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Boling LED Light Panels. Portable Studio Lighting Kits. The importance of softbox modifiers. Softbox modifiers!

The importance of softbox modifiers

Softbox modifiers for all! We’ve now got a wide range available here at Hypop, so today I’ll discuss the importance of the softbox & the effects created by some of the most common, including the rectangle, strip & octagon. Almost every professional photographer has used or uses softboxes, they provide a soft light for practically any style, this includes portraiture, fashion, food, newborn, wedding – literally everything! They can be used to fill, edge & separate light. Jinbei’s LED Continuous Lighting, Jinbei’s Accessories Australia. Hypop Green Screen Lighting Studio Kit - Hypop Focus. We’re happy to introduce the new Hypop Green Screen Kit, in conjunction with Education Technology Solutions we’ve custom tailored the ideal kit for professional chroma key green screening.

Hypop Green Screen Lighting Studio Kit - Hypop Focus

Achieve the perfect results with the Jinbei EF200 twin heads. At a staggering 20,000 LUX per metre (per head) it packs a punch. Paired with the 60cm x 90cm soft boxes, you’re able to achieve a wide even spread of light to illuminate the entire backdrop. The EF-200 has a very impressive output; its 200W high powered LED light source emits 5600K of light, the equivalent of approx. 2000W tungsten light. Cutting energy usage to about 90% & with over 100000 hours of life, it is an environmentally friendly lighting solution. Also included in this kit is our heavy duty backdrop stand. The kit offers your choice of either (3m x 6m) cotton muslin or a chroma key green non reflective paper backdrop (2.7m x 10m.)

Kamerar Slider. What equipment you need for make up & beauty videos/photos. A question we get asked a lot is what equipment do you need for make up & beauty videos/photos.

What equipment you need for make up & beauty videos/photos.

We have the answer! Carefully tailored in conjunction with budding vloggers/make up artists etc is the The Hypop Beauty & Make Up LED Ring Lighting Kit, it provides a bright & flicker free continuous lighting solution perfect for makeup & beauty photography or videography. The ring light emits 3850 lumens per metre & a RA of 90+. Measuring 50cm, it offers an even spread of light, perfect for beauty & make up, portrait etc.

Stepless control also enables you to adjust the brightness to desired effect. Paired with the light is our heavy duty 2.4 metre light stand & camera mounting bracket. Filming isn’t an issue, as there is no flicker with the ring. Ring Lights. Godox Gemini Flash Range. We’re now stocking the Godox Gemini Flash range.

Godox Gemini Flash Range

They are low output flash units which are compact in size & compatible with Bowens fittings accessories that are readily available in studios, attach your modifiers easily. Its performance in recycling & flash duration is still great even as a non-IGBT flash unit. This range is a handy lighting source for professional photographers who want to achieve creative lighting effects in a large variety of photography.

Godox are known for quality & these affordable flash heads are fantastic for photographers who are budget conscious or who are just starting out in the studio. Jinbei Softball Kit. Paper Backdrops. Diva Ring Light. All products are covered by an Australian 12 month warranty.

Diva Ring Light

This can be either a manufacturer's warranty or a Hypop warranty depending on the product's origin. The warranty covers manufacturers faults, defects, parts and labour. This means that any fault that is deemed to be due to manufacturing will be covered by the warranty for any parts and labor required to fix it. In some cases when the cost of repair outweighs that of a replacement, a suitable replacement product may be offered. *This excludes Light Bulbs, Cotton Muslin Backdrops, Paper Backdrop Rolls, Consumable Products and Travel Carry Bags included with our kits.

Beauty And Make Up Lighting. Use Paper Backdrops for Great Images. We all occasionally see some magnificent pieces of photos that inherit some great content and view that attract the people towards them.

Use Paper Backdrops for Great Images

A photo can be taken anywhere whenever wanted to showcase the setting and environment easily. Many photographers choose to set their focus on the particular place that have the ambience as well as setting that were searching for, whereas some love to take advantage of the diverse settings. Photographers tend to do exploration in order to get the best photo having all things well-balanced. While there are other photographers who prefer the work and operate in a studio for capturing the perfect photo. In studio photography, Paper Backdrops are essential to give the look to the photo. Differences between the Jinbei EF150 and EF200. Today we’ve put the Jinbei EF150 and EF200 side by side.

Differences between the Jinbei EF150 and EF200

If you’re having trouble deciding which one is for you – have a quick look at our comparison table, where we show you the main specification differences between the two models. As you can see, the most obvious difference between the EF150 and the EF200 is 50 watts less of power output. However, in saying so, the EF150 is a more budget friendly alternative that shares features with the robust EF200 – great for starting out.

Watch our EF150 unboxing, lighting test and comparison to the Jinbei EF200 below. Jinbei LED Flash Lighting. Paper Backdrops. Diva Ring Light. Ring Lights. Professional Photography Lighting.