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Global warming

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Myths and Legends from E2BN. Julia Roberts plays Mother Earth and Harrison Ford stars as the Ocean as Hollywood A-list 'speaks out for nature'. Why are rainforests being destroyed? Topher White: What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone. The Science Behind Global Warming (Documentary) Symphony of Science - Our Biggest Challenge (Climate Change Music Video) Dear Future Generations: Sorry. MAN.

Jim Carrey Inspiring - The Real Environmental Guy, Activist and Humanitarian - Better U Foundation. Conservancy Magazine. About Ecological Footprint. Right now we consume the equivalent of 1.5 planets' worth of natural resources every year!

About Ecological Footprint

Did you know that if everyone on the planet lived like the average American, we would need 5 Earths to sustain our lifestyle? Where does that number come from? By determining how many hectares of land humans need to support their lifestyle and comparing it to the amount of arable land found on the planet, scientists are able to measure the impact of human demand on the planet’s eco systems, which is called our ecological footprint. Globally, all humanity consumes the equivalent of 1.5 planets' worth of resources to sustain the way we live each year. This means that it takes the planet one and a half years to replenish everything humans consume in one year. 10 Rarest & Most Endangered Animals. Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals.

Endangered animals 2014. What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough. What a wonderful world LOUIS ARMSTRONG With David Attenborough BBC One. Elefantslakt i Kamerun. The illegal wildlife trade - it's a serious crime. Big Game, Big Money: Illegal wildlife trade documentary. USFWS: What Is the Difference Between Endangered and Threatened? PDF Version The Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 (Act) describes two categories of declining species of plants and animals that need the Act's protections – endangered species and threatened species – and provides these definitions: Endangered - any species that is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range; Threatened - any species that is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

USFWS: What Is the Difference Between Endangered and Threatened?

In simple terms Endangered species are at the brink of extinction now. Threatened species are likely to be at the brink in the near future. All of the protections of the Act are provided to endangered species. Other flexibility provided by threatened status under the ESA includes: Increased Permitting Authority for U.S. U.S. 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Bagheera – An Education Website About Endangered Species and the Efforts to Save Them. Bagheera. Reading Exercises - Environment. Mobile. Environment. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plans - Environment. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Endangered Animals.

The world’s endangered species are in danger from the Internet.

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Endangered Animals

Online shoppers are buying huge numbers of exotic animals. This is another nail in the coffin for many creatures already threatened with extinction. Poachers, collectors wanting stuffed rhino heads and Chinese medicine already threaten thousands of species. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) wrote a report called “Caught In The Web - Wildlife Trade On The Internet”. It found thousands of rare animals for sale in its one-week Web search. Green is Great. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Ecotourism. LISTENING - Guess the answers.

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Ecotourism

Listen to check. LISTENING – Listen and fill in the gaps Ecotourism (1) ___________________ business that many tour operators (2) ___________________ helpful to nature. Every year, millions of people descend on protected (3) ___________________ areas to observe rare species. Morgan Freeman's Powerful Climate Change Short Film. Power Surge, Climate Change. David Attenborough: The Truth About Climate Change (BBC - Part 2) News: Rain Forest. For centuries, humans have relied on rain forests for a variety of products.

News: Rain Forest

Foods such as tomatoes, peppers, corn, rice, coconuts, bananas, coffee, cocoa, tapioca, beans, and sweet potatoes all originally came from the rain forest. HOME. TEDxUIUC - Donald Wuebbles - The Science of Climate Change. Rebecca Black "Friday" Parody: Everyday Should Be Earth Day. Serious game. Click on the image to start the game Scenario For more than a century people have been using and depleting energy resources carefree, as if they were endless.

Serious game

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change. Your meat addiction is destroying the planet. “Jesus,” Molly said, her own plate empty, “gimme that.

Your meat addiction is destroying the planet

You know what this costs?” She took his plate. “They gotta raise a whole animal for years and then they kill it. This isn’t vat stuff.” She forked a mouthful up and chewed.” – William Gibson, Neuromancer (1984) On Monday, August 5th, 2013, at a television studio in London in front of around 100 people, Dr. Sticky TOC engaged! For Brin, a billionaire who wears Google Glass in the promo video for the Cultured Beef project, maybe that’s true: he’s already living in a future where man can augment himself and surpass any obstacle. If they succeed, they would be part of a long and concerted effort to change the way that we, the human race, eat every single day. A growing consensus among scientists, doctors, environmentalists, and animal rights activists suggest that our current system of food — specifically meat — production is not sustainable. And yes, that sounds like science fiction, Sergey. The Hunters The hunters. Save water.