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Minimal Guide to Debugging PHP with XDebug and Vim. For those of us moving to PHP from modern IDEs like Visual Studio, var_dump and die are simply not enough!

Minimal Guide to Debugging PHP with XDebug and Vim

Luckily, I can report a generally positive experience using Vim and XDebug as an effective debugger. Here's a short guide to installation and usage. Installation Server-side Install XDebug via your system's package manager, PECL/PEAR, or by compiling it from source. Get Started with Twilio SMS: Receiving Incoming SMS Quickstart. The Twilio Quickstart Tutorials are a great place to get started and learn the basics of our cloud communication platform, but I have always found it helpful to not only be able to read about the tools I’m using but also see them in use.

Get Started with Twilio SMS: Receiving Incoming SMS Quickstart

S blog: Handling Plugins In PHP. These patterns are designed to handle communication between disjoint objects.

s blog: Handling Plugins In PHP

Now, one key point to note here, is that every listener would need to bind to the object instance that it wants to track. Another key point is that the Subject does not pass along any information about the cause of the update. This makes the Observer Pattern extremely useful for situations where you want to bind the state of one part of the application to the state of another. A key example of this is in a stateful MVC pattern, you can bind a view instance to observe a model instance.

That way, when a controller makes changes to that model instance, it will notify all the views that are listening that it changed and they need to re-render themselves. However, it should also be noted that the Observer Pattern creates a moderate coupling between the two classes involved (the subject and the observer) as they need to directly call methods on each other. Beautiful HTML5 File Uploads using CakePHP and jQuery File Upload. Setting Up an Ubuntu Web Server.

Setting Up an Ubuntu Web Server By Chris Kankiewicz|Linux, Web Dev|1 Comment Having set up several Debian and Ubuntu web servers in the past I thought it would be a good idea to share my process.

Setting Up an Ubuntu Web Server

The following is a relatively comprehensive guide to installing and configuring an Apache based web server with some optimizations and basic resource monitoring. I primarily work with Ubuntu servers, but most of the commands here should work exactly the same in Debian or Ubuntu. I’ve tried to note where differences may occur. Download and Install the OS. Welcome to Imagine’s documentation! — Imagine, image manipulations reloaded. Imagine is a OOP library for image manipulation built in PHP 5.3 using the latest best practices and thoughtful design that should allow for decoupled and unit-testable code.

Welcome to Imagine’s documentation! — Imagine, image manipulations reloaded

Contribute: Your contributions are more than welcome ! Start by forking Imagine repository, write your feature, fix bugs, and send a pull request. If you modify Imagine API, please update the API documentation by running at the root of Imagine project: Watermark Your Image With Simple Php Script - Discuss Anything. This script was found on the net B&T's Tips & Scripts site.

Watermark Your Image With Simple Php Script - Discuss Anything

Just in case the site may not show, I will include the code here: List of things needed:1. your image in any format2. watermark image--in gif format with transparent background3. script below with name (i.e. watermark.php) <?


Commit 2bffd4c26dabbe3d77ac1a92e656b249785c1024 to cakephp/cakephp - GitHub. 2.4 User Guide. PHP 5: MySQLi Prepared Statements. IntroductionThis tutorial will guide you through creating MySQLi prepared statements.

PHP 5: MySQLi Prepared Statements

MySQLi is an extension/API for PHP that is also know as MySQL Improved. MySQLi is included with versions 5 of PHP and later that allows PHP developers to take advantage of all the features in MySQL 4.1.3. According to the manual: Quote If you are using MySQL versions 4.1.3 or later it is strongly recommended that you use the mysqli extension instead. Any more introduction to MySQLi is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Continuous Integration for PHP – phpUnderControl & CruiseControl – HackIX: Small Hacks for a Large World. Jan 10 3 Did you know that you can auto­mate unit tests (which is the PHP worlds equalient of com­pi­la­tion checks Set up your devel­op­ment team using local check­outs of the project and have them do local PHPUnit tests, check their changes in and then get Con­tin­u­ous Inte­gra­tion checks done on a cen­tral server using phpUn­der­Con­trol that emails the team with success/fail reports, it’s a good way to work. phpUn­der­Con­trol is an addon appli­ca­tion for the con­tin­u­ous inte­gra­tion tool CruiseC­on­trol , which inte­grates some of the best PHP devel­op­ment tools.

50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools - Smashing Coding. Advertisement By Jacob Gube PHP is one of the most widely used open-source server-side scripting languages that exist today.

50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools - Smashing Coding

JavaScript-style object literals in PHP. The object literal notation in JavaScript looks like: or var fido = {}; = "Fido"; fido.barks = true;

JavaScript-style object literals in PHP

Uploading Files To MySQL Database - PHP MySQL Tutorial. Using PHP to upload files into MySQL database sometimes needed by some web application.

Uploading Files To MySQL Database - PHP MySQL Tutorial

For instance for storing pdf documents or images to make som kind of online briefcase (like Yahoo briefcase). For the first step, let's make the table for the upload files. The table will consist of. RedBeanPHP Manual.