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Boutique - Liste - Parfums Frapin. The Candy Perfume Boy. 4160 Tuesdays Doe in the Snow (2014)New York 1955 (2013) Sunshine and Pancakes (2012)The Sexiest Scent on the Planet.

The Candy Perfume Boy

Ever. (IMHO). (2013)Urara’s Tokyo Cafe (2012) Acqua di Parma Colonia.


Double Base Notes. The Non-Blonde: A Beauty And Perfume Blog The Non-Blonde. Perfume Samples, Perfume Decants, Indie Perfumes, Scents and Vintage Perfumes. Le Labo France - CEDRE 11. Perfume reviews and fragrance news. What Men Should Smell Like. L’Ame D’un Heros was an exciting discovery for me last year when by chance I stumbled across Guerlain’s Les Parisiennes collection at Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong.

What Men Should Smell Like

This exclusive line of classic Guerlain re-editions is unfortunately not sold here in Australia. L’Ame D’un Heros (the soul of a hero) is a re-working of the lesser-known Guerlain men’s fragrance, Coriolan, named after the legendary Roman general Coriolanus. It was launched in 1998 with little success and discontinued a few years later. L’Ame D’un Heros has had a minor facelift in the floral department but otherwise it remains the same. Some differences should be expected given the price tag that accompanies this 2008 release at around five times the price of Coriolan. Olfactory impressions: In order to write this review I decided to do this with two scent cards. Suggested wearing: Eau d'Hadrien Annick Goutal Parfums. Hermes – Poivre Samarcande. Aside from a couple of Frederic Malle fragrances authored by Jean-Claude Ellena, I have not written a great deal about the perfumer’s body of work for the house of Hermes.

Hermes – Poivre Samarcande

I deliberately held off writing a review for Terre d’Hermes until I am confident I have found the right way to speak about it. I am thinking it would be too enthusiastic of me to put it in the same category as Chanel No. 5, but Terre does share similar qualities; it is a masterful creation, original for its age and it has a diverse appeal usually reserved for a mass-market product. Since taking up the post of Hermes’ in-house perfumer, Ellena has proven his worth, creating fragrances with wide public appeal as well as a line of niche perfumes reserved mainly for the connoisseur. For those wanting to peer deeper into the mind of Jean-Claude Ellena, the Hermessence collection affords this intimate experience.

Olfactory impressions: Hermes describes Poivre Samarcande as a “profusion of green and pungent woods.” What Men Should Smell Like. Bois de Jasmin : Perfume Blog and Fragrance Reviews. Jeke Slumberhouse cologne - a fragrance for men 2008. Notes listed on Slumberhouse's site when I bought this one were: "Benzoin, patchouli, tobacco, lapsang souchong, vanilla, and clove.

Jeke Slumberhouse cologne - a fragrance for men 2008

" First applied, I can pick out most of the listed notes for this scent. There's a sweet tobacco, a sour and slightly smoky black tea smell, a whiff of earthy patchouli, and little hints of spice and sweetness from the vanilla, clove and benzoin. Most of Slumberhouse's scents are dominated by one note on me, but this seems to have some complexity to it for the first half hour or so. In the early stage, all of the notes mingle together beautifully and remind me of dead, damp leaves and distant bonfires - very much the scent of fall. If it would stay like that, I'd love this scent. Unfortunately, the drydown starts to lose all of its complexity and the whole thing dissolves into a lackluster mix of woodsmoke and bitter black tea.

Nos objets d'art et antiquités. Paravent à six feuilles en laque de ...

Nos objets d'art et antiquités

Autres Estimation 25 000 € - 30 000 € prix plancher atteint José Maria David. Troupeau ... EDITIONS DE PARFUMS FREDERIC MALLE - OFFICIAL WEBSITE - ON-LINE SHOP. Caron : Créateur parfum, Haute parfumerie, Editions limitées, Parfum de luxe. Etat Libre d'Orange. Jovoy Paris - Parfums Rares - Jovoy Paris. Parfumeur à Grasse depuis 1849. Parfum d'Empire. Speakeasy. Speak easy, « parlez doucement », c'étaient les mots chuchotés aux clients des bars clandestins en Amérique.


Et puisqu'aujourd'hui le plaisir interdit n'est plus l'alcool, mais le tabac, c'est à cette famille olfactive rare qu'appartient cette création de Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, accord suave de Havane et de cuir oriental rafraîchi par l'exotisme de notes mojito. C'est le glamour film noir de cette époque où le danger rôdait sous la fête que ressuscite Speakeasy.

Celui d'un bar chic des Tropiques où Hemingway aurait pu croiser ses héros du Port de l'Angoisse - verres embués, fauteuils club, cigares cubains de contrebande savourés par des gentlemen bootleggers dans l'air moite brassé par des ventilateurs en bois vernis… Rafraîchi par un accord mojito (rhum, menthe et limette), ce tabac blond d'une grande suavité s'enrichit d'accents liquoreux (immortelle) et des facettes foin et amande du liatris odorant et de la fève tonka.