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12 conveyor belt sushi places in Shinjuku to go to. This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional) 1.

12 conveyor belt sushi places in Shinjuku to go to

10 Sensational Stops for Japanese Food in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Shinjuku's street scene [Photographs: Jay Friedman] If you're visiting Tokyo for business or pleasure, there's a good chance you'll be staying in the Shinjuku area.

10 Sensational Stops for Japanese Food in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Arrive at night, and you'll feel like an alien (or perhaps a replicant?) Amidst all the neon in the Blade Runner-like atmosphere. And while amazing Japanese food surrounds you, that alien feeling may challenge you in navigating the streets (addresses are difficult in Japan), not to mention the menus, and perhaps even the basic how-tos of ordering and etiquette. OSAKA INFO -Osaka Visitors' Guide. Walk west for three minutes on the street one block south of Sankaku-Koen Park in America-mura to get to Tachibana-touri, the "vogue" street of Osaka.

OSAKA INFO -Osaka Visitors' Guide

Fashionable shops including cafes, boutiques, general merchandise stores and interior goods shops line both sides of the 800-meter-long street, welcoming many young people on weekends. This street was formerly called Tachibana-touri (with a different kanji), dating back to the end of the Edo Period as the furniture store street in Minamihorie; many antique shops joined the street in the Meiji Era, and during the post-war, rapid-growth period, it became nationally famous as an area for furniture. The best okonomiyaki in Osaka. Forget Ginza: Osaka is Japan's real class retail act. As huge and sprawling as it is, Kansai’s largest city, Osaka, rarely features in tourist plans.

Forget Ginza: Osaka is Japan's real class retail act

Sure, visitors may pencil in a quick spin round Kyoto or Nara, but the region typically lags far, far behind Tokyo in terms of international recognition. That, however, could be set to change if the city’s trade bodies and tourist organizations achieve their latest goals of promoting Osaka as the destination they reckon it deserves to be. Among the most prominent of the newly highlighted attractions is the retail therapy on offer in Osaka’s many and varied shopping districts. The sheer number of trendy retail areas are a living testimony to the fact that Osaka is a shopping paradise that is slowly but surely becoming as hip as the capital’s. Kanazawa. Osaka Food Guide - The City Lane. Osaka was the first stop on my trip to Japan and I was keen to waste no time in discovering what the city had to offer food wise.

Osaka Food Guide - The City Lane

Japanese has always been one of my favourite types of food and it didn’t take long before I realised that what I knew about Japanese food barely scratched the surface of the intricacies and depth of this unique cuisine. Japanese food is very regional. While there are common dishes and ingredients across the country, each region has its own speciality dishes, ingredients and techniques – be it using chicken instead of pork, thin noodles instead of thick, mustard instead of wasabi, frying instead of steaming etc. 10 Foods You Must Try in Osaka. Osaka is the largest city in West Japan.

10 Foods You Must Try in Osaka

Here there are lots of dishes that few Japanese people living outside of Osaka know exist. So, I’d like to introduce to you the cheap but delicious foods that the people of Osaka love. 1. Takoyaki Photo from Omotenashi. Ningyocho Imahan-Restaurant, Mail Order, Catering, Delica, Imahan Story, Profile. Kyoto Itineraries for Families with Children. Tokyo: Tokyo. Tokyo: Tokyo with Kids: Tips for Parents. Rent iPhone, Cell / Mobile Phone & Mobile Data Card in Japan. Weird Japan - Your guide to the weird & wonderful in Japan Weird Japan. Ōedo-onsen-monogatari. Brand sale, mail order of "Housekihiroba" watch, JEWERLY. Since the establishment of 1963, we have been offering the highest service of watches and jewelries, concerning the customer's satisfaction In our shop at Shibuya, Tokyo, we have a large selection of watch and jewelry.

Brand sale, mail order of "Housekihiroba" watch, JEWERLY

More than 5,000 brand-new and preowned items make a Japan's widest class line-up. We buy preowned watches at quite fair market prices and sell almost every kind of them. Kame Kichi - User Reviews and Travel Guides - Daily Life. About: Japan has some of the best prices for used and new luxury watches in the world.

Kame Kichi - User Reviews and Travel Guides - Daily Life

Vintage Watch Shopping In Tokyo: That Time I (Almost) Bought The Original Grand Seiko On The 8th Floor Of A Church In Ginza — HODINKEE. Monday January 14, 2013 Whenever I visit a new city, I always make sure to sneak out of the new product presentations to cruise for the best places to buy vintage watches.

Vintage Watch Shopping In Tokyo: That Time I (Almost) Bought The Original Grand Seiko On The 8th Floor Of A Church In Ginza — HODINKEE

Telecom Square - Devices. 11 extremely practical Japan travel tips. Japan isn't a country to which you just show up and wing it.

11 extremely practical Japan travel tips

For foreigners, the language barrier can be intense, the technology overwhelming and the prices terrifying for just about everything other than instant ramen. The key is preparation. We've taken care a lot of that for you with the tips below, leaving you to puzzle out the fun stuff, like getting out of a karaoke bar with your dignity intact and figuring out how to ask them to hold the katsuobushi at breakfast. Le Japon ludique pour les familles 3* Japon. L’hôtel est classieux, voire luxueux avec ses moquettes épaisses, ses boiseries en cerisier et ses papiers tissés grège au mur. Le luxe vient aussi de l’espace des chambres avec une grande hauteur sous plafond et une belle superficie. Très pratique, de la gare (voir ci-dessous les explications pour s’y rendre aisément), on arrive au rez-de-chaussée du bâtiment. Le personnel vous accueille et prend en charge vos bagages. Il vous dirige vers l’ascenseur qui monte au 6ème étage où se trouve le lobby, juste après le restaurant principal et l’espace Link.

On sourit tendrement de voir au passage de coquettes mamies papoter autour d’une pâtisserie et d’un thé. Hiroshima est une ville si plaisante et fascinante qu’il ne faut pas hésiter à y rester plus d’une nuit. Sekitei in Miyahama-onsen (around Miyajima) 72 Hours in Tokyo.