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SSIS Junkie : SSIS: Suggested Best Practices and naming conventi. I thought it would be worth publishing a list of guidelines that I see as SSIS development best practices.

SSIS Junkie : SSIS: Suggested Best Practices and naming conventi

These are my own opinions and are based upon my experience of using SSIS over the past 18 months. I am not saying you should take them as gospel but these are generally tried and tested methods and if nothing else should serve as a basis for you developing your own SSIS best practices. One thing I really would like to see getting adopted is a common naming convention for tasks and components and to that end I have published some suggestions at the bottom of this post. This list will get added to over time so if you find this useful keep checking back here to see updates!

If you know that data in a source is sorted, set IsSorted=TRUE on the source adapter output. The acronymns below should be used at the beginning of the names of tasks to identify what type of task it is. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - Best Practices. ProblemSQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has grown a lot from its predecessor DTS (Data Transformation Services) to become an enterprise wide ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) product in terms of its usability, performance, parallelism etc.

Apart from being an ETL product, it also provides different built-in tasks to manage a SQL Server instance. Although the internal architecture of SSIS has been designed to provide a high degree of performance and parallelism there are still some best practices to further optimize performance. In this tip series, I will be talking about best practices to consider while working with SSIS which I have learned while working with SSIS for the past couple of years. SolutionAs mentioned above, SSIS is the successor of DTS (of SQL Server 7/2000). If you are coming from a DTS background, SSIS packages may look similar to DTS packages, but it's not the case in reality.

The best part of SSIS is that it is a component of SQL server. Top 10 SQL Server Integration Services Best Practices - Top 10 L. SSIS Best Practices, Part 1. One of the topics on which I've presented quite a bit lately has been that of SQL Server Integration Services best practices.

SSIS Best Practices, Part 1

The body of knowledge on how to best use SSIS is small compared to more mature development technologies, but there is a growing number of resources out there related to SSIS best practices. And here it is. ;-) In any event, here is a list of links to those online resources I have found related to SSIS best practices: I'd also like to point out that there is a decent amount of overlap and a decent amount of contradiction between the various best practices referenced above. Not everyone agrees on what's best, and to a large extent, "best" is determined as much by the context in which you're using SSIS as it is by SSIS itself.

And although this doesn't fall into the same "lists of things to do and to not do" category as the links above, anyone who is interested in doing SSIS correctly needs to check out Microsoft's Project REAL ( as well.