands between the kitchen and the living room. The elevated ceilings help offset the heaviness of the material and the island’s size. The clerestory windows flood the space with light and give the space a larger feel. Photos by Christopher Megowan. Maths palace built by calculus 'rock star' on sale for £11.4m. James Stewart was an unlikely literary sensation.

Maths palace built by calculus 'rock star' on sale for £11.4m

The Canadian mathematician made a multimillion-dollar fortune by writing calculus textbooks for universities and high schools. Last year alone he sold 500,000 books, accounting for about $26.6m (£17.5m) in sales, according to his estate. Stewart was also an unlikely architectural trailblazer. He devoted many years of his life, and much of his income, to building his dream home in an upmarket Toronto neighbourhood. Portable Whangapoua Beach Hut. Imaginez, une plage de sable blanc en Nouvelle-Zélande et un petit nid douillé mobile.

Portable Whangapoua Beach Hut

Cette petite habitation écologique est une réalisation de l’agence d’architecture Néo-Zélandaise Crosson Clarke Carnachan. Bamboo Architecture Collection. Less is the New More: Making the Most of Small Spaces. Good Design For Living in Small ApartmentsAs people migrate to smaller spaces, good design helps a lot.

Less is the New More: Making the Most of Small Spaces

This is something they figured out in Europe long ago, that if you don't have a lot of horizontal room you can go vertical. Tumidei in Italy makes some of the nicest stuff, like this unit with lots of storage under the bed. This unit just raises the floor high enough for beds to slide under. This one looks a bit clinical, but has two single beds plus a pull-out double bed in between. When you read in the New York Times that professional couples with children are moving into small one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan and sleeping in closets, perhaps this stuff could be useful. None of this stuff is cheap, nor, as far as I can tell is it available in North America, but there are ideas here that demonstrate how people can share a space and still get a little privacy, a good place to work and a lot of storage in a very small envelope.

Living Cube. The Living Cube by German designer Till Koenneker is a clever structure, combining all those elements we usually struggle to find space for in a tiny apartment.

Living Cube

It houses a walk-in closet, ample media storage, and serves as a loft bed. Here is how designer describes it: “I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So I made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, clothes and shoes. The Black Workshop. Anothersomething. 30 Inspiring Content Ideas for Your Business Blog - Union Room. 30 Inspiring Content Ideas for Your Business Blog 27 June 2014 by Rhiannon Robertson Are you struggling to produce fresh content on a regular basis for your business blog?

30 Inspiring Content Ideas for Your Business Blog - Union Room

Here’s 30 inspiring and varied ideas to get you started: 1) Write A Detailed How To Guide Your How To Guide should be related on your niche, and should really go into detail about what you are trying to teach your readers. 2) Do A Survey You can use a service such as Survey Monkey or twtpoll to conduct your own survey and share the responses to your readers in a compelling and entertaining way. 3) Make an infographic This could be based on current industry trends, local events or trends, results of a survey, something to make your readers laugh, something to inform your readers – the possibilities are endless. 4) Talk to a stranger Find someone who has no or little knowledge of your job and industry and talk to them – they will ask questions you had never thought of asking and you can turn these into articles.

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